Reduce Lifestyle Diseases With Nimba Nature Cure

Reduce Lifestyle Diseases With Nimba Nature Cure

Reduce Lifestyle Diseases With Nimba Nature Cure

By: Nimba - January 11, 2023

What is the meaning of lifestyle disease?

Lifestyle disease refers to diseases that are linked to one’s lifestyle and these are a kind of non-communicable disease. The major reason behind these diseases is lack of physical activity, smoking tobacco, alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating habits, and so on. This also leads you to lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, and more. Lifestyle diseases may also have a bad impact on one’s workforce and the cost of health care therefore, following a healthy lifestyle routine and proper eating habits are essential to avoid such complications in near future. Diet and lifestyle are major factors that decide how you will live your life so let’s look at some factors that can help you deal with such lifestyle diseases more effectively. Ayurveda and naturopathy can be the best way to deal with such issues and Nimba Nature Cure Village is the best wellness retreat in India. We treat lifestyle disorders with the help of naturopathy and Ayurveda. Furthermore, Nimba Nature Cure Village offers yoga, meditation, and a strict diet regime to make one’s lifestyle healthier and happier. 

Types of lifestyle diseases

Several lifestyle diseases are given in the below section to give you a detailed insight into the various ailments.

Heart diseases

Heart diseases are common kinds of lifestyle diseases and this condition involves heart values, muscles, vessels, and internal electrical pathways that are responsible for muscular contraction. Some of the common heart diseases include the following:

  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmias
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart valve disease

Risk factors

  • High blood cholesterol levels
  • Obesity
  • Poor dental health
  • Physical inactivity
  • Stress
  • Age of an individual
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes 


One’s become obese because of unhealthy diets and unhygienic activities such as lack of physical activities, stressful life, and workload. 

Risk factors

  • Age
  • Family history and genetics
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gender 
  • Unhealthy environments 

Type 2 diabetes

A massive number of people are suffering from type 2 diabetes in India and this is a health condition where cells become unable to utilize blood sugar and glucose level effectively. This usually occurs when the cells become insensitive to insulin, and the blood sugar levels gradually become too high. 

Risk factors

  • Drinking soda
  • Excessive consumption of sugar and processed food and foods having simple carbohydrates
  • Following a sedentary lifestyle
  • Overweight
  • Consumption of artificial sweeteners
  • Stressful life
  • Lack of physical activities


A stroke refers to a health condition where a portion of the brain stops working and the brain loses blood supply. A stroke is also known as a brain attack cerebrovascular accident or CVA. Let’s look at some risk factors:

Risk factors

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Having heart rhythm disturbances, especially atrial fibrillation

You can visit Nimba Nature Cure to improve your heart health by learning simple yoga, meditation, and naturopathy therapy techniques. Nimba is one of the famous yoga and Ayurveda retreats in India. 


High blood pressure, often called hypertension, refers to a health condition that causes various health complications such as heart disease, stroke, eye damage, kidney disease, and more. One must not take stress to avoid those complications.

Risk factors

  • Family history
  • Being physically inactive
  • Tobacco usage
  • Obesity 
  • Consuming excessive salt or sodium
  • Intake of too little potassium
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Certain chronic conditions like sleep apnea, kidney disease, and diabetes
  • Age of an individual
  • Race

One of the best ways to stay away from hypertension is by adopting yoga, meditation, naturopathy, and Ayurveda. All of those factors are good for stress management and Nimba offers all of these. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Ayurveda retreat in India, then you must visit Nimba Nature Cure Village

Improve Your Health and Reduce Lifestyle Diseases with Nimba

Ayurveda is all about gaining knowledge of life as it is a combination of science and healthy living. Ayurveda and naturopathy are extensively popular in the world as it naturally heals illness and improves the general wellness of the human mind and body. Let’s look at some points of how you can reduce lifestyle diseases at Nimba Nature Cure Village:

Our body needs a clean environment, healthy diets, and a disciplined lifestyle to stay healthier and happier and avoid common diseases. At Nimba, you will get the opportunity to restore your body balance and bring a positive change in your lifestyle. 

Insomnia: Insomnia is a kind of sleeping disorder where a person finds it difficult to fall asleep. This is affecting a large percentage of the population in India and as per the reports stress, anxiety and depression are some of the major reasons for insomnia. Insomnia can easily be managed by following some easy steps of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation as this helps in maintaining active mental and physical life. If you are facing the same, then must come to Nimba Nature Cure Village as we offer the best Ayurvedic Remedies, Meditation, Yoga, and abhyanga (Oil Massage). These techniques would bring change in your life. Do try this right now and right away. 

Hypertension: As we have already discussed in the above section, hypertension is affecting a large percentage of the population in India. Hypertension often doesn’t show any kind of symptoms but if this is not treated properly, then it can affect your lifestyle and future. Nimba Nature Cure offers various alternative techniques through which you can manage hypertension effectively. Nimba Nature Cure offers Ayurveda remedies, meditation, and diet therapy to its customers at economical prices. 

Obesity: This is a health disorder getting faced by many people and they are avoiding medicines as it involves a lot of side effects. But with the help of Ayurveda and naturopathy techniques, one can easily deal with this issue. Nimba Nature Cure is offering various naturopathy and Ayurveda treatments to manage obesity effectively and efficiently. Nimba offers Abhyanga, Udhvartan, Deep Tissue Massage, and Pizhichil Herbal Medicine and remedies

We also treat psychological disorders with the help of naturopathy and Ayurveda remedies. If you are going through anxiety, depression, or mental trauma then must visit Nimba Nature Cure and try out our Meditation, Shirodhara, Raga Therapy, and Tratak. This would help you deal with such common lifestyle diseases and disorders. 

7 Ways Ayurveda Benefits Your Daily Life

Ways Ayurveda Benefits Your Daily Life

7 Ways Ayurveda Benefits Your Daily Life

By: Nimba - November 10, 2022

Ayurveda is a science of life, which is more than an ancient science of healing ailments. This ancient science has been around for more than 5000 years and helps people recover and attain their maximum potential level. Furthermore, Ayurveda is also known as the sister science to yoga and is holistic in nature. The major focus of Ayurveda is to help you achieve a proper balance between your emotional and physical life. Ayurveda also believes that what we eat each day affects our health and well-being and that we can be full of energy if we put healthy and necessary food and drinks into our bodies. This process is known as the Sattvic Approach which is a diet based on foods that are recommended by Ayurveda. This diet is designed to be holistic in nature as it nurtures your body, mind, and soul, which supports your good medicine and yoga practice. There are a number of Ayurveda and wellness centers in India where you can visit and learn to practice Ayurveda for better health and well-being.


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Here Are 7 Ways Practicing Ayurveda Benefits In Your Daily Life:

It Promotes Self-Love

Ayurveda helps you find love in yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. Moreover, Ayurveda helps you to understand that you are truly unique and can be happy and healthier in the most tailored way possible. This also encourages you to discover your own needs and desires and indirectly reflects on your life as well as your healing process. As per Ayurveda, every individual is a unique combination of one or more than one dosha, or force, that is called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This force describes that each individual is unique and they must stop comparing themselves with others, as this will help them achieve their goals and maximum potential. Nimba Nature Cure Village is an Ayurveda wellness centre in India located in Gujarat. You can visit here to get the best naturopathy therapies and treatments.

Offers Nurturing Approach Of Being Healthy

It has been identified that practicing Ayurveda helps in achieving good health and well-being on both mental and physical levels. This approach focuses on individuals rather than being focused on diseases, which helps in eliminating sickness and any disease from your body from its roots. All you need to understand about Ayurveda is that being healthy is your natural state. Hence, if you and your environment are in balance, then you are healthy; if the environment and your daily food habits are not in balance, then you are unhealthy. Ayurveda promotes the use of herbs such as turmeric, tulsi, cinnamon, and so on which have anti-inflammatory properties. This enhances your health and well-being and protects you from disease as well.

Promotes Understanding Of Your Place In Life

Ayurveda says that we are a part of nature, and nature has five elements, i.e., air, water, space, fire, and earth. As per Ayurveda, those elements also play a big role in your life. For instance, fire manifests in your mind and body as digestion, anger, and inflammation. The earth is connected to your bones and your stubbornness towards something. Furthermore, the earth directly shows up in your body and mind as high energy and forgetfulness. Once you recognize what element shows up most prominently for you, you can find out the exact dosha and can work accordingly to achieve optimum balance. Looking for the best naturopathy and Ayurveda wellness centers in India? Call us today to book your space.


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Reduce Stress And Anxiety

As per research and many studies, it has been identified that poor physical health directly affects our mental wealth. Therefore, you need to be physically and mentally healthy enough to live a good life without feeling unwell and tense. Ayurveda helps in reducing anxiety and stress in one’s life because if your digestive system is not good and strong enough, it will make you tired and will later reflect negative feelings. Ayurveda has a lot of medicine and treatments that help people reduce stress and anxiety. These involve yoga, massage, therapies, fasting, and other dietary regulations that are specifically suggested as per your body’s doshas constitutions. Talk to our yoga and meditation therapist specialists today to learn your body’s doshas constitutions.


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Remove Toxins From Body

Ayurveda says that there are various kinds of toxins in our bodies that need to be removed, and ama is the most common toxin. Ama is a waste buildup in our bodies that, if not removed on time, can cause illnesses and harm to our bodies. There are a number of Ayurveda and wellness retreats in India that offer treatments such as; Panchakarma therapy, Mud Therapy, acupuncture, Shirodhara Treatment, and so on. Nimba Nature Cure Village is one of them that offers the best Ayurveda and naturopathy services. All those Ayurvedic therapies help rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind to the core.

Weight Management

Although, weight loss is not a primary goal of Ayurveda, as it works on the overall body system and helps in living a good and healthy life. However, Ayurveda helps in reducing weight without actually affecting the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the person. Ayurveda promotes weight management by having a properly balanced diet, yoga, meditation, stress reduction, enhanced digestion, detoxification, and so on.


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Ayurveda also suggests that your diet must be sattvic and balanced so that your body can digest it properly. This is because, as soon as you start eating for your dosha, your digestion system strengthens. Furthermore; this also helps you feel lethargic and offers a high level of energy.


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Improved Immunity And Balance

Ayurveda suggests you have a combination of a healthy diet that is packed with nutrients, herbs, and proteins that help in combating disorders. Ayurveda helps in strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms and keeps the Agni strong as well. Also, when the digestive fire in our body is strong, the chances of building ama and any kind of toxin are less. It cleanses the system and strengthens immunity as well. Ayurveda is not a system but a lifestyle that you need to adopt to achieve proper balance and improve immunity.


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If you found the above content useful and are thinking of going for Ayurveda and naturopathy treatment services, then get in touch with Nimba Nature Cure Village. We offer complete Ayurveda and naturopathy treatment services. Simply give us a call at +91 81550 12274 and talk to our specialist to know more about packages and services.

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

By: Nimba - January 29, 2021

When the realisation of obesity strikes, people tend to take every measure possible to shed that extra fat. From falling in the trap of sauna fits to opting for a full-fledged surgery, there is no stone left unturned to achieve a healthier body type. However, in the furore trying different obesity solutions, most of the obese patients end up feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. This is why proper guidance is important.

If you are a follower of Ayurveda and wish to adhere to Ayurvedic methods to cure your problem of obesity, then you have come to the right place. An important therapy in Ayurvedic obesity and weight reduction programmes, Udvartana is the prime solution to treat obesity and address issues of being overweight. Moreover, Udvartana is not a sporadic treatment. It can be included in your dincharya and can be performed daily.

The term ‘Udhvarthanam’ comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Urthdhva’, which means upward and ‘Varthanam’, which means movement or motion. In Udvarta, an invigorating full-body massage is done in a rhythmic upwards motion, against the growth of the body hair. The massage is done using a herbal powder or pastes made of stimulating ingredients such as harad, bibhitaki, amla, deodar, senna, kulthi and others. Apart from treating obesity, Udvartana is largely recommended for diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, sciatica and indigestion as well. The rhythmic massage tones the muscles and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it also dissolves excessive fat from the body and nourishes the skin thoroughly.

The herbal powder or paste is briskly rubbed on the entire body for 30 to 45 minutes. The powders used are dry in nature and hot in potency. If a paste is used instead of powder, sesame oil is preferred, which is hot in potency as well. These herbs remove blockages and stiffness in the body. The rhythmic upward motion opens the pores, increases heat in the tissues and stimulates the fat metabolism that pulls away excess fat from the body.

The panel of experienced Ayurved at Nimba Nature Cure Village ensures that the patient’s obesity is cured in the best way possible with Udvartana therapy. At Nimba, you can experience the most holistic wellness treatment of Udvartana that not only reduces weight but also de-stresses and relaxes the body.

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

By: Nimba - January 18, 2021

Nature is truly miraculous and has the power to heal the human body and mind in the most ingenious ways. The wondrous elements of nature have unparalleled medicinal properties. It bears the capability to cleanse the body and soul from within instead of relying on providing temporary cures. Although the mainstream, western healthcare system ruled the world for quite some time, people have now begun to revisit the roots of natural healing remedies.

The school of medicine that gathers these remedies together is Naturopathy. Holistic well-being is Naturopathy’s utmost priority, and its major aspects involve prevention, cure, and promotion of wealth. It strives to strike a balance between your mind and body’s well-being and it provides it with the innate power to heal itself. It focuses on diving deep into the roots of the problem and then finding an effective solution to cure it completely, rather than curing it at a superficial level. There are several healing benefits of Naturopathy and it’s a practice that people should consider the following.

It focuses on disease prevention

Naturopathy focuses on uprooting the problem from its root cause and identifying the underlying reason for the condition. It not only heals the condition or ailment, it also provides ways and mechanisms to minimize or prevent the illness. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the practice of Naturopathy is based exactly on this principle. It tries to devise ways to prevent the condition before it worsens.

It uses traditional and natural therapy treatment methods

Naturopathy utilizes the body’s self-healing properties to cure any illness. This means that the chances of developing any side effects are almost negligible. Unlike western medicines, here, the entire body is examined including the lifestyle of the person, mental well-being, nutrition and eating habits, sleep pattern, etc. after which treatment is recommended to the person by a naturopath.

It brings self-awareness to a person

The process of Naturopathy helps a person connect to their inner-self and gives them the ability to comprehend mind, body, and thoughts better. When a person gets to know their own body in a better way, they begin to understand it’s language and what it is trying to communicate. Eventually, the person can begin listening to their own body’s problems. Hence, it increases the self-awareness of a person and brings about an amalgamation of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

It works in synchrony with western medicines

Since Naturopathy does not essentially have side effects, it can work well with western medicines, if guided accurately. Western medicines can provide instant relief while traditional healing remedies like Naturopathy can work alongside to cure the problem of its roots.

The trained Naturopaths at Nimba Nature Cure Village always focus on restoring natural body functions by trying to get the body to heal itself. With their expertise in traditional healing remedies, they assist in the natural healing ability of the patient’s body. Naturopathy is a highly personalized treatment process, where one makes self-care decisions along with restoring techniques to heal. The experts at Nimba study the patient’s physical, emotional and mental background before recommending treatment to them. This not only helps in solving the problem at the moment but also prepares the body to fight against other diseases in the future. For more information call +91 81550 12274 and talk to our specialist to know more about packages and services.

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

By: Nimba - December 19, 2020

All across the world, obesity is being observed as one of the fastest-growing issues. The rapid increase in sales and production of the fast-food sector is the most pressing factor for people becoming increasingly overweight. Obesity is a major problem in itself, and to top it, obesity is backed by several other diseases and ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, complications in pregnancy, certain types of cancer, etc.

Age, menopause, slow metabolism, pregnancy, convenience and big bones are just some of the many excuses people give for their obesity. What they don’t realise is that if directed to the right path, obesity and the problems related to it can be cured with comparative ease. One can choose to opt for bariatric surgery for weight loss, however, we would advocate natural treatment through naturopathy for obesity. Naturopathy, as opposed to other surgeries, identifies and gets to the base of the problem and uproots it from the grassroots level. It focuses on holistic healing rather than simply eliminating the ailment from the body temporarily.

One mistake that almost every patient makes is going on random diets. Needless to say, it is a futile practice. Simply dieting is not enough to get rid of obesity. It just makes one feel deprived of food, the nutrition is generally inadequate, they don’t address cravings, they upset the body’s metabolism, and they don’t treat the cause, only the symptoms.

When one chooses the naturopathic route to weight loss and getting rid of obesity, they are signing up for a wonderful programme where their blood sugar level is balanced and insulin sensitivity is improved. Naturopathy boosts the BMR and stimulates thermogenesis. Naturopathic cure for obesity focuses less on diet and more on correcting the underlying imbalance of the body. This creates a plan of care by making lifestyle changes which support the long-term sustainability of health.

Our body has wonderful capabilities along with the intrinsic instinct to heal by itself. Naturopathy merely identifies and removes the barriers of self-healing such as poor diet and low self-esteem. The purpose of external intervention is only to provide support. The treatment plans and guidance of naturopathic cure of obesity is always personalised, for every patient has a unique background of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, sexual and spiritual makeup.

At Nimba Nature Cure Village, you can find the best quality naturopathy treatment for obesity and weight loss, for Nimba not only focuses on curing the problem, but it also gives importance to the holistic wellbeing of the patient. Their courses are customised according to the needs of the patient and their trained naturopathy experts take every little detail into consideration while healing the patient.

So, trace your steps to Nimba Nature Cure Village to facilitate self-healing and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Embark Upon the Journey of Holistic Well-being with Nimba

Embark Upon the Journey of Holistic Well-being with Nimba

Embark Upon the Journey of Holistic Well-being with Nimba

By: Nimba - December 4, 2020

The mantra “survival of the fittest” has been drilled so acutely in our heads that we often lose ourselves toiling in the concrete jungle, easily overlooking the call for help that our mind and body is longing for.

It is no lie that nature is an extremely powerful source; exceptionally fascinating and beautiful. If you pause for a moment, you will realise that living a wholesome life includes paying substantial attention to yourself. Once you accept the power of healing, you will find yourself to be in a way better physical and mental state. Not only will it enhance your health, but it will also help you realise your spiritual self and bring you closer to nature.

At Nimba, health and healing is our utmost priority. Which is why here, we take your hand and walk you through the truth of life i.e. that health is under our control, always. The exemplary combination of modern science and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy truly channelises the healthification of the body and the healing of the soul.

To carry out the holistic force of wellness, there are several programmes offered at Nimba.

We believe that a happy soul resides in a body that is happy, and the wholesome wellness of our bodies is the stepping stone to an empowering spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Therefore, the holistic programmes of Nimba include the magical potential of naturopathy, yogasana and Ayurveda to provide our visitors with the powerful physiotherapy sessions as well as other holistic therapies such as the Raga Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki and Hypnosis Therapy so that they can leave feeling rejuvenated and stimulated to continue living a healthy life.

In the True Treatments programme of Nimba, we provide a carefully curated, customised treatment plan for each guest based on their body type. Each treatment is supported by Naturopathy, a study that focuses on the exact pain points and endorses a holistic approach to uproot the problem from its root cause. Before the therapies are decided, a consultation session takes place where the lifestyle of the patient and the severity of their health issues is understood, followed by advice on the treatment programme. One can find relief from respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, endocrine disorders and lifestyle preventive wellness programmes under this category.

The journey of healing demands a healthy mind and soul along with a healthy body, and this is only possible if the mind and the soul rest well. At Nimba, you will find some very well-curated physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. When those activities are blended with a luxurious wellness abode, lush organic farms and serene meditation caves, Nimba’s retreats are going to bless you with a healed and healthy mind, body and soul.

If you are planning to embark on the journey of healing and hoping to become healthy and happy, trace your steps to Nimba Nature Cure Village, for here, we welcome you with open arms and mark the onset of a holistic lifestyle.

Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

By: Nimba - November 20, 2020

Merriam Webster defines ergonomics as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” It is also known as biotechnology, human engineering, human factors.

The development of a civilisation is not a coincidence. When you pause to look at your surroundings, you will notice that every little man-made item is designed to fit the needs of a person perfectly. This ranges from the size of a cell phone, the handle of a mug, to the structure of a room. Every item crafted is backed by the formation as well as capabilities of the human body.

Therefore, when the term ergonomics is in the discussion, the mere use of a product is not enough, for it deals with the entire procedure of designing and arranging products, systems and places in a way that makes it the best fit for a human being who uses it.

However, sadly, no matter how much we perfect the science of Ergonomics, as human beings, we tend to be reckless when it comes to our postures and the ability to adjust according to the ergonomic designs. Frequent repetitive motion tasks, awkward postures, forceful movements, stress, and poor setups are some of the main ergonomic problems. This leads to issues in the body such as discomfort, pain and swelling in joints, cramps, numbness, reduced range of motion in shoulders, neck and back, amongst several other problems. Eventually, this creates musculoskeletal disorders that are difficult to cure over the long term.

The musculoskeletal system creates a magnificent framework of the body. It enables the body to move around freely as well as holds all the organs in its right place. Ergonomic problems can cause intense injuries to the musculoskeletal system which causes several complications.

At Nimba, your wellbeing is our utmost priority. Therefore, we provide numerous Naturopathy therapies like Abhyangam treatment, Udhvartan, Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology which helps in curing the aforementioned musculoskeletal issues, especially arthritis.

The purpose of these therapies is multi-fold. Every problem is studied in detail and each of our therapy has a healing procedure specifically dedicated to it. For example, an ayurvedic diet, massages and yogasanas are essential in curing osteoarthritis, whereas sciatica demands hot/cold ice packs, acupuncture, potli massage and reflexology to heal completely.

Here, we responsibly take your hand through the entire procedure so you can leave our Nature Cure Village feeling healthy, happy, and healed.

We welcome you to a safe haven where you can begin a healthy life, free of any ergonomic complications. We welcome you to Nimba.

Self Care For Good Health


Self Care For Good Health

By: - September 10, 2019

Self Care – What It Is And Why Is It Important?

Self-care is a conscious action taken by a human for the well being of their mind, body and soul.

Safeguarding your well being is in your hands. A human being cannot function efficiently without a healthy mind, body or spirit. Sometimes because of an unhealthy lifestyle or sometimes because of the constant juggle to balance family time and working hours, people tend to forget their health. Your ill health doesn’t only affect you but it also affects your family, social life and professional life. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself and keep yourself healthy.


Lifestyle Diseases – They Are Affecting You

We often don’t realise how our day to day habits affect our lifestyle. Such habits make our lifestyle unhealthy, later giving birth to lifestyle diseases. Now what do we mean by an unhealthy lifestyle? 

Unhealthy eating habits like immense consumption of sweets, desserts and junk food leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, chronic heart diseases, etc. Excessive consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs lead to skin diseases, psychological disorders and several other mental illnesses. Sometimes due to work pressure or unhealthy habits, the sleep-wake cycle is disturbed. This creates an imbalance in the biological processes of the human body, as a result of which the human body suffers from lifestyle diseases.
When laziness and unhealthy habits come together to control the lifestyle of a human being, such diseases take birth in the human body.


How To Self Care?

  • Diabetes- Can it be treated?

Till now, no diabetes cure is there in the medical world. However, the effect of diabetes can be remitted by bringing the sugar level down. Naturopathy treatment for diabetes includes hydrotherapy and various ayurvedic medicines that can help to bring the sugar level down. A strict diet with no sugar and naturopathic remedies are potent natural remedies for diabetes.


  • Obesity- Is there a treatment for it?

Excessive fat accumulation in the body gives birth to various other physical and psychological disorders. Naturopathy treatment for obesity is fruitful in order to reduce excess fat layers from the body. Naturopathy treatment for obesity includes weight loss treatment like abhyangam, udhvartan, deep tissue massage, etc. Along with obesity natural treatment, a healthy diet, some herbal remedies and exercise can help you reduce that excess fat from your body.


  • Psychological disorders- How to treat them?

Depression, anxiety and hypertension can lead to mental stress and trauma. Poor nutrition, addiction of toxic substances like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, excessive work pressure, etc. can lead to such disorders. It can be treated with naturopathic treatments like mediation, raga therapy, etc.


Nimba- One-stop destination to remit lifestyle diseases

We have talked about self-care and lifestyle diseases above and suggested some natural ways to cure or remit their effect on the human lifestyle.

Nimba Nature Cure has some most of the renowned and experienced experts that deliver the best naturopathy treatments that could help you enjoy the benefit of a healthier lifestyle without any side effects. Nimba understands the importance of self-care and therefore they deliver the best naturopathy treatment and therapies to their customers. The therapies and treatments are customised as per individual body so that every customer receives the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Freedom From ‘Get Well Soon’

get well soon, naturopathy

Freedom From ‘Get Well Soon’

By: - August 9, 2019

How many times a year do you receive this text, ‘Get well soon’, from your friends?

Seasonal climate changes, viral infections, consumption of junk food, not eating the right kind of food, not consuming enough water, etc.,are various reasons why we frequently fall ill. There is a bigger umbrella under which all these illnesses fall. The reason is low immunity and low resistance against diseases. While growing up, we all often heard the phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and ‘say no to procrastination’ but failed to apply it in daily life.

To make yourself immune to diseases, you first have to take preventive measures at the right time. There are various naturopathy treatments that not only help us feel better but also boost the immune system.


Remember your A-B-C-D-Es.

Lack of nutrients and minerals reduce immunity. The body specifically needs Vitamin A, B2, B6, C, D And E for a good resistance against diseases. It is essential to identify which foods provide which nutrients and include a balance of all in our diets.


Chant the Super Mantra- “OM”

While stress does affect the body in a physical way, it has a number of ill-effects on mental and emotional well being which includes a reduced immune response. Stress-reducing naturopathy treatments include meditation, massages and even learning and implementing proper breathing techniques.


Increase Sleep

Naturopathy treatments suggest that for holistic wellness, as the season changes, our sleeping patterns should change too. This is because our body actually requires an adequate amount of sleep to build our immune system or repair what has been damaged due to some illness. Ideally, one should sleep between 10-11PM and wake up between 6-7AM.


Herbal Teas & Tinctures-

Echinacea is a North American plant of the daisy family, whose roots are used in herbal medicine, largely for its antibiotic and wound-healing properties. It finds an extensive use in prevention medicine and naturopathy treatment as well.


Increase Intake Of Warm Foods

A human body requires more internal heat during winters or autumns, mainly to fight off infections. Bone broths, soups and stews are a great way to get all the nutrients required to increase immune functions. Increase food intake especially from allium family- garlic and onions as they possess great antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties.

There are various other naturopathy treatments that help the body not only fight against diseases but also prevent them from happening altogether. At Nimba Nature Cure Village, naturopathic treatments by expert healers impart pure holistic wellness to you. Delve into wellness with the naturopathy treatments at Nimba that relax your body and soul. Nimba is the best place to experience harmless, tested, and trusted naturopathy treatments in Western India. If you are looking for rejuvenating & stimulating experience and healthy life, come and experience Nimba.