The Mantra

Nimba nature care

A Health Retreat With Natural Therapies

In the hurried nature of life, it is the transient phase
of accepting the power of healing and health that
makes the world more wholesome.

In the truest sense, Nimba’s mantra is very clear: health and healing always come first. We strongly believe that in the pursuit of total health and inner growth, every individual should devote a great deal of attention in discovering means to better their health and in-process heal from newer heath challenges of the decade.


A perfect harmony of greenery, serenity and positivity, every corner at Nimba will speak to your inner peace.

Here, at Nimba, we take your hand and walk you through the truth of life i.e. that health is under our control, always.

In our holistic haven, healing and health are interlinked.

Our entire process of healing and elevating your health is by an impeccable amalgamation of modern science, traditional practices and ancient wisdom.

So, to experience the holistic force of wellness, trace your steps to Nimba. We are just the catalyst for life altering healing of the soul and healthification of body, all the magic of organic and natural wonders come from within.