Respiratory Ailments

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With the increase in toxic air elements, pollution, and smoking habits, it becomes easy for your lungs to catch respiratory diseases, as the respiratory system absorbs air from the environment and distributes it to the bloodstream. There occurs a disturbance in the patient’s respiratory tracts starting from pre-nasal sinuses to alveoli.

Thousands of people are wondering about how to treat asthma and other respiratory diseases. The answer is Naturopathy. At Nimba, we provide prime Naturopathy treatments, so your respiration becomes purer than ever.

Pulmonary Fibrosis
Allergic Bronchitis

Pulmonary Fibrosis

A disease where the tissues of lungs become damaged and scarred. The accumulation of thick (fibrous) tissue makes it difficult to breathe. The holistic management of this disorder includes regular pranayama and other holistic therapies that enhances the lung capacity

  • - Detoxification

  • - Diet therapy

  • - Yoga exercises

  • - Colon therapy

  • - Far-infra detox therapy

  • - Ozone therapy


Sinusitis is a condition where one finds it difficult to breathe normally. When there's an infection in the cavities around the nasal passage, it results in mucus buildup which causes constant pain, headache and vomiting. As mainstream treatments draw a blank holistic treatment method has several remedies to address this nagging disorder in the form Nasyam, Breathing exercises, Immunity building diet etc which can be mentioned depending on the severity of the symptoms.

    Allergic Bronchitis

    When the tubes of lungs through which the air passes get swelled up and filled with excessive mucus formation it causes inflammation and constant coughing. It is a highly individualistic disorder, which may be triggered due to main reasons and conditions starting from stress to pollutants and allergens of various types. Treatment depends on the findings of the sufferer.

    • - Inhaling vapour from herbs

    • - Oxygen therapy

    • - Various breathing exercises


    It is a chronic ailment in which the airways of the lungs are narrow and constantly swollen. This results in coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and sometimes chest pain. The holistic management of this disorder includes hydrotherapy, detox diet and yoga techniques.

    • - Herbal nutrients

    • - Pranayam

    • - Anulom-Vilom