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In the truest of its essence, Nimba’s mantra is very clear: health and healing always come first. We
strongly believe that in the pursuit of a wellness laden body and inner growth, every individual
should invest their energies in discovering means to better their health and in-process heal from
unprecedented anomalies.

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Address: Baliyasan, Nr. Mccain Foods, Ahmedabad – Mehsana Expressway, Mehsana – 382 711 Gujarat

How to reach nimba


How to Reach Nimba by Air

Ahmedabad Airport is the nearest airport to Nimba. The distance is 58 km and you can easily hire a private taxi and or pre-book the taxi service from the centre.


How to Reach Nimba by Road

Nimba is located on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana Expressway. The visitor will have to travel approximately 60 km from Ahmedabad city as it is located before Mehsana. It is advisable to use proper navigation to reach Nimba by road.


How to Reach Nimba by Rail

The nearest railway stations from Nimba are Mehsana Railway Station (approximately 25 km) and Kalupur Railways Station (approximately 64 km). You can hire a private taxi to get to Nimba from the station.