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Nurturing Your Health With Naturopathic Care

Healing team

It is the people that make the place, the environment just champions their cause. The healing team of Nimba is highly committed to guiding each patron through their journeys of accepting the powers of healing and health. The ethos of the centre comes from the authenticity of these highly qualified professionals, doctors, therapists, researchers, and support staff who share the same passion and interests. Every person here is dedicated to providing you with the most fulfilling over all healing experience.

A Message from the Chairman – Shri B. H. Bokadia

I have a strong belief that ‘naturopathy can prevent any disease that is preventable’ at a relatively lesser cost than any other system of medicines without creating side effects. To reaffirm my faith in Naturopathy, I visited the best nature cure centres in India, which gave me the confidence to start a nature cure centre that reflects my own unique vision. After a long journey of research on Naturopathy and other natural ways of healing, I decided to establish a nature cure canter with a holistic regimen in Gujarat to make the amazing benefits of nature cure available to everyone. Today, Nimba Nature Cure is a synonym of one of the best naturopathy centers in India that deals with serious and effective preventive care by bringing about significant life-style changes in thousands of our guests, and I dedicate this success to Team Nimba and all our beloved health enthusiasts for their constant patronage.

Dr Shiny Benedict

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shiny Benedict. (BNYS, PGDWM) is a qualified Naturopath with over 12 years of experience in the field of health and wellness management. She is a graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru.

Dr Kirti Singh  

Senior Medical Officer

Dr Kirti Singh a well-qualified, passionate and experienced doctor in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from SDM College of NYS, Ujire, Karnataka.

Dr Rashmi Ambastha

Senior Medical Officer

Dr Rashmi Ambastha brings with her a deep understanding of the root causes of various diseases & body imbalances & using her multidimensional experience helps design a holistic naturopathy program for oneself which is not only effective but also sustainable.

Dr Sucheta

Raga Therapist

Dr Sucheta Rakshit., M.A, Ph.D. is a practitioner of Music therapy in the field of Alternative healing therapies.. She has developed Music therapy for Coma patients to bring back consciousness made her known to the whole world.

Rina Bhatt

HOD of the Yoga Department

Rina Bhatt is the HOD of the Yoga Department at Nimba Nature Cure, Mehsana.Rina is internationally certified by Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar.

Dt Kabita  


Dt. Kabita Jana, M.sc in Dietetics & Nutrition from Vidyasagar University. She is the member of IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) Bengal chapter, Kolkata.

Dr. Sheetal  

HOD of Physiotherapy Department

Dr. Sheetal K Olakiya (PT) Post graduated from C U Shah Physiotherapy College, Saurashtra University, Gujarat with specialization in Musculoskeletal Conditions & Sports Physiotherapy.

Dr. Mahek  


Dr. Mahek Meman (PT) graduated from D M Patel Physiotherapy College, Saurashtra University, Gujarat and completed her internship from V.S HOSPITAL Ahmedabad. She has an experience of two years working as clinical practitioner.