Did you know? Doing Yoga according to your body type, gives the best result!

By NimbaExperts // 21 June, 2018 //
Everyone now knows the amazing benefits of doing Yoga. This is evident as the world is celebrating the “World Yoga Day 2018” today as of 21st June 2018. People are excited about celebrating yoga day in India. This knowledge of yoga has helped millions of people to maintain good health and live a happy life. […]

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Naturopathy Treatment in Mumbai

5 reasons people of Mumbai should come to Nimba for 3 DAYS in Monsoon

By NimbaExperts // 20 June, 2018 //
Mumbai has received the very first rains of the season. And with that, the ‘stress levels’ of Mumbaikars are rising sharply. The onset of monsoon is usually very charming but it also brings in so many problems for the people of Maximum City.   First of all… the change of seasons results in the common […]

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how to reduce health effects of air pollution

Countering the harmful effects of pollution through Naturopathy!

By NimbaExperts // 13 June, 2018 //
We feel it every day, the stress and discomfort caused by polluted air and water! But usually, we don’t realize it. According to latest research, our environment and our experiences create huge impact on our mood, immunity, and hormones. The increasing levels of pollution have prompted the huge demand for Wellness Retreat in India. How […]

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Sauna Bath Benefits to Weight loss

Do you know how Sauna Bath can help you deal with Obesity?

By NimbaExperts // 30 May, 2018 //
Management of Obesity requires a lot of patience for a long-term approach. Because it wouldn’t take much to undo all your efforts for weight-loss. And you might end up gaining more weight than you already had. So, deal with Obesity in a very systematic and sincere manner! There are a lot of alternative treatments available […]

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Losing weight in Summer Naturally

Preparing for Weight loss? Summer is the best time to loose it Naturally

By NimbaExperts // 27 May, 2018 //
Being overweight is not easy! Because it invites a huge no. of physical and emotional problems and ultimately destroys the quality of life. So, it is necessary to lose weight to live a healthy and comfortable life. But at what cost? Not just financial cost! But what the psychological stress of starving, and physical stress […]

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How will Naturopathy Diet help you lose weight easily?

How will Naturopathy Diet help you lose weight easily?

By NimbaExperts // 25 May, 2018 //
Naturopathy treatment for weight-loss focuses on one chief factor of our body systems. All the organs and body systems are interconnected in one way or another. So, if there is a problem persisting with any one system, it might create problems in your weight-loss program. So, Naturopathy believes in considering the entire body as a […]

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stop losing weight from stress with naturopathy

Chronic Stress can lead you to Weight Gain, Control it with Naturopathy!

By NimbaExperts // 20 May, 2018 //
Stress is a natural reaction of our body. When it comes to ‘Fight OR Flight’ situations, the stress helps us to make a quick decision to solve the situation. But that is about the dangerous scenarios in life. What if you get stressed by traffic noises, relationships, professional obligations, or regular everyday life events? Could […]

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Visit Naturoapthy Centre in this Summer

The coolest vacation idea for this summer: Visit a Naturopathy Centre

By NimbaExperts // 15 May, 2018 //
April to June is the time for summer vacations in India. This is the time when the climate becomes hotter and people prefer to stay inside during the day. Also, this is the time when students get the chance to visit new places and learn the lesson of life away from the regular school. So, […]

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naturopathy for weight-loss in summer

Why to struggle for weight loss? Find the best Naturopathy solution

By NimbaExperts // 10 May, 2018 //
Losing weight is believed to be very difficult by most of the people. That is because there is a hype created around it that ‘it is impossible’. There are so many factors that contribute to being an over-weight person. And with the therapies depending upon the body type and lifestyle of a person, Naturopathy can […]

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5 reasons why summer is a weight-loss season!

By NimbaExperts // 05 May, 2018 //
Some people like summer, some people loathe it. But summer still remains a part of our lives and you can experience the amazing benefits of the summer season, if you believe in it. And it’s not just a climatic phenomenon, summer has physiological implications too. And summers might actually be highly beneficial to your health. […]

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