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Family Retreat

Family Wellness Retreats – Your Pursuit of Happiness

By nimbamain // 08 August, 2017 //
When you look back at your childhood, the memories of your family doing dishes together won’t cross your mind but the elephant that chased your car down town during that family trip to some hill station, will. Life is made of such countless ‘mundane’ activities; sadly our mind is not capable of registering all of […]

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Well-known Lifestyle Blogger Ruchika Batra at Nimba

Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part VII

By nimbamain // 29 July, 2017 //
Our everyday life and our habits push our body to the limits. The air we breathe and the food that we eat, are most of the time inadequate to revive our body’s energy and systems. That is why we need wellness retreat holiday so that we can replenish the positive energy in the body and […]

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Naturopathy for stress management

Embrace Naturopathy for Stress Management

By nimbamain // 24 July, 2017 //
Know Stress, No Stress! Most of the people associate stress only with emotional discomfort, which is not true. Stress is the condition of excessive strain on your body due to adverse circumstances. When a person cannot adapt to the stressful events, it creates a harmful reaction on the body. There are four main type of […]

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• Feeling stressed? Give a try to Wellness Retreat

Feeling Stressed? Give a try to Wellness Retreat

By nimbamain // 18 July, 2017 //
Beware of the Stress Monster! Powered by technology and ambitions, our lives have become faster but even more complex. Most of us feel emotional strain with so much demanding professional and social responsibilities. That’s stress, and regardless countries or religion, stress is everywhere.   Too much stress is an open invitation to a number of […]

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Journey of Wellness Bloggers

Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part VI

By nimbamain // 28 June, 2017 //
When it comes to health, you have to be extra cautious. Each piece of food, every thought and every place has a positive or a negative effect on your health. And if you are not so very careful, eventually the body system would start going haywire. At a wellness retreat, you can really turn the […]

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Detox your body organs

Detox your 5 essential organs regularly and live a long, healthy life!

By nimbamain // 21 June, 2017 //
As we wade through the heaps of toxic chemicals, in the air and water and even food, we don’t realize that they are getting inside our body and hiding there. Our day to day life is infused with so many toxins which eventually get accumulated in 5 detoxifying organ in the body: Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, […]

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Detox your body – the natural way

Detox your body – the natural way!

By nimbamain // 15 June, 2017 //
Human Body – The most delicate machine ever There are 100 trillion cells; 78 organs like heart, liver, kidney, etc.; and 12 organ systems in your body that work in tandem with the brain, to execute important functions of the body. Indeed, the human body is a very intricate and delicate machine.   Every day […]

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Naturopathy treatments for Diabetes and Obesity

Suffering from Diabetes and Obesity? The answer is Naturopathy!

By nimbamain // 31 May, 2017 //
Do you think your weight is a bit more than it should be? May be this is the time you checked if your body is suffering from something bigger! A worldwide instance of obesity and diabetes has increased significantly since 1980s, and now it has become the matter of global concern. At Nimba Nature Cure […]

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The importance of Wellness Retreats

Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part V

By nimbamain // 22 May, 2017 //
What is the importance of a wellness vacation? Just as our body needs a sound sleep to get refreshed after a hectic, stressful day, we need some time out to cleanse the body’s systems and rejuvenate ourselves. This is why Wellness retreats in India and abroad have become a source of relief for many people. […]

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Naturopathy treatment for Arthritis and Asthma

Arthritis and Asthma can’t hurt you anymore, if you believe in Naturopathy!

By nimbamain // 09 May, 2017 //
The sizzling wind and baking heat make you urge for monsoon’s magic spell. However, summers are not that bad. Your bones get strengthened and you get a really nice sleep in summer. Your body secretes more Serotonin and improves mood in the summer.   Summers are beautiful!   That is if you aren’t suffering from […]

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