Panchakarma in monsoon

Why Is Monsoon Considered To Be A Good Time For Panchakarma?

By NimbaExperts // 27 July, 2018 //
In the summer season, the Pitta Dosha gets weak and the Vata Dosha increases in the body. Hence, when the monsoon arrives, the fire in the body is depleted and the digestive system gets slowed down. At the same time, the rains and cool environment invigorates the gasses and it creates disturbances in the body. […]

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Health Challenges In Monsoon

Health Challenges In Monsoon and Naturopathy For The Rainy Days

By NimbaExperts // 26 July, 2018 //
As the seasons have changed and monsoon is upon us pouring in the rain, everybody is rejoicing and celebrating. But there is just one problem! The abundance of water around us slowly gives rise to waterborne diseases and bugs. So, in monsoon, people face a bigger health scare compared to other seasons. According to Naturopathy, […]

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panchakarma treatment in india

Panchakarma Treatment In India: Cleanse And Rejuvenate Your Body

By NimbaExperts // 23 July, 2018 //
Ever wondered how much cleansing our body from the inside is important? No? Well, this is the case with 99% people on earth. Everyone thinks about keeping the body clean from outside but no one gives importance to internal cleansing. And just look what it has done to their body!! Kidney Diseases, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, […]

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natural cure for Diabetes

Natural CURE For Diabetes: 5 Ways That Actually Works (2018)

By NimbaExperts // 20 July, 2018 //
Diabetes has become one of the major health concern of the world! The World Health Organization states that the prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years of age was 4.7% in the year 1980, which has nearly doubled to be 8.5% in the year 2014. More than 422 million people are suffering from diabetes […]

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Natural Cures for Arthritis

8 (Powerful) Natural Cures for Arthritis (That Really Works)

By NimbaExperts // 19 July, 2018 //
Arthritis is one of the most common and most painful diseases in the world. Research studies indicate that women are more prone to the risk or Arthritis. More than 26 % adult women in the world have Arthritis while 18 % adult men have Arthritis. And it is one of the major causes of disability. […]

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Nipah Virus Prevention

Nipah Virus Prevention: Naturopathy remedies for boosting immunity!

By NimbaExperts // 26 June, 2018 //
Nipah Virus, also known as NiV, has been in the news for some days now. And the reason is… the deadly threat created by Nipah Virus which can infect humans through contact with already infected animals as well as humans. And the worst part is the rumours being spread constantly on WhatsApp about measures for […]

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How can Nimba bring the relaxation in the lives of IT professionals?

By NimbaExperts // 22 June, 2018 //
The global IT industry is going through disruptive changes every day. New ideas, new technology, and new possibilities are now available to the people, thanks to the technological innovations. And these innovations are the result of millions of IT professionals all over the world. These IT professionals carry a huge responsibility of transforming our world […]

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Did you know? Doing Yoga according to your body type, gives the best result!

By NimbaExperts // 21 June, 2018 //
Everyone now knows the amazing benefits of doing Yoga. This is evident as the world is celebrating the “World Yoga Day 2018” today as of 21st June 2018. People are excited about celebrating yoga day in India. This knowledge of yoga has helped millions of people to maintain good health and live a happy life. […]

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Naturopathy Treatment in Mumbai

5 reasons people of Mumbai should come to Nimba for 3 DAYS in Monsoon

By NimbaExperts // 20 June, 2018 //
Mumbai has received the very first rains of the season. And with that, the ‘stress levels’ of Mumbaikars are rising sharply. The onset of monsoon is usually very charming but it also brings in so many problems for the people of Maximum City.   First of all… the change of seasons results in the common […]

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how to reduce health effects of air pollution

Countering the harmful effects of pollution through Naturopathy!

By NimbaExperts // 13 June, 2018 //
We feel it every day, the stress and discomfort caused by polluted air and water! But usually, we don’t realize it. According to latest research, our environment and our experiences create huge impact on our mood, immunity, and hormones. The increasing levels of pollution have prompted the huge demand for Wellness Retreat in India. How […]

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