Stress And Anxiety

How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Naturally

By NimbaExperts // 20 January, 2020 //
There are multiple reasons why an individual suffers from stress and anxiety. It is difficult to separate the varied aspects of life, and be certain of the specific reasons that have been causing  stress. More than often, we spill over one facet of our life with another and end up messing up the situation. Coming […]

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REVEALED! The Secret Wellness Recipe Of Our Grandparents

By NimbaExperts // 13 January, 2020 //
Do you ever wonder how your grandparents are so healthy at this stage too? With the fast moving lives, we have created toxic patterns for ourselves, wherein we consume unhealthy food, do not exercise, are constantly surrounded by gadgets and sleep too less or too much. However, in the era with no gyms and limited […]

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5 Best Winter Wellness Tips You Need To Know Right Now

By NimbaExperts // 06 January, 2020 //
Brace yourself, winter is here! We suppose you are snuggled under your quilt with a mug of hot chocolate and refuse to get out of your bed. This is the season where we tend to find comfort through external sources such as heavy blankets, comforters, bunch of warm clothes and addictive drinks like hot coffee […]

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The Best Wellness Centre In India

By NimbaExperts // 27 December, 2019 //
To heal naturally is to empower yourself. The best way to heal via nature is by visiting a wellness centre or a naturopathy centre. Known for some of the best ayurvedic treatments in India, Nimba Nature Cure provides a holistic naturopathy treatment. What do you look for in a naturopathy centre?   Treatments:   Nimba […]

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best panchkarma treatment

What Is Panchakarma Treatment And How Is It Helpful?

By NimbaExperts // 20 December, 2019 //
Panchakarma treatment is a naturopathic treatment and the perfect way to eliminate any toxins in the body and rebalance the doshas. Panchakarma treatment has majorly 3 phases that helps rejuvenate the body and mind. A wellness centre or a naturopathy centre is the perfect place to go through a Panchakarma treatment. The treatment uses natural […]

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wellness resorts in india

Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Ayurveda

By NimbaExperts // 13 December, 2019 //
For a holistic living, ayurveda is highly recommended as it primarily uses products which are created with natural ingredients. Wellness centres providing ayurvedic treatment, are believed to have the power to eliminate a disease from a patient’s body completely. On the other hand, allopathy gives the patient temporary relief and does not cure the person […]

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naturopathy treatment

5 Benefits Of Naturopathy

By NimbaExperts // 06 December, 2019 //
Tired of trying out artificial and chemical based methods for losing weight? It’s time for you to experience the magic of nature! Naturopathy treatments use nature as its key component to heal people. To enjoy a naturopathy treatment to its fullest, one should visit a naturopathy centre or a wellness centre and enjoy the benefits […]

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Milk: A Key Component In Improving Ojas

By NimbaExperts // 29 November, 2019 //
We all desire a healthy body which makes us feel more appealing and confident. The radiance and luster in our body is called Ojas. Ojas is an antidote generated inside the body which works on the aging of the body. It is necessary to consume an ojas enhancing diet as it improves the holistic well-being […]

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organic farming

Organic Food Is The Best Naturopathy Medicine

By NimbaExperts // 23 November, 2019 //
We are all known to the idea of organic food products, and the fact that it is considered as a healthy diet. Organic food has been gaining popularity among the general public these days, for the primary reason that it promotes a more healthy diet, and hence a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to […]

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The Ultimate Guide For Winter Wellness With Ayurveda

By NimbaExperts // 15 November, 2019 //
The lethargic season is here! With the winter season near, pull up your socks and get ready to protect and heal your body. This year help yourself with ayurvedic therapies, and make peace with wintertime. It is important to live in harmony with these natural cycles and adjust with the changing environments. Like any other […]

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