Top 10 Benefits of Corporate & Employee Wellness Programs

By NimbaExperts // 20 October, 2018 //
Including corporates wellness programmes is a very good step taken on behalf of the corporates and companies. There are many benefits of corporate and employee wellness programmes. Corporate wellness programmes have proven to be effective and value to the companies as well as their employees. The aim of a corporate wellness programme is to maintain […]

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5 Tips to Fight Chronic Stress - Nimba

Say Goodbye to Chronic Stress: 5 Tips to Fight Chronic Stress

By NimbaExperts // 16 October, 2018 //
Stress in this day and age has become quite rampant. From teenagers to mothers, stress has gotten to everyone. Stress is one of the leading causes of a lot of health-related problems these days. From headaches to stomachs and high blood pressure to rapid breathing and much more, stress impacts us deeply. Being late to […]

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Holistic Solution For Complete Well Being

Naturopathy Treatment:The Holistic Solution For Complete Well Being

By NimbaExperts // 21 September, 2018 //
Naturopathy banks on the belief that our body is in possession of the power to heal itself. The conventional treatment methods have been reigning for the last few decades where naturopathy had somehow lost its value. However, now, we see an uprise in the naturopathy market as people are gradually embracing the concept of natural […]

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Healthier Lifestyles

Naturopathic way to have a healthier lifestyle

By NimbaExperts // 20 September, 2018 //
All of us want to stay fit and lead an active life. But what if you can actually shun all your medicines and look forward to a hale n hearty life in a natural way? Well, staying fit and active naturally is now very much a reality, thanks to best naturopathy centres in India. Naturopathy […]

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De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in India: Start A New Life!

By NimbaExperts // 14 September, 2018 //
Addiction is a disastrous cause that affects every aspect of one’s life. The wellbeing of a person includes his physical, psychological as well as his spiritual health. When dealing with addiction, one suffers on all these levels, and it must be considered that life becomes exceptionally cumbersome for such a person. De-addiction refers to such […]

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wellness tourism in gujarat-nimba naturopathy

Fastest Growing Wellness Tourism in Gujarat for Better Health

By NimbaExperts // 06 September, 2018 //
Wellness tourism is the raging trend for the current generation of youth that is always running up and down the scales of success with no attention to self-help regarding health. This particular faction of rapidly accelerating travel trend is expected to touch the global market of $680 Billion in the following year. This is 50 […]

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heath healthy naturally

8 Natural Ways To Make Your Heart Healthier (Today)

By NimbaExperts // 05 September, 2018 //
If you looked up for this article, then probably you are not one of those people with nicely shaped calves and nicely done abs that climb up a 5 storey building in one sprint. And probably, you’re also not one of those people who are not on good terms with the people who suggest any […]

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Feel Eternal Bliss & Total Relaxation-Nimba

Shirodhara Treatment: Feel Eternal Bliss & Total Relaxation

By NimbaExperts // 24 August, 2018 //
Giving deep relaxation and rejuvenation, Shirodhara Treatment is one of the best Ayurvedic treatment in India. The ancient science of Ayurveda has given so many revolutionary therapies that can work profound changes in the field of healthcare, and Shirodhara is one of them. ‘Shir’ means the head and ‘Dhara’ means a stream, Shirodhara means a […]

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Ease Arthritis & Enjoy Your freedom from pain, naturally!

By NimbaExperts // 22 August, 2018 //
The gnawing pain, swelling, and restricted movement of joints that brings down the quality of life, is Arthritis! It is not a single disease, Arthritis is actually a symptom which may arise out of an underlying disease condition. There are more than 100 different types of Arthritis and it is one of the leading cause […]

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Benefits Mud Therapy- Nimba Naturopathy

5 Amazing Benefits of Mud Therapy (You Must Know)

By NimbaExperts // 20 August, 2018 //
Our earth is made of so many minerals and compounds that are truly beneficial to our health. And it is not a recent discovery! All the cultures have their traditional and religious beliefs built around the application of clay from a certain region and hot water springs. Because they are rich in minerals! Starting from […]

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