Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Ayurveda

By NimbaExperts // 13 December, 2019 //
For a holistic living, ayurveda is highly recommended as it primarily uses products which are created with natural ingredients. Wellness centres providing ayurvedic treatment, are believed to have the power to eliminate a disease from a patient’s body completely. On the other hand, allopathy gives the patient temporary relief and does not cure the person […]

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5 Benefits Of Naturopathy

By NimbaExperts // 06 December, 2019 //
Tired of trying out artificial and chemical based methods for losing weight? It’s time for you to experience the magic of nature! Naturopathy treatments use nature as its key component to heal people. To enjoy a naturopathy treatment to its fullest, one should visit a naturopathy centre or a wellness centre and enjoy the benefits […]

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Milk: A Key Component In Improving Ojas

By NimbaExperts // 29 November, 2019 //
We all desire a healthy body which makes us feel more appealing and confident. The radiance and luster in our body is called Ojas. Ojas is an antidote generated inside the body which works on the aging of the body. It is necessary to consume an ojas enhancing diet as it improves the holistic well-being […]

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Organic Food Is The Best Naturopathy Medicine

By NimbaExperts // 23 November, 2019 //
We are all known to the idea of organic food products, and the fact that it is considered as a healthy diet. Organic food has been gaining popularity among the general public these days, for the primary reason that it promotes a more healthy diet, and hence a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to […]

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The Ultimate Guide For Winter Wellness With Ayurveda

By NimbaExperts // 15 November, 2019 //
The lethargic season is here! With the winter season near, pull up your socks and get ready to protect and heal your body. This year help yourself with ayurvedic therapies, and make peace with wintertime. It is important to live in harmony with these natural cycles and adjust with the changing environments. Like any other […]

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Anxiety Treatment And 5 Other Reasons To Visit A Naturopathy Centre

By NimbaExperts // 09 November, 2019 //
Begin your journey towards inner joy and wellness, with naturopathy. Naturopathy is a journey towards holistic wellness, and encourages positivity in life. More often than not, we disregard the importance of nature in our lives, and hence surrender to numerous medical methods to keep ourselves healthy. However, traditional methods of healing are important to us […]

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3 Things You Need To Start Right Now To Focus On Your Wellbeing

By NimbaExperts // 24 October, 2019 //
We are responsible for our own well-being. Our holistic well-being is an amalgamation of our thoughts, habits and actions. It is important to cultivate practices that would help fuel our inner motivation towards a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy, more than anything is a panacea and affects us positively, internally and externally. Naturopathy empowers and educates us […]

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5 Reasons A Wellness Retreat Is Beneficial For You

By NimbaExperts // 18 October, 2019 //
Many people prefer to go on a luxury vacation to rejuvenate and relax themselves. But the actual purpose of taking that vacation doesn’t get fulfill because planning a holiday is a tedious task, and hence increases tension. Also the junk food that people consume during a vacation contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle.  However, none of […]

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Learn The Best Ways To Lose Weight

By NimbaExperts // 12 October, 2019 //
  Weight loss methods, easy ways to reduce weight, reduce weight tips are few of the most often searched online terms as it is one of the major concerns in today’s life.  Due to unhealthy lifestyle and work stress, people are suffering from obesity and other diseases related to it. But since they are tired […]

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Don’t Crack Under Pressure

By NimbaExperts // 04 October, 2019 //
Every individual in this world is surrounded by some sort of stress in their life, it could either be personal or professional, or both. It’s important to learn to deal with it or else it can have a devastating effect on an individual’s mind and body. In the article ahead, we’ll talk about work related […]

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