Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

Conquer Every Musculoskeletal Problem with Nimba

By: Nimba - November 20, 2020

Merriam Webster defines ergonomics as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” It is also known as biotechnology, human engineering, human factors.

The development of a civilisation is not a coincidence. When you pause to look at your surroundings, you will notice that every little man-made item is designed to fit the needs of a person perfectly. This ranges from the size of a cell phone, the handle of a mug, to the structure of a room. Every item crafted is backed by the formation as well as capabilities of the human body.

Therefore, when the term ergonomics is in the discussion, the mere use of a product is not enough, for it deals with the entire procedure of designing and arranging products, systems and places in a way that makes it the best fit for a human being who uses it.

However, sadly, no matter how much we perfect the science of Ergonomics, as human beings, we tend to be reckless when it comes to our postures and the ability to adjust according to the ergonomic designs. Frequent repetitive motion tasks, awkward postures, forceful movements, stress, and poor setups are some of the main ergonomic problems. This leads to issues in the body such as discomfort, pain and swelling in joints, cramps, numbness, reduced range of motion in shoulders, neck and back, amongst several other problems. Eventually, this creates musculoskeletal disorders that are difficult to cure over the long term.

The musculoskeletal system creates a magnificent framework of the body. It enables the body to move around freely as well as holds all the organs in its right place. Ergonomic problems can cause intense injuries to the musculoskeletal system which causes several complications.

At Nimba, your wellbeing is our utmost priority. Therefore, we provide numerous Naturopathy therapies like Abhyangam treatment, Udhvartan, Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology which helps in curing the aforementioned musculoskeletal issues, especially arthritis.

The purpose of these therapies is multi-fold. Every problem is studied in detail and each of our therapy has a healing procedure specifically dedicated to it. For example, an ayurvedic diet, massages and yogasanas are essential in curing osteoarthritis, whereas sciatica demands hot/cold ice packs, acupuncture, potli massage and reflexology to heal completely.

Here, we responsibly take your hand through the entire procedure so you can leave our Nature Cure Village feeling healthy, happy, and healed.

We welcome you to a safe haven where you can begin a healthy life, free of any ergonomic complications. We welcome you to Nimba.