Meditation Caves

Nimba nature care

“Release the entanglements in your
mind and free the chaos within you.”

Nimba Nature Cure & Holistic Health Centre is in close connection with spirituality and the potential of the universe. We believe that meditation retreat is the purest form in which powerful energies can flow within you and positively impact your fruitful healing process. In our meditation caves, you will be able to connect with your inner self and have the utmost awareness of your existence.
At Nimba, we majorly emphasize two techniques of meditation. The first one is called Concentration Meditation retreat, which aids in gaining absolute control over all mental turmoil’s and disciplines the mind to attract positive energies. All that you have to do is simply close your eyes and focus on your inhales and exhales.

The other technique of meditation called Mindfulness Meditation, which, contrary to Concentration Meditation, obliges you to direct your focal point towards the random, tumultuous thoughts that grow in your mind naturally. This form of meditation allows you to explore the infinite possibilities of your mind and the freedom it experiences. When no thoughts are controlled, the mind becomes healthy and peaceful as it sees no confinement tying it down. This technique frees you from any form of attachment or anger towards any disturbing thought.

In our meditation cave we guide you to practice both the form of meditation.