Make Yourself Your Priority: Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

Many of us have experienced rapid changes and uncertainty in our lives due to covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Furthermore, people are stressed because of their daily life struggles and pressures. Emotions refer to the feelings, responses, and thoughts that are a major sign of a living soul, reactive body, and thinking mind. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to balance our emotional state to enhance our daily living and well-being. There are numerous ways through which you can promote your mental health without getting disturbed by external factors. Ayurveda, Yoga, and naturopathy is the best way to improve your mental health along with improving physical well-being. You can visit Nimba Nature Cure and can try out our naturopathy for stress management as well as yoga and meditation at our wellness retreat in India. Let’s look at some ways and methods that you can start doing right away today at your home to improve your mental and physical health.


Yoga is known as the powerful combination of physical movement combined with deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness that helps people maintain their physical and mental health. It has also been believed that yoga slows the natural aging process as there is less brain shrinkage. You can visit Nimba Nature Cure today to learn various asanas (Yogic posture).

  • Pranayam is a kind of yoga posture or practice of controlling breathing to remove toxins from the body.
  • Chanting is a kind of yoga practice that helps in increasing positive energy along with cleansing the soul, body, and mind.
  • You can also try Trataka yogic posture at Nimba as we have experienced yoga teachers and naturopathy specialists in Ahmedabad.
  • Yogic mudra is also beneficial in improving mental health as it relieves depression and pain.

If you are looking for the best wellness retreat in India, then must visit Nimba Nature Cure Village as we have great expertise in this field.


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Cuddle Therapy

When you cuddle, hug, touch, or hold the hand of someone, your body releases some hormones i.e., oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin and it makes you feel good. Once the hormones are released we experience feelings of happiness, good mood, lower depression, and relaxation. Therefore, you must often hug somebody who makes you feel happy and it also fulfills the needs of humans like love, acceptance, approval, warmth, and appreciation. This is a safe kind of therapy and can be used to improve one’s mental health and especially support our inner needs, cravings, and basic human touch. You can try this with your partner, pet, child, or even with your favorite cuddle toy.

Pranic healing salt bath

Taking a salt bath can be beneficial for your health as it inspires wellness and self-care while also calming the mind, eliminating pathogens, and easing muscle aches all in one sitting only. It is also advised that you take bath salt on a daily basis and this cleanses the aura of negative elementals from your body and soul as well. This wellness healing practice makes you feel emotionally lighter and therapeutically washes you as well. Moreover, this is also known as a fantastic prerequisite of spiritual practices. Get in touch with the Nimba Nature Cure, to get the best Ayurveda and naturopathy services in India.


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Guided Meditations

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and this was meant to help deepen understanding of the mystical and sacred forces of life. Nowadays, meditation is also getting used to treat stress, depression, and anxiety levels of people. Therefore, this is known as a type of mind-body complementary medicine as one can reach a state of inner calm and awareness with the help of meditation. Meditation is something that offers a sense of calm, balance, and peace that further benefits both emotional and physical well-being. Meditation also offers new perspectives on stressful situations as well as builds skills within you to manage your stress effectively. If you are looking to learn effective meditation techniques, then don’t look further and connect with Nimba Nature Cure today. Nimba has various naturopathy treatments. Meditation techniques and Ayurveda for stress relief to offer.


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Crystal healing

Crystal therapy has also been used for centuries as it effectively helps in treating the various ailments of the body holistically. These days various celebrities and famous faces are using this therapy and promoting the benefits of crystal therapy. It is believed that individual stones used in crystal therapy such as rose quartz, jade, and amethyst can communicate with the energy flow of the human mind and body. Furthermore, it also helps in realigning the energy channels that are affecting the natural energy flow of the body and mind. This therapy is beneficial for human beings as it helps in curing some ailments such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia as well as physical ailments such as digestive or problems. Crystal therapy is as simple as wearing precious stones, minerals, and bracelets or placing a stone in the room where you work or sleep. Crystal therapists identify which stone would work the best for you to stimulate the seven chakras or energy points around your body. Rose Quartz Crystal is mainly known to radiate loving energy and works on the physical and emotional levels of the body. Therefore, this is majorly used for relieving anxiety, depression, and stress level and is suggested by experienced mentalists and physiologists.


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Healing Affirmation

Affirmation is nothing but a kind of secret manifestation where individuals affirm with a clear and calm mind and call out all the energy of the universe to manifest anything they want. Affirmation healing is also beneficial for the human body as it calms the mind, body, and soul as well. If you are looking for the best Ayurveda or naturopathy treatment service in India, then must connect with Nimba Nature Cure Village today. You must affirm so that you can relax and can improve your emotional health and well-being. You must not involve any kind of unhappiness, tension, or guilt while manifesting to avoid negative elements.


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Gratitude can be the best feeling to feel positive and grateful toward someone. It doesn’t only make others happy but you as well. If you are stressed or feeling depressed, make sure you talk to somebody whom you trust the most or to whom you are comfortable. This will help you feel relaxed and free along with improving your mental health at the most. You can even create a culture or ritual of gratitude on your own such as morning prayers of gratitude and so on. This will help you feel energetic and positive throughout the whole day. At Nimba Nature Cure, the day starts with the gratitude prayer early in the morning with the sunrise. Visit Nimba Nature Cure Village, one of India’s best wellness and natural healing centers.

We at Nimba Nature Cure Village work on achieving comprehensive health and inner growth. Every individual needs to invest a substantial amount of time and effort into learning how to enhance their health and recover from the decade’s emerging health concerns.

How Alternative Medicine In India Can Help You Improve Your Health

Alternative Medicines In India

In a world full of pharmaceuticals, nature may sometimes help us heal from diseases, and this is where alternative medicine steps in. According to a review of research, over half of the people with chronic diseases use some form of complementary therapy at some point throughout their condition. There is no evidence to show that any sort of alternative medicine in India prevents or cures any disease, although it does aid in recovery and pain relief.

Alternative treatments are frequently used to help people feel better and cope with diseases and treatments. Many alternative therapies focus on relaxation and stress management. They may aid in relaxing of your emotions, relief of anxiety, and the improvement of your general sense of health and well-being. Positive emotions can benefit your health, according to many doctors and nurses.

What Is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine refers to any type of treatment or therapy that differs from standard medical methods. In India, it refers to kinds of medicine that are not commonly acknowledged or practiced by medical experts, particularly those with less scientific evidence to back them up than more mainstream approaches. Some forms of alternative medicine have existed for hundreds or thousands of years. Others are rather new. Something that begins as an “alternative” therapy can sometimes become a standard treatment due to sufficient proof that it works and has no hazardous conditions.

Difference Between Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, And Complementary Medicine

Alternative medicine

This term refers to medical systems or practices that serve as an alternative to mainstream medicine. An example of this would be someone who uses energy healing to cure an illness rather than traditional procedures.

Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine or therapy refers to methods used in addition to established medical procedures such as drugs, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. These traditional medical techniques are “complemented” by them. Non-conventional medical techniques are described as complementary or beneficial additions to conventional therapy. For example, a person suffering from migraines may take traditional pain relievers as well as attend biofeedback therapy. 

Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine takes into account your whole health and wellness, rather than confining the therapeutic approach to the individual disease or organs involved. It focuses on your health’s mental, emotional, functional, spiritual, social, and communal elements. This term refers to a medical approach that integrates conventional and non-traditional approaches in an evidence-based manner.

Types Of Alternative Medicines

Traditional medicine

Acupuncture, homeopathy, and Oriental treatments are examples of more popular and acceptable kinds of therapy. For centuries, these remedies have been used all across the world. Traditional medicine may include


Ayurveda is a comprehensive healing system that originated thousands of years ago in India. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, everyone is made up of five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and ether. The way these components interact determines how the body functions.


Homeopathy is almost 200 years old and originated in Germany. It is based on two theories: that “like heals like” and that the lower the dose, the more effective it is.

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Naturopathy is a medical system that combines traditional and alternative medical treatments. It emphasizes the use of natural and harmless components. That includes treatments such as herbs, relaxation exercises, dietary adjustments, and massage, among others.


Touch has been used in medicine since the beginning of time. Healing by touch is founded on the premise that an illness or damage in one portion of the body may impact the entire body. If the other areas of the body can be restored to full health by physical manipulation, the body may fully focus on healing the region of damage or sickness. The body’s and mind’s approaches are frequently mixed. Body therapy includes the following:

Chiropractic medicine

This therapy involves manipulating someone’s muscles, tissues, or bones in order to assist the body in healing from musculoskeletal problems or to help someone manage a condition that is causing pain.


During the massage, a practitioner kneads, rubs, or presses the body’s soft tissue with their fingers, hands, or equipment. It is an ancient treatment that has been used in most societies throughout history. Massage comes in a variety of styles, each with its own set of methods, rhythms, and body parts to target.

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Yoga & meditation is a mind-body activity that has its roots in spiritual traditions. It consists of moving through a sequence of poses and stretches while concentrating on your breathing. Yoga is practiced by many individuals all over the globe to enhance mental and physical well-being.

Diet And Herbs

Man’s diet has changed over time from a basic diet of meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains to one that is frequently rich in fats, oils, and complex carbohydrates. Nutritional excess and insufficiency have become issues in today’s culture, both of which contribute to the development of chronic disorders. Many dietary and herbal therapies aim to restore the body’s nutritional imbalance. Among the dietary and herbal therapies that may be used are:

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Dietary supplements

Certain alternative medicines in India and integrative practitioners use nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, or other helpful chemicals, to cure or manage illnesses.

Herbal medicine

This involves using plants or plant components for medicinal purposes. There are several kinds of plants that are used to cure symptoms or illnesses.


Dietary approaches to medicine involve the use of food to treat certain illnesses. This may imply consuming foods with specific medical characteristics, adhering to diets rich in specific nutrients, or avoiding some foods entirely.

External energy

Some individuals think that external energy emitted by objects or other sources has a direct impact on a person’s health. An example of external energy treatment is as follows:


Reiki was developed in Japan. During Reiki sessions, practitioners use their hands to try to manage energy in the body. This may mean putting them on someone, slightly above them, or even working at a distance from them. The goal is to release trapped energy and boost the body’s inherent healing capacities.


Even mainstream or traditional medicine recognizes the potential of the mind-body link. People who have good emotional and mental health recover faster. Mind-body therapies may involve


Meditation is a centuries-old practice found in faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism. People may now experiment with a number of mindfulness meditations, some of which are religious in nature and others that are not.


The use of equipment to assess unconscious or involuntary biological processes such as heart rate or muscle contractions is known as biofeedback. The information is then transformed by the device into vocal, visual, or physical sensations. The individual is then assisted by a therapist in learning to manage these signals.


Hypnosis entails a person entering a spiritual level of relaxation and focusing on recommendations made by a clinician while in a hypnotic state. The recommendations are intended to assist in modifying a person’s emotional state, resulting in health advantages.

Best Alternative Medicine In India @ Nimba Nature Cure Village

Nimba’s philosophy of offering the greatest alternative medicine in India is simple: health and healing always come first. We at Nimba Nature Cure Village think that in order to achieve comprehensive health and inner growth, every individual needs to invest a substantial amount of time and effort into learning how to enhance their health and recover from the decade’s emerging health concerns. Healing and wellness are inextricably interwoven in our holistic paradise. Our whole healing and health improvement processes are built on an exquisite blend of today’s science, traditional practices, and ancient understanding. So, if you want to feel the holistic force of wellbeing, make your way to Nimba.


Q1) Benefits of alternative medicine

Each type of alternative medicine may focus on a different area of your health. In general, it may offer one or more of the following health benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • It alleviates anxiety and tension
  • It alleviates nausea
  • It elevates one’s mood
  • Relaxation is increased
  • Enhances wound healing
  • It promotes sensations of happiness, joy, positivism, and inner calm
  • It relaxes the muscles
  • It also helps with fatigue
  • It promotes circulation and flexibility

Q2) Types of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine encompasses any sort of treatment or therapy that departs from mainstream medical practice. For millennia, these remedies have been utilized all across the world. Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, reiki, biofeedback, and other forms of traditional alternative medicine are examples.



Why Should You Consider Yoga & Yoga Retreats

yoga retreat

Yoga Retreat has uncountable benefits, but most people think it only focuses on a flexible body. It is a wonderful way to gain both mental and physical fitness. Hence, it has gained immense popularity in the last few decades. And why wouldn’t it? It is recommended by all, be it big celebrities, medical professionals or even your family doctor.

How Can Yoga Transform Your Life?

To understand the benefits of yoga, it is important to know about how it can transform your body and along with it, your life.

  • Enhances your blood circulation
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves Sexuality
  • Strengthens your body
  • Increases metabolism
  • Helps maintain an ideal weight
  • Fights stress and anxiety
  • Uplifts your spirits
  • Improves memory
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces the risk of numerous diseases

Believe it or not, not even half of the benefits of yoga have been covered in this list. And now, since you have got some idea of how yoga can transform your life, let’s talk about its various types.

Hatha Yoga

This category of yoga includes the practise of asanas (postures), shatkarmas (physical and mental detox techniques), and pranayama (breathing exercises). Hatha yoga is great for beginners, as it helps in preparing your body for deeper practises like meditation. Each yoga asana (posture) focuses on a certain issue your body or mind goes through or needs enhancement.

Power Yoga

It is vigorous and physically demanding yoga that resembles vinyasa yoga. It greatly benefits your body and offers improved stamina, strength and flexibility. It also helps with reducing stress.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a meditative experience, it helps access all positive energies that reside within you. It is a perfect combination of breathwork, restorative yoga, gentle asanas, guided meditation as well as hands on healing.


Tratak is a method of meditation that involves concentrating on a dot or a candle flame. It helps in improving focus and also relieves stress. It is also a great way to attain peace and control your restless thoughts.

There are various yoga retreats in India that can guide your way to a healthier and happier life. Yoga retreats introduce yoga asanas according to the requirements of an individual’s body and mind. Nimba Nature Cure is one of the best yoga retreats in India, it has different kinds of yoga to help you with complete and wholesome health. But that’s not all a yoga retreat is about, it allows you to work on your complete lifestyle, and integrate the right kind of yoga and therapies. Yoga retreats in India, especially Nimba provides you with experienced Naturopathy doctors and yoga practitioners to guide you with the right kind of yoga according to the issue your body or mind is dealing with.

The New Normal- Making Lifestyle Changes With Yoga And Meditation

yoga in nature

The practice of yoga and meditation has been around this country since the 11th century. However, people around the world have adapted yoga and meditation for the betterment of their physical, mental and spiritual well being in the late 90’s. Scientists have also proven that yoga is not only beneficial for our body but also for our mind. People practicing yoga have seen some miraculous transformations in their bodies.


It becomes essential for us to make yoga and meditation a part of our lifestyle and as we are moving out of this lockdown situation. The first thing we require is to boost our immune system, and yoga and meditation has proven to be effective in this situation.


Here are a few asanas which you all can try for your physical and mental wellness. (preferable in the morning on an empty stomach)


Surya Namaskar (1 time):

Surya Namaskar or Salute to the sun is a yogasana which consists of 12 different asanas. This asana is generally performed early in the morning (during sunrise) to show gratitude towards the sun, the source of life on this earth. This asana is performed to channelize the energy of the sun within your body. The benefits of this asana are:

  • Weight loss
  • Glowing skin
  • Better digestive system
  • Ensures regular menstrual cycle
  • Helps your body detox
  • Battles insomnia and anxiety


Pawanmuktasana (30- 40 seconds):

Pawanmuktasana is a powerful yoga asana which helps in releasing all the gaseous toxins out of our body and boosts your metabolism. The other benefits of this asana are:

  • Strengthens the back, arms and leg muscles
  • Improves the circulation of blood in the hip area
  • Relieves back pain
  • Burn fat in the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal area.


Naukasana (30- 40 seconds):

Naukasana or the boat like asana is helpful in burning your belly fat and increasing your metabolism. The other benefits of this asana are:

  • Strengthens your abdomen muscles
  • Improves the health of all digestive organs
  • Regulates the sugar level in the body


Bhastrika Pranayama (1 minute):

We need a better respiratory system to battle with coronavirus. This pranayama technique will not increase your respiratory power but will also give you more energy for your body. The benefits of Bhastrika pranayam are:

  • Removes toxins and impurities from the body
  • Helps in social wellness and social awareness
  • Helps in curing other respiratory problems


Anulom Vilom (2 minutes):

This is not just a breathing exercise but this is a yogic technique to bring balance and harmony in our body. This exercise helps in channelizing the energy throughout your body. The benefits of anulom vilom are:

  • Relieves depression, stress, and anxiety for emotional wellbeing
  • Improves respiratory system
  • Balances the 3 doshas (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha) in our body
  • Increases metabolism of our body


Tratak (5 minutes):

Trataka is a method of meditation which involves staring at a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame to concentrate the energy at one point. The benefits of Trataka are:

  • Strengthens the eye muscle which improves the eyesight
  • Improves concentration 
  • Effective in improving psychological well being


Here are a few simple yoga asanas and pranayamas which are apt for beginners and are proven to be beneficial for an individual well being. Do try this at your home for definitive results!

Relax And Treat Yourself With The Best

Nimba nature care

Nimba- A select retreat and finest wellness centre

We believe your health is a priority and so we focus on serving you the best. To ensure your wellbeing, we at Nimba follow major steps. Meditation, Medicinal therapies, Yoga are some of them. We ensure your physical, spiritual and psychological well being.


Yoga- A gift to mankind

Yoga and meditation heal the mind and calm the soul. They balance the body functioning, reduce stress and remove bad thoughts. In addition to that Yoga also regulates body heat. Besides that, it increases flexibility and muscle strength and improves metabolism

Meditation reduces body heat and cures many problems. Also, It reduces stress and helps in curing many diseases

We at Nimba guide you in the process of performing yoga. Our priority is Serve our customers with the best and here are certain aspects that make us the best.



Meditation is a vital exercise for the brain which reduces stress and keeps away the toxic thoughts. Plus, it is believed that meditation is one of the most ancient forms to calm the mind down. Besides this, it increases the attention span and works as a detox. for the thoughts.


Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient ways to treat many diseases. It involves various medicinal therapies that help in healing tensed muscles. Some mild therapies help in loosening the muscles. Moreover, it relaxes the body and freshens us up.


Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga that helps to keep a person fit. This form of yoga improves the physique and strengthens the body. Also, it increases the stamina and flexibility of the body and is considered good for the heart.


Basti Yoga

Detoxifying is essential and this yoga cleans the lower abdomen. It also works as a refreshing treatment. Moreover, it nurtures the body tissues and improves digestion. Basti Yoga is an important form of Yoga


Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra is called yogic sleep. This form of sleep meditation reduces stress. Besides that, it helps in reducing anxiety and depression. Yog Nidra helps release tension and pain. It is one of the deepest relaxation yoga.



The meaning of the word ‘Yogasan” is body posture. Many forms of sitting yoga fall under yogasan. It mainly aims to improve physical body posture and physical health of the body.


Aquatic Yoga

Aquatic yoga is the Yoga in water that helps you feel calmer. It increases body flexibility. Above that, it benefits people having joint pain. It also improves body balance. Besides that, it improves body strength and reduces stress level.



Tratak Yoga is a purification yoga. One is supposed to stare at a single point or small object or candle in this yog. This yoga is good for eyes and strengthens eye muscles. It also works well to reduce insomnia. Besides this, it improves memory. This is one very ancient type of yoga.



The word ShatKarma means ‘six tasks’. It is a yogic body cleansing that removes blockages of nadis. It is good for sinus. Also, it cleanses the body thoroughly. One has to perform six techniques under this yoga for once mental benefits.



One very popular form of yoga with ample benefits. KapalBhati is very effective for a person who has breathing issues. Moreover, it removes gas, acidity and also helps in losing extra fat.  A regular practice can reduce stress and bring emotional stability. It’s considered as a cure for blood pressure, sugar and improves the reproductive system. Performing it early in the morning energizes the nervous system.



Shankhaprakshalana is to clean up. This is a process of cleaning the digestive system and cures various digestive problems. It also improves metabolism and cleans up body impurities. Apart from it, this yog purifies the blood and proves to be one vital form of yoga with many benefits.


From this, we can safely say that yoga and mediation are highly beneficial. Everyone should make them a part of their routine. During this time of Covid-19 Outbreak, it helps to improve immunity. Yoga works as resistance against many diseases and toxins. It calms down the people and helps reduce panic due to the Fear of the Outbreak of the disease.

Emotions Influence The Physical And Mental Health

naturopathy treatment

Being emotionally healthy is very important to have physical and mental peace. The signs of balanced emotions are good thoughts, good ideas and enjoying a de-stressed life. People who are aware of their emotional imbalance have learned ways to cope with their problems like stress and anxiety.

They feel good about themselves and also share healthy relationships. Poor emotional health can lead to strong feelings of stress or anxiety. This can happen due to incidents like fear of losing your job, fear of missing deadlines, experiencing financial problems or failing to properly plan a family.


Impact Of Emotions

Your body is receptive and responsive to the way you think, feel, and act. If you are stressed, your body will react to indicate that something is not right, like experiencing constipation or diarrhoea after a sad event. The other impacts of emotions on your body and mind include obesity, weight gain or weight loss, dry mouth, extreme tiredness, general aches and pains, increase in the level of anger, hypertension, high blood pressure or fertility problems. 


What Should Be Done?

Living a de-stressed life is an essential element of living a quality life. There are many ways in which you can improve your emotional health but the first way is to recognize the problem that is causing an emotional imbalance. To help manage your emotional health, figure out the cause of sadness, stress, and anxiety is necessary.


Tips To Balance The Imbalanced

  • Never keep your feelings to yourself, learn to share them

Keeping negative feelings inside you will harm you more, it is okay to share. Try talking to your loved ones, a family doctor, an advisor or a friend. 

  • Live a balanced life

Follow a routine which involves eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep. Avoid overeating and consumption of drugs or alcohol. Make yoga, meditation or exercise an integral part to calm your body and mind. 

  • Take special care of yourself

Learn to pamper yourself. Go for a walk, shopping or do something which makes you happy and energetic


It is important to follow the right way to achieve the improvement, learn that way at Nimba. Healers at Nimba can help you in balancing your emotions as we offer services like Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, meditation, naturopathy treatments along with customized diet plans

For more, write to us at [email protected] or call us on +91 81550 12274.