Top 10 Benefits of Corporate & Employee Wellness Programs


Top 10 Benefits of Corporate & Employee Wellness Programs

By: - October 20, 2018

Including corporates wellness programmes is a very good step taken on behalf of the corporates and companies. There are many benefits of corporate and employee wellness programmes. Corporate wellness programmes have proven to be effective and value to the companies as well as their employees.
The aim of a corporate wellness programme is to maintain and improve the health and well being of a company’s employees.

A well designed and structured corporate wellness programme can have many advantages. Besides helping an employee stay healthy, it helps to reduce stress in the workplace and promote productivity. It helps an employee retain information and be more alert.

It is proved that a companies performance increases too as the employees tend to be less absent and more engaged in their work. The companies that tend to offer corporate wellness programmes often have a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to recruiting new staff and employees.
Most big MNCs have corporate wellness programmes in India.

Top 10 Benefits of Corporate & Employee Wellness Programs:

1.Improved Productivity: Improving productivity in a workplace can be done by getting the employees more engaged in workplace activities. Exercising and eating well are two big factors when it comes improving productivity. Exercising helps in reducing stress and making someone feel better about themselves which tends to reflect in one’s workplace. Eating right energies one and tends to not burn one out easily. This helps in keeping the employees healthy too.

2. Builds Community: Performing activities together will make employees feel more connected to not just the company but also their fellow employees. Due to the wellness programmes, the relationship will be built that may not have been built prior to the programme. This keeps the employees more social with one another and helps in boosting the performance at the workplace.

3. Happier employees: It is said that engaging in employee wellness programs benefits the employees quite a bit. It makes them happy and content to work where they are. Engaging employees in these sort of wellness programmes make them feel more valued and better about themselves overall.

A happy employee will perform better on any given day than an employee who is unhappy.

4. Promotes Fun: A workplace can get quite dry and boring as the employees tend to have the same routine over and over on a daily basis. This can impact the productivity of the employees and their performance too.

Making the work environment more fun and engaging will boost the performance of the employees. Hosting fun indoor and outdoor activities for the employees will help in engaging the company with their employees and even the employees with their co-employees.

5. Lower Health Costs: The inclusion of corporate wellness programmes can improve the overall health of an employee. These wellness programmes promote exercising and healthy eating which results in good health and a lower risk of getting ill.

6. Reduction in stress levels: These days stress is something most office-goers feel. They have targets and deadlines that put them under a lot of pressure. This can result in low productivity, low-interest level and an amazing amount of stress. This stress can affect the quality of work done by an employee which affects the well being and performance of the company.

Wellness programmes are aimed to reduce stress so that an employee doesn’t feel burdened and under pressure and can perform at a higher level.

7. An increment in adaptability: There are many corporate wellness programs in India that aim to increase an employees ability to adapt to the office. If an employee is able to adapt to change and not freak out over time there is some sort of change, he/she is able to perform better and be more focused on his/her work rather than letting the tension of change get to him/her. Adaptable employees get the job done.

8. Employees are less absent: Another big benefit of having a corporate wellness programme is that the employees of that particular company tend to remain less absent and show up for work almost every day.

These programmes are aimed to make the workplace more fun, light and also more engaging for the employees. It helps reduce stress and boost productivity. It makes the employees love the work they are doing and hence they show up almost every day.

9. Families benefit too: If an employee is always stressed and pressurized, his near and dear are the victims too. This is because an unhappy and burdened employee tends to remove his/her frustration on his/her family.

Wellness programs make an employee’s happier overall which is reflected at an employee’s home too.

10. Improves employee loyalty and moral: Including corporate wellness programs makes an employee feel safer and more comfortable at his/her workplace. He/she tends to be more loyal to the company he/she is employed in and will not want to leave to join another company.

These programmes are made to make the employees and companies come together as a whole which helps in forming an understanding that is mutual.

This increases the overall morale of an employee too.