Say Goodbye to Chronic Stress: 5 Tips to Fight Chronic Stress

Stress in this day and age has become quite rampant. From teenagers to mothers, stress has gotten to everyone. Stress is one of the leading causes of a lot of health-related problems these days. From headaches to stomachs and high blood pressure to rapid breathing and much more, stress impacts us deeply.
Being late to work/meeting college, getting stuck in traffic, not doing well in college and more are just some examples of how small things in our daily lives have started becoming stressful.
Over the past few years, stress has become the leading cause for one’s decline in performance and productivity and is the reason one started getting anxious and even depressed.

Stress can do grave damage to a person if not managed well. Here are some tips to combat chronic stress.

1. Yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditation are proven to help in reducing stress. It helps in finding peace of mind. Yoga is said to be a natural remedy to fight anxiety. During yoga, powerful endorphin chemicals are released in the brain which tends to mimic the function of that of a painkiller and mood-lifter.

Regular exercise like yoga can make the body and mind more positive. It reinforces the mind-body connection and makes people feel good about themselves.

Meditation has been a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It has proven to have a positive impact on a person over the years. Meditation helps you focus and regroup yourself.

During meditation one focuses their thoughts and channel their energy in a manner that has a positive effect on the body. This gives a person clarity in their thoughts.

Either one can learn these two techniques on their own or by visiting a wellness retreat in India.

2. Sufficient Sleep: Sleep is the most important thing for everyone. Sleep is the most energizing and refreshing thing that makes the body peaceful and calm its down. Getting adequate sleep works wonders on a person. If one sleeps well there is no need to take stress treatment medication as sleep is the most natural way to combat chronic stress.

Even taking power naps throughout one’s busy schedule and daily work life can reduce stress and promote productivity.

3.Massage Therapy: Massage therapy has been around for years. It is used to reduce the excessive stress that one may feel during a given time. It relaxes the muscles and promotes better blood flow throughout the body which has a very calming and peaceful effect. Massage therapy is part of naturopathy. Naturopathy is a healthier, natural and noninvasive form of alternative medication taken as a stress treatment medication.

Massage therapy is generally done in a peaceful and tranquil environment with soft and calming music playing in the background. This helps in relaxing the person who is undergoing stress.

Naturopathy centres like Nimba Naturopathy centre are one of the best naturopathy centre in India for massage therapy.

4. Colon Hydrotherapy: Colon hydrotherapy is a time-tested ancient method of treatment which relaxes the body and promotes overall body wellness. During the colon hydrotherapy treatment which is quite gentle, an abdominal massage is given to further relax the body. Herb is used too in the process. Any naturopathy centre or wellness retreat in India provides services like this to help you de-stress.

5. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a form of treatment where fine needles are inserted in one’s body at very specific points. People who are suffering from depression and stress generally tend to try out acupuncture as a method to help them relieve that stress and free themselves from depression. Acupuncture as a positive effect on the nervous system which gives the body a calming effect. It even boosts one’s immunity.

On the whole, it promotes wellness.

Nimba Naturopathy Centre is a very good naturopathy centre in India for stress and wellness related services.

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