Heal with Nimba: Your way to Wellness Retreat

Nimba: Wellness Retreat in India

Heal with Nimba: Your way to Wellness Retreat

By: - November 10, 2017

‘A Walk in nature Walks the Soul back Home’ – true as it is, nature can heal our body, calm our minds and rejuvenate our souls. Just a few days in the lap of greenery and serenity; and we get back the much-needed vitality of our body with the imperishable soul that invigorates life within us. Nature is the greatest healer of all our diseases and Nimba Nature Cure Village works on synergizing the five elements of our soul with the goodness of mother earth. Nimba is a Holistic Wellness Centre that blends traditional healing practices with modern science to cure various ailments through naturopathy, ayurvedic and detox treatments. An exclusive wellness retreat in India, Nimba also teaches Yoga and meditation. Yoga is an age-old practice from the ancient Vedic times that is known to align our system and strengthen our internal organs.


Embracing the conventional Indian practices of healing the body with the power of its soul, Nimba provides all the services and treatments to address various imbalances that are the root cause of all the illnesses in the human body.


Let’s get a glimpse of what Nimba has to offer for its customers.


Our body already contains all the natural elements that replenish our body to provide energy for life. When this balance gets disturbed, we tend to fall ill and the body loses its vitality. Naturopathy brings back that self-healing power utilizing all the natural products and treatments to fill that dearth. At Nimba, we inculcate a healthy way of living, imbibing the goodness of nature and maintaining the much-needed discipline through diet therapy. Naturopathy treatments provided here include practices like colon hydrotherapy, therapy, massages, vibro massage, foot bath and enema for curing various ailments.

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda is known as the knowledge of the science of life and Ayurvedic treatment addresses the panch mahabhoot that our body is made up of. Ayurveda shows that each individual has a unique Prakriti. In order to bring those panchtatvas in balance, it is utmost important to understand the emotional, physiological and psychological Prakriti of an individual.


Vamana, Virechana, Nirooha vasti, Nasya and Anuvasana Basti are the five detox therapies that make up one complete Panchkarma treatment to extract all the toxins from one’s body. Nimba Nature Cure Village specializes in these Panchakarma Treatments in India emphasizing on the self-healing ability of our body.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a practice which strengthens the immune system and improves our health through breathing techniques and body postures. Meditation aids in syncing our body with the mind. Nimba yoga and meditation centre acts as a unique retreat for Yoga enthusiasts to delve into kapalbhati sessions, Yog Nidra, Tratak, Power Yoga and Aquatic Yoga. If you have digestive problems, go for Basti Yoga at Nimba wellness centre.


Physiotherapy cures disability of movements and functions thereby ensuring overall physical health. Nimba is not only the best naturopathy centre in India but also provides the most effective physiotherapy treatments using the latest equipment. It is a complete rehabilitation centre for physical issues like Orthopedic injuries, neurological damage, musculoskeletal problems, etc. And also provides treatments like Ultrasound, heat therapy, interferential current therapy and more, according to the requirement.

Special Therapies

Dealing with too much stress? Want to relax and detoxify your body? The experienced team of health professionals at Nimba delivers the best hot stone massages, far infra detox, reflexology, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy and acupuncture. These special therapies remove any kind of a pain in the body, knots in the muscles; treat maladies like arthritis, spasms and much more.


Apart from all these therapeutic benefits and treatments, Nimba promotes a healthy lifestyle by following a disciplined routine and preparing Satvik food from fresh veggies of the organic farms spread in acres. The vast landscape full of greenery, the beautiful surroundings of the organic farms distributes serenity and accelerates the process of healing. And you would love to settle down for super luxurious rooms that have all the amenities of a four-star hotel. Nimba Nature Cure Village is a holistic centre for wellness and rejuvenation.


Time spent on yourself is never a time wasted. Come heal your mind and detoxify your soul with Nimba!