10 Benefits why you should live near nature?

10 benefits to stay near nature

10 Benefits why you should live near nature?

By: - November 12, 2017

If we trace back our steps a few millennium, we can understand, the only and the biggest difference in our lifestyle. We embraced machines and electricity but we gave away the much precious nature. And we are still reeling from its bad impact. So, yes! We should live near nature, as long as we can, and Nimba is the perfect place to do that. Check out these benefits:


  1. Freshness Unleashed: Green spaces provide the oxygen-rich air, fresh and healthy. Especially in the times of pollution menace, living near nature would keep you fresh with the pure air.

  3. Wellness of Mind: Crowded by the skyscrapers and technology, our mind might not have those edgy thoughts. The vivid colors and experience of nature can allow your mind to concentrate.

  5. Social Coherence: Not social networking of your profile, meeting likeminded people amid the serenity of nature, improves the levels of attachment and prosperity among citizens.

  7. Energized Body: Breaking off from the mundane lifestyle, a walk or exercising among trees is sure to boost your energy to unmatched levels, and improved optimism.

  9. Relief from Stress: Nature is where we belong, not in closed air-conditioned cabins. Nature has the power to streamline your thoughts and find the best solution, thereby relieving stress.

  11. Powerful Eyesight: as more and more people keep looking at their computer monitors through the day, the eyes’ health starts deteriorating. Looking at the green horizons resolves it.

  13. Fight the Diseases: Recent studies have observed the positive impact of nature on patients with deadly diseases. Nature motivates the patient in the fight against diseases.

  15. Better Immunity: Contrary to the popular belief, a stroll in nature allows the body to learn to deal with different infections, thereby better equipping your immunity to fight in the future.

  17. Mental Disorders: In case of ADD or ADHD patients, nature exerts a calming effect on the mind. The patients show reduced symptoms and improved calmness in green surroundings.

  19. Quality of Life: Spending more time in nature, also known as ‘Ecotherapy’, greatly improve the sleeping pattern and boosts the overall quality of life.


Nimba motivates you to look at the natural aspect of life and embrace what’s natural, organic and healthy. That being said, Nimba Nature Cure Village offers you a wide range of products health and wellness services which are 100% natural and healthy.