What are Alternative medicines in India

Alternative medicines in India

What are Alternative medicines in India

By: Nimba - July 15, 2021

Alternative medicines in india  are a form of treatment that has developed independently but parallel to conventional medical science. They are not part of standard care prescribed by western medical practices. When used alongside modern medicine, alternative medical practices are referred to as complementary and Alternative medicine in india  (CAM).

This doorway of treatment is knocked on as a last resort since the people go to the conventional way to treatment first and foremost. When that avenue fails to provide relief, they shift to unconventional modes for help. Alternative medicine is such a vast field of treatment that is more ancient than modern medical science, and people are seldom aware of all the options it could provide. 

Also, we are so used to popping pills and taking whatever medicines prescribed by doctors that methods like therapy involving hot stones, needles, herbal massages, and music are alien to us. Nevertheless, with the arrival of the internet and an outpour of information about alternative medicine made public to the world, it is widely accepted, used, and preferred as a medium of healing.

Indian alternative medicine has proved beneficial for many incurable diseases such as migraine, insomnia, sinusitis, asthma, spondylitis, sciatica, chronic indigestion, etc.

Some of the most famous and used alternative medicine in India are as follows-


 Originating in Europe, it is a branch of alternative medicine which is based on the healing power of nature. It considers diseases as a manifestation of interference in the body’s own ability to heal itself. Doctors of naturopathy are trained in both- conventional and alternative medicine  in india. The core beliefs of naturopathy are-

  • The healing power of nature
  • Identification and treatment of the cause of disease
  • Treatment of the whole person
  • Prevention



 It is the most ancient form of medical treatment that originated in India which has been constantly practised even before the introduction of modern medicine. Ayurvedic healing includes diet, exercise, meditation, herbs, massage, exposure to sunlight, and controlled breathing. 


It is a complete system of medical theories and practices developed by German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann which is practised extensively in India. It aims to restore the flow of energy and is not based on principles of chemistry or physiology.

Acupressure and Acupuncture

This system of alternative medicine deals with the natural healing energies of the human body itself. According to the theory behind acupressure, meridians are channels that carry life energy throughout the body. Manipulation of these energy channels can redirect energies and stimulate the body to heal itself. Practitioners use their hands, feet, elbows, and knees to apply pressure on specific points or meridians to treat a person.

Acupuncture is based on the same principle as acupressure. The only difference is in the amount of pressure applied through needles. 


It is a branch of alternative medicine that uses bio-kinetics and joint manipulation to treat the body. Like any other traditional treatment, physiotherapy can be effective in preventative as well as after-care and rehabilitation purposes.


Japanese in origin, it is a form of energy healing that believes that sickness and stress are indications that life force energy is low, while energy, health, and happiness signify a strong life force. The purpose is to promote relaxation, speed healing, reduce pain, and generally improve the client’s well-being.

Yoga and Meditation

Similar to Ayurveda, yoga and meditation have also been an integral part of physical and spiritual healing in India. Yoga and meditation teach the importance of nature and discipline and also guide us towards healthy living. 

There are multitudes of establishments in India that offer alternative medicines to their clients for whatever purpose they want to achieve. Nimba Nature Cure is the best holistic healing center, where you can find an amalgamation of all alternative medicine and get an eye-opening view of its effectiveness.