Have You Switched To A Healthy Lifestyle Yet?


Have You Switched To A Healthy Lifestyle Yet?

By: - January 27, 2020

How often do we cook ourselves a healthy meal? Amidst the hustle bustle of our daily lives, it is difficult for us to keep up with a healthy diet. We tend to consume foods which are easily available, or delivered, thus giving rise to a detrimental lifestyle. The unhealthy practice of eating junk and oily food becomes the primary reason for diseases amongst young adults. Diseases like diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, cholesterol and etc. We often don’t know where to begin when it comes to switching to healthier lifestyle options. And in this world, where most of the food products are adulterated, it is difficult to choose healthy food options for ourselves.

Listen To Your Body

There are people who advise you to starve yourself, or to skip meals for weight loss. But that isn’t the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Giving your body the food that it requires is the right way to go. There is a thick line of difference between over eating, and eating adequately according the needs and requirements of your body. Never starve yourself, or abstain from eating when your body needs it.  If you pay close attention to your body’s reaction to every food then you would develop a better idea of what to consume, and what to avoid.

Be Mindful While Eating

Mindful eating is all about having a thorough idea about your body, and consciously making the right choice to eat the right food. This conception develops over a period of time, when you observe which food suits you, and which food is rejected by your body. If we develop awareness and acceptance towards the relationship with food then we realise where we are going wrong. We need to ask our body what would satiate the hunger and what nutrition it needs.

Organic And Sattvik Food

There are numerous benefits of an organic and sattvik diet. For the well being of a person it is very important to incorporate organically produced foods, and avoid food items which contain preservatives and additives. Sattvik diet includes pure, essential, natural and energy containing foods which benefits an individual in various ways. Year after year we keep on consuming processed foods which gives rise to several health issues. Nimba Nature Cure provides organic and healthy meals in the regimen.  They commence the day with fitness activities followed by wellness breakfast, then a wholesome lunch, and  conclude with a nutritional and healthy dinner. Nimba Nature Cure is one of the most well renowned wellness centres in the country, health being there primary focus.

Organic Food Is The Best Naturopathy Medicine

organic farming

Organic Food Is The Best Naturopathy Medicine

By: - November 23, 2019

We are all known to the idea of organic food products, and the fact that it is considered as a healthy diet. Organic food has been gaining popularity among the general public these days, for the primary reason that it promotes a more healthy diet, and hence a healthy lifestyle.

One of the ways to include organic meals in your lifestyle is through enrolling yourself in a naturopathy centre. A naturopathy diet is inclusive of a lot of antioxidant contents that prevent heart diseases, premature aging, cancer, vision problems and similar health related issues. Moreover, naturopathy is often used for weight loss. Let us dig deeper into some of the benefits of organic food and how can naturopathy be a medium to reach the goal of a healthy diet consumption:

What does a naturopathy diet consist of?

The fundamental principle of a naturopathy diet is that nature is used as the primary element of healing. Hence, at a naturopathy center, the person will receive organic food, which is unprocessed and thus delivers a superior nutritional value.

A naturopathy centre does not compromise on freshness and quality

One of the key benefits of having an organic produce is that the original vitamins, minerals and flavors are protected. It is the best way to heal from the power of nature, and increase our overall wellness and vitality.

Naturopathy for weight loss

With the increasingly demanding lifestyle, we tend to consume unhealthy and ready to eat or frozen food. Naturopathy has the ability to search for the root causes of increasing weight. Hence, while going through naturopathy, the patient is asked to make dietary changes and include organic products in meals. Moreover, the essence of naturopathy is that it diagnoses any emotional or mental issues one suffers from.

With our busy lives we have started consuming unhealthy food and have been harming our bodies. Naturopathy gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our roots and receive what nature has to offer us. Nimba Wellness Centre is a wellness retreat in India, and one of the largest and well-known naturopathy centres in Ahmedabad which focuses on reviving the crucial equilibrium of the 5 basic elements of life- earth, water, air, fire, and ether. Renowned for its excellent focus on healthy diets, it has a heavy focus on the use of organic products. In order to maintain the originality of fruits and vegetables they use, they have an organic farm, where visitors are allowed to participate in the process of farming.