Post Festive Season Detox With Nimba Nature Cure

Post Festive Season Detox With Nimba Nature Cure

Post Festive Season Detox With Nimba Nature Cure

By: Nimba - October 7, 2022

Are you looking for detoxification sessions after indulging in too many sweets and junk foods this festive season? No matter how much you control yourself, you will definitely end up eating and drinking namkeen snacks, sweets, cold drinks, a lot of appetizers and alcohol. Many people fall sick and face stomach issues after indulging in such activities. Hence, we are here with some detoxification strategies that can help you to get back on track toward your health and fitness. Today, people complain about bloated stomachs, constipation, and acidity after festivals because of their poor immune and digestive systems. In such a situation, people must adopt naturopathy, and detoxification therapies to flush out toxins from their bodies while giving proper rest to the liver and heart.

Post Festive Detox Tips

Keep hydrated yourself:

Drinking plenty of water is essential for many reasons: to prevent infection, keep organs functioning smoothly, deliver nutrients to cells, regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, and so on. Moreover, drinking purified water is one of the important things to help your body flush out toxins. Drink at least 8 ounces of water before going to bed. You can book your detoxification session with Nimba Nature Cure to harness the power of healing and experience inner peace after indulging in so many unhealthy habits this post-festival season.

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Avoid artificial sugar consumption:

Post-festival, avoid taking artificial sugar for at least 1 to 2 weeks to heal yourself and to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Strictly, say no to sugary items such as sweets, bakery items, colas, and so on. This offers time for your body to heal and recover. You can have a detox shake with a plant-based protein powder as it will help in supporting the effective function of your liver. You can also have a veggie scramble with avocado cooked in coconut oil. Connect with Nimba Nature Cure to learn more about healthy habits and healthy lifestyle routines:

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Hot lemon water:

Lemon is a natural cure for every issue in the stomach, from bloating to indigestion, and also helps in regulating your overall digestion system. For post-festival, you must begin your day by drinking a glass of lemon water and must not add sugar to it. Make this a habit because it will help your body detox quickly and effectively. Read this blog by Nimba to find out the best months for detoxification therapies. You can also add one tablespoon of honey to your lemon water to get relief from constipation.

Avoid meat:

After the holiday season, avoid eating heavy foods like chicken, mutton, fish, or any other non-vegetarian food. You must have a light meal to give the least pressure to your digestive system. You can go for plant protein as it is easy to digest and also improves your overall immune and digestive system. Add more fiber to your meals of the day, as this is the easiest form of detoxification. For example; you can add cucumbers, carrots, salads, sprouts, and leafy green vegetables.

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Proper sleep and taking some activated charcoal:

You can have activated charcoal as it helps in absorbing toxins from your body. Charcoal has a special kind of digestive tract and, therefore, for post-festive detox, you can have two capsules before going to bed. When we sleep, our body recovers and relaxes, as our body has time to detoxify itself automatically. You must sleep at least 8 to 10 hours and must give bonus points for your sleep in the post-festive time period. This will help you to recover, heal, and reboot your body from festive tiredness. You can also go to a naturopathic therapy session to help recover and heal your body. Nimba Nature Cure offers the best naturopathy and detoxification therapies in India. You can connect with us to find out more about our services.


Why you must start a post-Diwali Detox


Are you confused about where to start? Or do you need any kind of help or a detoxification diet plan? If yes! Connect with Nimba Nature Cure Village. We will guide you through the entire process of detoxification, from drink, food to daily exercise. You can go for the Nimba detox package as this package includes everything you need to relax your body after such a tiring festive period. This will start you on your path to optimal health. This package helps rid the body of mucus, toxins, and acids that build up throughout the body. You can also consult our expert nutritionist for one-on-one interaction. Enjoy the festivals, but don’t forget to detox!

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Why Must You Start A Post-Diwali Detox?

  • To effectively regulate your body weight.
  • To reboot and heal your body after indulging in so many unhealthy foods.
  • To remove excess sugar from your digestive system.
  • To restore the balance of your body.
  • To remove toxins from your body.


Most of people gain weight during the festive season because of the excessive consumption of junk food and sweet food items. therefore; starting with the detox diet and eating a light food meals will help you to reduce and manage your weight. When you consume sugary items, your body demands more insulin. Which is not good at all as it puts a strain on your pancreas. Furthermore; detoxification in such a polluted climate is essential as it directly affects your metabolism and immune system. Get in touch with us to learn about good eating habits and how to maintain a proper diet and daily lifestyle.

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What Is The Best Way To Detox Your Body?

Good food and good drinking habits can be the best way to detoxify yourself for a long period of time. A proper diet and healthy food are beneficial for the proper functioning of your body. For instance, lemon, ginger, garlic, artichoke, cabbage, green tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, watercress and brown rice are the best healthy food options for post-festive detox. Furthermore; Intermittent fasting can also be considered to detox your body and it also helps lower your risk of obesity-related diseases.

Relax And Treat Yourself With The Best


Relax And Treat Yourself With The Best

By: - May 13, 2020

Nimba- A select retreat and finest wellness centre

We believe your health is a priority and so we focus on serving you the best. To ensure your wellbeing, we at Nimba follow major steps. Meditation, Medicinal therapies, Yoga are some of them. We ensure your physical, spiritual and psychological well being.

Yoga- A gift to mankind

Yoga and meditation heal the mind and calm the soul. They balance the body functioning, reduce stress and remove bad thoughts. In addition to that Yoga also regulates body heat. Besides that, it increases flexibility and muscle strength and improves metabolism

Meditation reduces body heat and cures many problems. Also, It reduces stress and helps in curing many diseases

We at Nimba guide you in the process of performing yoga. Our priority is Serve our customers with the best and here are certain aspects that make us the best.


Meditation is a vital exercise for the brain which reduces stress and keeps away the toxic thoughts. Plus, it is believed that meditation is one of the most ancient forms to calm the mind down. Besides this, it increases the attention span and works as a detox. for the thoughts.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient ways to treat many diseases. It involves various medicinal therapies that help in healing tensed muscles. Some mild therapies help in loosening the muscles. Moreover, it relaxes the body and freshens us up.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a vigorous form of yoga that helps to keep a person fit. This form of yoga improves the physique and strengthens the body. Also, it increases the stamina and flexibility of the body and is considered good for the heart.

Basti Yoga

Detoxifying is essential and this yoga cleans the lower abdomen. It also works as a refreshing treatment. Moreover, it nurtures the body tissues and improves digestion. Basti Yoga is an important form of Yoga

Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra is called yogic sleep. This form of sleep meditation reduces stress. Besides that, it helps in reducing anxiety and depression. Yog Nidra helps release tension and pain. It is one of the deepest relaxation yoga.


The meaning of the word ‘Yogasan” is body posture. Many forms of sitting yoga fall under yogasan. It mainly aims to improve physical body posture and physical health of the body.

Aquatic Yoga

Aquatic yoga is the Yoga in water that helps you feel calmer. It increases body flexibility. Above that, it benefits people having joint pain. It also improves body balance. Besides that, it improves body strength and reduces stress level.


Tratak Yoga is a purification yoga. One is supposed to stare at a single point or small object or candle in this yog. This yoga is good for eyes and strengthens eye muscles. It also works well to reduce insomnia. Besides this, it improves memory. This is one very ancient type of yoga.


The word ShatKarma means ‘six tasks’. It is a yogic body cleansing that removes blockages of nadis. It is good for sinus. Also, it cleanses the body thoroughly. One has to perform six techniques under this yoga for once mental benefits.


One very popular form of yoga with ample benefits. KapalBhati is very effective for a person who has breathing issues. Moreover, it removes gas, acidity and also helps in losing extra fat.  A regular practice can reduce stress and bring emotional stability. It’s considered as a cure for blood pressure, sugar and improves the reproductive system. Performing it early in the morning energizes the nervous system.


Shankhaprakshalana is to clean up. This is a process of cleaning the digestive system and cures various digestive problems. It also improves metabolism and cleans up body impurities. Apart from it, this yog purifies the blood and proves to be one vital form of yoga with many benefits.

From this, we can safely say that yoga and mediation are highly beneficial. Everyone should make them a part of their routine. During this time of Covid-19 Outbreak, it helps to improve immunity. Yoga works as resistance against many diseases and toxins. It calms down the people and helps reduce panic due to the Fear of the Outbreak of the disease.

10 Reasons Why Detox Is Important

10 Reasons Why Detox Is Important

By: - May 9, 2020

We hear a lot about detoxification these days. But did you know it was a therapy developed in the early 1920s! Detox therapy naturally removes body toxins. So, why do we need a Detox?

Our busy lifestyle pattern leads us to poor food choices. We also end up taking a lot of stress. Also, We don’t undergo physical strain. This might have an adverse effect on our body. Hence, it becomes very important for us to detox our body, once in a while.

Nowadays, there are special places and retreats where we can stay and detoxify our body. These special retreats guide us in the process of Detoxification.

The Nimba Naturopathy Centre also has detox centres where the specialists guide in the detoxification process.

Why Is Detox Important?

Detox Helps In Removing Body Toxins

This therapy removes the body toxins. Our poor eating habits lead to poor digestion. This is due to unwanted waste in the stomach. So, it becomes important to purify the body after regular intervals.

Detox Helps In Losing Weight

We tend to face the problem of obesity due to lack of exercise and uneven eating habits. This leads to poor digestion. It also increases body toxins. When we detoxify our body, you lose toxins. This helps us in losing weight.

detox your body

Detox Energizes Your Body

When the body toxins increase, our body becomes lazy. When you detoxify, it freshens up the organs. It also improves blood circulation. The aura of such retreat relaxes and energizes the mind and the body.

Detox Helps Your Skin Glow

Our skin is very sensitive. And we often forget to pamper it. It is the only organ exposed to pollution directly. It is highly toxic and in utter need of freshness. Therefore we should regularly detoxify our skin. This will bring back the radiant skin and its freshness. It also helps in getting rid of acne and oily skin.

Detox Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Detox can improve your sense of well being. It helps you feel good, which is the whole point of everything mentioned above. It freshens up and calms down the mind. The environment of such retreats generates positive vibes. This improves one’s mental health.

Detox Helps In Getting Rid Of Unnecessary  Food Cravings.

Detox retreats keep us away from sugar and carbs. These things anyway are harmful to the body in the long run. But they are very tempting and one cannot resist them. When you do not consume these products for sometime, your craving for them decreases.

Your Body Needs Detox

In our busy routines, we don’t get time to take care of ourselves. We don’t generally detox but it is essential. So step forward and take a detoxify treatment. In this way, one can eat healthy in a pollution free environment for about 10 days. This will help in energizing the body.

Detox Stimulates Body’s Natural Detox Process

Due to our unhealthy eating habits, we end up disturbing the natural detox process. In this scenario, it becomes important to take external help. Detox therapy flushes out body waste. This results in the normal functioning of our natural detox system. This avoids many health problems.

We all need Some Me Time

What can be better than spending time with one’s ownself. Sometimes taking a break, pampering yourself, giving yourself proper sleep and self care is all you need. This does not only heal you physically, but it also heals you mentally and emotionally. It detoxifies your thoughts and helps you think clearly. And so one should definitely try detox therapy after regular intervals.

detox therapy

How Can Detox Help In The Current Scenario?

In today’s times, with Covid-19 outburst, it is very important to stay immune. The virus weakens the immune system, making it tough to recover. Detox strengthens the immune system. It also energizes the body which in summer and in this situation is a necessity.

Why December Is The Best Time to Detox?


Why December Is The Best Time to Detox?

By: - December 12, 2017

December means the dreamy sweet beginning of winter in India. The weather is beautiful, there is a festive mood all around and a new year is nearby. This is the perfect time to revolutionize your lifestyle and make a new beginning.

Since ancient times, winters have been marked for energizing the body with fresh & nutritious food and building fitness by doing regular exercise. Also, the fresh new crops of fruits and vegetables in winter help in bringing freshness to your life.


Post Festive Season Detox - with these foods

December is the best time to detox indeed!

However great benefits the winter may offer, the body should have the ability to absorb them first! In our regular lifestyle, we come across so many toxic substances through the water, air, and food that get accumulated in the body. These toxins slowly block the body’s systems and their functions. So even if you try hard to improve your health, you might not get the desired results.

So before the winter sets in with chilling cold, this is the right time to prepare for it with detox!

Detoxification helps in eliminating toxic substances from the body. Detox therapies like Colon Hydrotherapy, Ion Detox, Mud Pack, Udhvartan, Pizhichil, and Abhyangam can help you cleanse your entire system before you embark on a healthy winter ride.

After detoxification, you can feel the lightness and positivity of your body. To mark the beginning of a new year on a healthy note, try detoxing at Nimba Nature Cure. One of the best Detox Retreats in India, Nimba has the perfect setup for a comprehensive detoxification program and a team of experts doing the procedure with due care. This is the time to gift yourself a healthy you! This is the time to make this December, a Detox December!