10 Signs It’s the Right Time to Detox


10 Signs It’s the Right Time to Detox

By: - December 14, 2017

We work and earn to live an enjoyable and comfortable life. In this pursuit of happiness, it is really hard to eliminate toxic materials completely from the body. Even if we try our best, the harmful chemicals from air, water, and food will find a way into your body anyways.

So, what’s the solution?

Toxins don’t accumulate in just one day; they keep on adding up for months before any symptom of toxicity appears. The only solution to this situation is regular detoxification. And if you feel you have any of these symptoms, we think it might be the correct time to opt for a detoxification session!

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7 Signs It’s the Right Time to Detox - NIMBA
7 Signs It’s the Right Time to Detox – NIMBA
  • Dark circles around the eye: They indicate a fluid imbalance in the body and irregular liver function due to toxic elements in the body.
  • Bad breath during the day: Foul odor is the result of dental infection, digestive system problems,s and the inability of the liver to cleanse the blood.
  • Insomnia and bad mood: Toxic elements interfere with the brain and may lead to depression, mood swings, and sleep disorders.
  • Constant fatigue and sleepiness: Fatigue is the result of toxins hampering metabolism and obstructing energy supply to the body.
  • Skin rashes and acne problem: When are accumulated in the blood, the body tries to excrete toxins through sweat, which leads to blisters, acne, and rashes.
  • Irregular bowel movements: if the fecal matter gets accumulates in the intestines, it results in constipation and irregular bowels.
  • Inability to reduce weight: When the metabolism is not proper, the harmful fats start accumulating in the tissues, increasing the weight.
  • Gas build-up and bloating: Constant burps and bloated abdomen are the results of gas build-up due to problems in digestion due to toxins.
  • Muscle pain and cramps: Excessive toxins in the muscles lead to blockage of nerves and blood, leading to pain and cramps.
  • Recurrent headaches: Toxins hamper the critical functioning of hormones and other important chemicals in the brain, leading to headaches.

Ignoring small symptoms may end up in a far greater problem. On the other hand, detoxification procedures are totally natural and harmless. Don’t think more; go for a total detox at Nimba Nature Cure by calling at +91 81550 12274.