Fastest Growing Wellness Tourism in Gujarat for Better Health

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Fastest Growing Wellness Tourism in Gujarat for Better Health

By: - September 6, 2018

Wellness tourism is the raging trend for the current generation of youth that is always running up and down the scales of success with no attention to self-help regarding health. This particular faction of rapidly accelerating travel trend is expected to touch the global market of $680 Billion in the following year. This is 50 per cent expedited rate of the overall tourism sector regarding growth.

Nimba is one among such wellness centres located in Gujarat that has been working to benefit the patients as well as wellness tourism in Gujarat. Ranking among best naturopathy centres in India, Nimba Nature Cure provides a miraculous escape from the world surrounded with issues affecting the body functions such as respiration, digestion, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, along with the lifestyle diseases.

But before we get to understand the different services provided by Nimba, especially when it comes to wellness tourism in Gujarat, let’s understand how wellness tourism has segregated itself via several domains.


They say healthy eating is healthy living which is true. However, the thing that is wrong with our generation is the fact that we often associate healthy eating with the bland taste which is so not true. Food-based wellness spas dedicate themselves to tantalizing the taste buds with the healthiest food paired with a taste that sometimes surpasses the fat loaded junk that we consume regularly. Best naturopathy centres in India often compliment their services with the use of detoxifying food that is free from health deteriorating fat content, oil, or overloaded carbs.

Healthy Hotels:

Hotels all over our country have started providing complimentary facilities for better health of the visitors which include jogging and walking lanes, hiking tours, and some even flaunt an in-house naturopathy centre to help the visitors obtain a balance between work life and peace providing activities.

Yoga & Meditation:

Indians are all about yoga, given the fact that this popular art form for wellness treatment emerged in this very country. Wellness tourism in Gujarat in the recent years has experienced a substantial hike, all thanks to the various naturopathy treatment centres that often combine the benefits of yoga and meditation for complete health benefits.

How Has Nimba Nature Cure Catered To the Better Health and Increased In Tourism in Gujarat?

The prime reason Nimba Nature Cure has attracted ailing patients from all over the country is the fact that this rejuvenating location strips one of the stresses, anxiety, and overall negativity that is being carried around for a long time. This wellness retreat in India comes with an array of advantages as opposed to opting for treatment options in the local area.

1. The team comprised of naturopathic doctors focus on the cause of the issue as opposed to spot on treatment.

2. This wellness retreat in India uses only the natural ingredients for therapies that involve zero risks or side effects.

3. The best thing about opting for wellness tourism in Gujarat is the fact that while you heal yourself from your daily struggles, you get to see an entirely new place that in itself is rejuvenating for your soul.

4. Nimba doesn’t just focus on treating health conditions, the doctors in this picturesque facility work on boosting the overall immunity to aid the body’s capability to fight off diseases on their while inducing a sense of being refreshed.

5. Being one among the best naturopathy centres in India the team helps the patients by provisioning an effective combination of several procedures which includes:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Vibro Massage
  • Ion Detox
  • Mud-pack based hydra therapy
  • Diet Therapy
  • Spine Bath
  • Enema

6. Nimba also focuses on the beneficial effects of implementing Ayurveda treatment with detoxifying procedures such as Shirodhara Basti, Abhyangam Udvartana, Basti & Potli Massage, and Nasyam along with several popular therapies with herbal diet included in the daily schedule.

7. Yoga and meditation is also a major part of this wellness retreat in India which acts as a one-spot solution for all which is why this wellness centre has successfully attracted patients from all over the country and beyond while promoting the scales of wellness tourism in India.

With wellness centres like Nimba, the tourism sector is sure to experience a rapid boom while decreasing the mortality rate in the country with the implementation of therapies and healthy lifestyles that reduce the chances of derogatory diseases taking over the body. Amidst tranquillity and peace of this nature cure centre, one can find the inner self and cleanse it to the core to bring back the personality lost under the burden of responsibilities and pressure from the rapidly functioning lifestyle.