De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in India: Start A New Life!


De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in India: Start A New Life!

By: - September 14, 2018

Addiction is a disastrous cause that affects every aspect of one’s life. The wellbeing of a person includes his physical, psychological as well as his spiritual health. When dealing with addiction, one suffers on all these levels, and it must be considered that life becomes exceptionally cumbersome for such a person. De-addiction refers to such a rehabilitation program in the best Naturopathy centres in India that helps the individual to get rid of these ill effects of addiction while being treated with utmost care and dignity as well as keeping in minds their human characteristics. The only wellness centres in India keep in mind the psychological struggle of the addicted patients while treating them.

Naturopathy For De-Addiction:

Naturopathy is the holistic approach that focuses on the principle that the body possesses the energy and capability to heal itself. It takes into account natural processes that can be used to recover the body from ailments like an addiction. Compared to the traditional wellness measures, naturopathy aims at a more long-term approach. They provide such lifestyle changes that will help a person to rid the toxins and focus on the better things in life. The natural treatments offered by the best naturopathy centres in India focus on wellbeing and a holistic improvement in the person.

Ill-Effects Of Addiction:

Addiction is characterized by a chronic dependence on a substance like drugs or alcohol or an activity like gambling, to such an extent that the person finds it impossible to function normally on a day to day tasks without the addictive substance. The person is usually unaware or even in denial about their compulsive dependence which is indicative of some psychological problems in the person. The addicted person, life is the worst nightmare as he is unable to control his impulses. Addiction can affect brain areas related to memory and learning. Addiction to certain substances may even be detrimental to a person’s physical and physiological health. Naturopathy treatments can help the individual to get rid of the addictive substances from his life altogether.

Naturopathic Treatments Against Addiction:

The naturopathic wellness centres in India focus on natural but effective treatments for de-addiction. The following are such treatments:

1. Shirodhara Treatment: In this treatment, some special liquid like buttermilk, herbal juices, medical oil, milk or herbal juices are continually poured on the forehead of a person. The process is highly controlled in term of the temperature of the liquid, the height from which the liquid is poured and the temperature of the fluid. This is an effective method to rid the body of stress and hence eliminate the adverse effects that stress has on the body and mind. It is crucial in giving the person the power to control his impulses and strengthen his willpower against addiction. The body and mind are relaxed after the treatment is meted out. It has excellent effects on psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

2. Detoxification Therapy: Here the person is kept under a strict routine where the person is not allowed to deal with the addictive substance anymore thus releasing the harmful toxins from the body.

3.Yoga and Meditation Therapy: Yoga and meditation are great to focus the mind and increase willpower. It gives greater control over one’s impulses and is great to train the mind of a person.

4. Nasya: In this treatment special oils or herbal juices are administered from the nose, and it is great for detoxification of the upper part of the body.

Naturopathy centre provides great relief against the compulsive nature of addiction. It is great if you want to restart your life and give it the best treatment for addiction.