Why Panchakarma therapy? Because it works!

The most alarming fact scientists have discovered recently is that chemicals like lead, DDT, PCB, pesticides and other agro-chemicals which were banned decades ago throughout the world, still have been circulating through the environment. We think we are living a classy and evolved life but actually, there are toxicants running rampant around us which we can’t see. Talking about the pollution and advancement of the plastic menace; we must wonder who is going to be harmed the most. It’s us.


There are 13 million artificial substances registered till date, most of them are meant for industrial use and irresponsible production and disposal of them eventually brings them to your dinner plate. Being fat-soluble chemicals, they accumulate in fatty tissues of the body. There are no means to clean up the water, air and soil; but there are ways to purify your body with Panchakarma.


Pancha translates to ‘Five’ and Karma means ‘Activities’; Panchakarma therapy is a compilation of Ayurvedic treatments for purification and detoxification of the body.


Accumulating toxins interfere with the body systems and harms the core functions of body, opening doors for the plethora of physical and mental conditions. It is necessary to remove them from the system for a healthy body. But Panchakarma treatments are also of a great use in increasing the effectiveness of other medications. Panchakarma is not a specific set of dosage of chemicals; rather it is individualized set of therapies and condition specific Panchakarma diet.


Panchakarma treatment for weight loss has been garnering a lot of curiosity because it enhances our body’s capability to metabolize the emotional, nutritional and environmental inputs.


Why Panchakarma therapy?


Panchakarma is the only therapy which eliminates the root cause of the disease and gives permanent relief. Nimba Nature Cure Village gives your body the much-needed rejuvenation and freshness through Panchakarma therapy.


– Streamlines the digestive system and metabolism
– Expels the toxins out of the body naturally
– Cleanses the respiratory tract and lungs
– Purifies the blood by boosting functions of gallbladder and liver
– Sharpens all the senses and stimulates the nervous system
– Tones the muscles and strengthens the bones and joints
– Intensifies the immune system and protects body from changing seasons


Panchakarma treatments are unique because of the strategy employed to define the balance of energy throughout the body.


The three types of energy balance in the body; named Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are effectively corrected by Panchakarma. Vamana, Virechana, Nasyam, Basti and Raktamoskshana are the five chief therapies of Panchakarma which focus on removing the cause of any disturbance and expel toxins thereby restoring the health. Especially in the context of weight loss therapy, Panchakarma makes the whole treatment easy and fast.


Panchakarma treatments are based on ancient medical practices harnessing the power of nature and cosmic energy. However, this knowledge has been the most sought-after ever since the world accepted Yoga as the best practice for holistic wellness.


Nimba Nature Cure Village is the best place to avail the perfect blend of Panchakarma therapy.


According to the individual characteristics and condition, Panchakarma revives your physical and mental condition that leaves a long lasting effect of positivity on your body. Know more about the five chief components of Panchakarma and the processes of therapy from the experts at Nimba Nature Cure Village, Gujarat. INDIA.

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