Things you have and Things you need!

Things you have and Things you need

Things you have and Things you need!

By: - September 29, 2017

How far the humanity has evolved, from eating fresh fruits in the purest of air to pesticides and chemical fertilizers laced fruits grown in polluted air. We have seen the quality of life gradually go down despite humanity revolutionising the world with technology.If we talk about our own life, with a big house and smart car and wealth that can buy luxury, can we actually claim to be living a peaceful life?


Where is the ‘Peace of Mind’, which people have been talking about? How can we reach to it?
We might wear a diamond-studded watch but we barely have any time left for ourselves. We have the latest technology on the expense of precious nature. We have a humongous social network but we feel so lonely so often.


You have this life, itself this is a privilege. As a responsible human being, we should be able to sustain this life with all the purity and honesty in the world. It is our duty to live emotionally and physically healthy. Emotional wellness should be our way of life, not a hobby.


All that we need is here with us now!
Just one step ahead towards realizing your own treasure and you can be more than your wealth could buy. At Nimba Wellness Retreat,  you can take a break from your mundane routine and walk a new path towards being a healthy and happy human being. Don’t fret over things you desire, utilize the things you have and feel the beauty in every moment. Nature is and always will be with you, to guide you and nourish you.