5 Reasons A Wellness Retreat Is Beneficial For You

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5 Reasons A Wellness Retreat Is Beneficial For You

By: - October 18, 2019

Many people prefer to go on a luxury vacation to rejuvenate and relax themselves. But the actual purpose of taking that vacation doesn’t get fulfill because planning a holiday is a tedious task, and hence increases tension. Also the junk food that people consume during a vacation contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle. 

However, none of that would happen if people choose to visit a wellness retreat centre for a week or so. A wellness retreat is all about getting away from the hustle-bustle of daily life and taking a rest from the burden of everyday responsibilities and stress. It helps to increase productivity so that people can experience increased efficiency when they get back to their routine after the wellness vacation.

Wellness retreats in India provide remedies for various diseases in natural ways. There are some of the best naturopathy centres in Ahmedabad, Kerala, Uttarakhand, etc. They help you to deal with stress, anxiety and other health problems like obesity, asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, constipation, acidity, psychological disorders, female disorders, skin diseases, neuro disorders, etc. The best wellness retreats in India offer treatment and therapies like ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga and meditation, physiotherapy and various other special therapies like hot stone massage, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, etc. Nimba Nature Cure is one of the best wellness retreats in India.

Below are some of the reasons you didn’t know as to why you must visit a naturopathy centre for a wellness retreat.

1. Economical Than Those Exotic Vacations

A regular vacation can be quite heavy on your pocket and there is a possibility of overspending. However, a wellness retreat vacation is pre planned and has all the necessary amenities along with professional consultancy making it budget friendly. 

2. Saves The Planning Time

The service providers manage the entire process from scratch, like preparing schedules, making reservations, arranging meal plans, taking care of accommodation, etc. All you need to do is to visit the naturopathy centre and experience relaxation and calmness in the lap of nature. 

3. Healthiest Meal Plans 

The wellness retreat centre offers you the healthiest meal options. It not only detoxifies the body but also leaves you energised so you can work better in your daily life.

4. Long Lasting Benefits

The experience at a wellness retreat centre will have long lasting benefits on your mind and body. They teach you to deal with stress so that you can balance your professional and personal life in an efficient manner.

5. Helps To Deal With Addiction

A wellness retreat centre helps you to fight any of your addictions like smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. The calm environment and the planned schedule at the retreat centre doesn’t let you consume any such addictive things.

There are numerous other benefits of spending some time at a wellness retreat centre. Retreats are a gateway to your mental peace and physical well-being.

Nimba Naturopathy Centre- Best Naturopathy Centre In Ahmedabad

India has some of the best naturopathy centres and one of them is Nimba wellness centre. They provide their guests with various therapies and treatments that deliver the best solution to their problems. Your wellness is important and therefore you should visit Nimba to experience overall wellness.

Learn The Best Ways To Lose Weight

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Learn The Best Ways To Lose Weight

By: - October 12, 2019


Weight loss methods, easy ways to reduce weight, reduce weight tips are few of the most often searched online terms as it is one of the major concerns in today’s life. 

Due to unhealthy lifestyle and work stress, people are suffering from obesity and other diseases related to it. But since they are tired of all the usual methods and their side effects, what they are constantly looking for is a natural treatment to lose weight. But to know that, you must first understand obesity and its nature.


Obesity, Its Causes & Effects


Obesity is a medical condition where excess fat accumulates in the body, which then gives birth to various health issues. Commonly, a person with a BMI greater than 30 is considered obese. 

Its usual causes are excess consumption of calories, living a sedentary life, insufficient sleep and obesity genes. It leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, joint problems, respiratory problems and psychosocial effects. So losing weight is not just a need, it’s a requirement.


The Different Weight Loss Methods Everyone Is Talking About


  1. Switching To A Healthier Diet Is The Best Weight Loss Method: Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables that have high fibre in your diet. Make sure to hydrate with enough water to flush out the toxins from the body. Reduce the intake of processed and fried food and include whole-grain food items in your daily diet. Avoid crash diets to lose weight as it can cause more health-related problems.Commonly known healthy food for weight loss includes green leafy vegetables, boiled potatoes, beans and legumes, soups, paneer, etc.
  2. Include Physical Activity On A Regular Basis For Weight loss: It is important to include physical activity in your lifestyle to lose weight as it stabilizes the insulin level that helps in weight loss. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, play your favorite sport, take your dog for a walk, play with your children in the garden or go to work on a cycle. These easy weight loss methods will help to reduce all the excess pounds in the body. 
  3. Naturopathy treatment: One of the best ways for weight loss is through naturopathy treatment. It is a combination of a specific diet, physical & mental exercise and herbal treatment & therapies. It is a natural treatment to lose weight as it helps to treat the root cause of obesity without any side effects. 
  4. Medical Surgery For Weight Loss:  A medical surgery called bariatric surgery is performed on a person that is obese or overweight. After the surgery, the stomach loses the capacity to consume large number of calories.


Naturopathy Treatments For Weight Loss

Natural treatment to lose weight includes naturopathy therapies and treatments like Abhyangam, Udhvartan, deep tissue massage, etc. Let us see what these treatments involve:

  • Abhyangam: This naturopathy treatment involves medicated oils that contain certain ayurvedic herbs. A massage with such oils reduces cellulite from the skin and is a natural way to lose weight. 
  • Udhvartan: Naturopathy treatment like this has certain herbal powder and oils that are massaged on the whole body. It helps to cut cellulite and increase blood circulation. 


Nimba Naturopathy Centre– Delivering Exceptional Quality Treatment For Weight Loss

The team of expert healers at Nimba Naturopathy Centre provide some of the best natural treatments for weight loss. We also take care of the exercise routine, diet and nutrition. It also regulates the sleep cycle and helps to achieve a calm mindset with yoga and meditation. So visit Nimba for rejuvenating weight loss treatments and therapies and see a significant change in your weight.

How to choose the right and best wellness retreat in India

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How to choose the right and best wellness retreat in India

By: - February 8, 2019

Amidst a sequence of pressure loaded, deadline-driven and stressfully functioning life, your body and mind might be yearning to experience some refreshment. Trust us, it is not unhealthy at all, to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while. We all look up for best wellness retreat in India, but we are never sure which one will work best for us? Of course, the list is quite tempting and bewildering too.

This is why we are going to help you to make an appropriate choice by considering a few factors to indulge in your perfect wellness retreat. These factors will assist you in structuring an ideal choice alongside helping you examine which one is most suitable.

The factors to keep in mind while you are choosing a wellness retreat in India:

1. Location

Selecting a location that works best for you can effectively contribute to your wellness retreat. Make sure that the location you select is one that you will thoroughly relish. It could be your favorite destination, dream destination or anywhere. Just make certain that it is sure to do the therapy you need.

Think about it. Where have you always wanted to go? Which place do you think works best for you or would work best for you? Once you get onto it, you have no idea how interesting it can get. Also, you must make sure to choose a place that is closer to home and easier to reach. This can also effectively contribute in reducing your body exhaustion thus allowing you to maintain peace of mind and body.

2. Budget

This is an important factor to regard while you plan to choose a location. It is useless to choose a location that is expensive when you can enjoy the same facilities in a place that is cheaper, isn’t it? Budget is often a stressful factor to consider, and when you confirm to make use of an affordable means of traveling and therapizing yourself, you can really rid your mind and body of all the stress. So, the next time you are looking for the wellness retreat in India, make sure you opt for it.

3. Personalization

Personalizing your travel can benefit you to a large extent. There might be times when you may not feel at ease while working out, or relishing the therapy properly. For instance: if you are not an expert in Yoga, you might feel more comfortable by taking personal sessions of the same.

Customizing experiences can also be really fun when you choose to try them so make sure that you do so in case you are not sure about doing things in a group or as a team. You can speak to your manager and use some personalized items, and wellness objects that you might have desired to make use of for long. It can help severely and make a difference too.

4. Hidden Costs
At times, you may fail to notice the hidden costs that are swaying and waiting to come to you. It is most annoying to plan a budget thoroughly, work in accordance with it only to find out that there is more money to add on to it. Won’t it really spoil the fun?

If you want to avoid such cases, you can prepare a proper check and have a confirmative conversation with your manager, or the trip organizer, to make certain that there are no extra costs that might be needed on the way or that exceeds your budget leading to pressure. This is another important factor you can consider while looking for the best wellness retreat in India. Extra night cabs, or airport finances, can be avoided in this way.

5. Read reviews to confirm your wellness retreat

With the advancement of technology, you can really keep informed without much hassle of asking people or going through newspapers to know more. You need only type your queries on the internet, to which you get the most refined answers in no time. If you are not sure about your wellness retreat in India or which place can work best for you, you can surf it on the internet, and read blogs, articles that help you with it.

This can work wonders and you can also check reviews of each place you have been planning to visit. If the reviews are good, you know it is safe to visit and spend your money on it but if not, then you might be at risk.

6. Know why you want to go and what you intend to do?

A getaway is not just to enjoy and try out adventurous activities. Moreover, wellness retreats are of different kinds and therefore might seem difficult to choose from a wide list. If you plan on going out, you must know why, and eventually be sure of your intentions.

For instance: If you think you need some time out for Yoga classes or maybe even plenty of sleep, make sure you book your location and everything else in accordance with it. It will be useless to book a location that is noisy enough while you intend to use the location to enjoy some plenty of sleep.

7. Structure your plans in accordance with your preferences

Desiring to go somewhere might not take long, but planning it out accordingly might need plenty of time and investment. If you are planning to go somewhere you must make certain to structure your plan by catering to your goals.

If you want to do Yoga, or plenty of Pilates, structuring the plan according to the location, activity, and more can really help you to cope with the stress of going out and relax your mind and body to an extensive level. Try it, you will find refreshment in it.


These were the few factors that you should definitely keep in mind. While we have already suggested so many ways that contribute to finding the best wellness retreat in India we must mention that Nimba, a wellness center, has a large number of services to offer to you that can prove to be a memorable experience and a magnificent relaxing session.