Naturopathy For Insomnia – Herbal Remedies For Curing Sleeplessness

Herbal Remedies For Curing Sleeplessness

Naturopathy For Insomnia – Herbal Remedies For Curing Sleeplessness

By: Nimba - December 19, 2022

Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common problem affecting the majority of people in India. This problem is tending to be found in older people but it is also affecting younger individuals. There are several traditional allopathic medicines introduced by medical science in the form of sleeping pills but it works on a day-to-day basis only and doesn’t solve the problem from their roots. Naturopathy centers and Ayurveda retreats in India try a completely different approach with natural and home remedies to treat insomnia. Nimba Nature Cure is one of the famous Ayurveda retreats in India that is treating various ailments by detoxifying the body in a natural way to promote health and well-being. Natural sleep remedies involve yoga, meditation, essential oils, and supplements. Nimba nature cure village has everything to offer related to naturopathy and Ayurveda.

Light exposure: Light therapy is a technique that is getting used in sleep treatment plans. This is one of the safest techniques as it doesn’t have any kind of side effects. This exposure therapy helps you understand when to go to sleep and when to wake up. This therapy suggests an outdoor walk in the morning when someone is having trouble falling asleep at night. You can also talk to your doctor or sleep specialist regarding home light therapy as it is also a good device. This therapy suggests that if you fall asleep early in the evening or wake up too early in the morning, then you need more light in the afternoon to balance your sleep cycle.

Meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga: Depression is one of the connected symptoms of the disturbed sleep cycle and this can be treated effectively by following yoga and meditation sessions. There are various Ayurveda and yoga retreats in Ahmedabad that teach meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques. Mediation is beneficial for health as it reduces stress hormone levels and promotes regular sleep and slow breathing. This is the technique that directs your attention to a point of focus and this can be a sound, breathing, or a word. Yoga is a system of relaxation, breathing, exercise, and healing. In addition to that, meditation helps in increasing awareness of your body, calming your mind, and relaxing your body. There are some effective types of meditation such as guided meditation, vipassana meditation, yoga Nidra, and body scan. All those meditation and yoga techniques help in relaxing your body and mind. Nimba offers the best yoga and meditation services with the help of yoga specialists and therapists.


Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state where a person is more focused, relaxed, and open to suggestions. How it works is still unknown but this is a famous technique to read anyone’s mind. This technique brings out some changes in your body such as it decreases heart rate, decreases blood pressure, increases alpha waves, and slower brain waves that help you to relax along with promoting better sleep. This is similar to meditation and any kind of deep relaxation. If you also are facing trouble sleeping, then you must try this technique. Try colon hydrotherapy at Nimba as it helps in maintaining PH balance, reduces fatigue, improves the functioning of the digestive system along with improving the sleeping cycle.


Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a technique where a tiny needle is inserted through your skin at a strategic point on your body. This process helps relieve stress and depression and is commonly used to treat pain. Acupuncture helps with insomnia also and this has been considered one of the safest ways to treat insomnia. The report says that some people feel relaxed while some feel energized after this treatment but not everyone responds to acupuncture. Therefore, ask your doctor or sleep specialist whether going for acupuncture treatment is safe or not. Book your place at Nimba Nature Cure Village to experience the beauty of nature and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body. At Nimba, we have a team of professionals that hold expertise in this traditional method.

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Massage: As per the current study, it has also been identified that massage is one of the best ways to relax your mind and your body. It has proven effective for insomnia as it helps in improving sleep quality. Moreover, massage also helps in reducing feelings of pain, depression, and anxiety. Massage is generally safe but must ask your doctor if you have any specific health concerns. Visit Nimba nature cure today to get the best massage services and detoxification sessions by our experienced therapist and yoga specialist. This is one of the best naturopathy centers in India as they have the best doctors in the field of naturopathy who have carefully developed this therapy program in a way that they could pull out the root cause of your problem.

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Naturopathy For Insomnia – Herbal Remedies For Curing Sleeplessness

Food and diet: food and your regular diet play an essential role in balancing your daily routine as healthier as possible. Therefore, make sure you eat healthy enough so that it doesn’t impact your sleep and enables a healthy life. If you are troubled with insomnia, then limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine as it disrupts your sleeping cycle along with harming your health. Furthermore, Alcohol can also cause night-time wakefulness and hence limit the intake of such unhealthy food habits. More importantly, cut back on sugar as it bursts your energy and even causes uneven blood sugar levels. Eat food that helps you sleep calmly and must eat carbohydrate snacks such as whole-grain crackers before bedtime as it is rich in vitamin B6 and promotes better sleep. Furthermore, eat food that is rich in magnesium such as wheat bran, cashews, whole grains, almonds, legumes, and seeds.

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If you also are looking for the best naturopathy center or yoga retreat in India, then get in touch with us today as we have everything to offer regarding yoga and naturopathy therapies. At Gujarat’s largest Nature Cure center, Nimba Nature Cure Village, our services may involve yoga, meditation, reflexology, sujok, and relaxation therapies to cleanse and energize the system.