Colon Therapy/ Colon Hydrotherapy

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy ?

  • The colon forms an important part of the digestive system, particularly, the large intestine.
  • Found at the lower end of the large intestine, the colon is concerned with the resorption of the fluids from the food and preparing the waste products for its eviction.
  • As soon as one thinks of his colon, the words like “waste”, “leftover”, “dirty”, “poisonous” pops up in his mind. Well Yes, it is quite strange. But we end up calling our own body part unclean and harmful. Now to get rid of this belief, all that one can do is colon detox, colon therapy or colon hydrotherapy.

What is Colon Therapy and why is it needed?

  • An unhealthy colon homes a variety of painful problems ranging from inflammatory bowel diseases to colorectal cancer.
  • Colonics, Colon Therapy or majorly called as Colon hydrotherapy is all about involvement of water to help one get rid of the excess toxins collected because of eating, drinking, and general lifestyle habits. In this process, large amounts of water, sometimes about 60 litres is passed through one’s colon using a tube that is inserted into the rectum.
  • While in some cases, smaller amounts of water are left to sit in the colon for a short time before being removed. In simple words, colon hydrotherapy is the process of increasing the natural curing competencies of one’s digestive system by purifying his body.
  • This therapy is a “one-stop-solution” for a vast number of sicknesses. Doctors even prescribe it as a process of habitual checkup of the body so as to ensure that one’s body is free of all disease causing germs and toxic materials.

Colon Therapy – A Necessity

  • How’s the Josh?! High Sir.
  • But is it actually possible to preserve this level of enthusiasm for a prolonged period of time?
  • Well the answer happens to be a ‘BIG NO.’ This zeal goes absolutely missing if one losses out on his mental peace and satisfaction. And hence it calls for taking some remedial actions so as to ensure justice to these two major requirements, which are very rarely traced in this fast-growing world.
  • Some of these remedies include keeping good company, following energizing diet, and following healthy general habits.
  • But in case these waste food particles take long to be eradicated, it starts acting not only as a fermentation agent but also as a strong fabricator of toxins which finally results in severe diseases.
  • These toxins so produced, are harmful to an extent that with the passage of time, in become even more severe and gets fused into the blood leading to auto-intoxication. Then these intoxications later become the reasons for a variety of health problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and many more. Hence, it was the need of the hour to come up with a reliable process that helps one lead a healthy and clean life.
  • And this is how Colon Detox or colon hydrotherapy came into the picture.

All the benefits you are going to enjoy!

The advantages of colon cleansing are two-fold. It primarily helps in improving the overall health of the body, by taking into consideration the aforementioned activities

  • Betters the well-being of the whole-body.
  • Maintains pH balance in the bloodflow.
  • Increases chances of fertility in women.
  • Initiates weight loss.
  • Improves one’s concentration level.
  • Increases the body’s capability of absorbing vitamins and nutrients.
  • Enhances energy level.
  • Helps in preventing constipation.
  • Makes the digestive system more effective.

Our body is equipped with the resources to help it in detoxifying itself every day. But at times the combination of environmental factors and poor lifestyle habits fail to do the needful and hence our body shows signs of toxic colon overload. And hence, as its secondary function it helps us from falling prey to diseases such as colon cancer, allergies, amebiasis, asthma, arthritis, constipation, diabetes, digestive disorders, gastritis, hyper acidity, gas formation, high blood pressure, menstrual disorders, obesity, skin diseases etc.

You will get all the advantages!

  • We at Nimba Nature Care Village, aspire to be the liberator for each and every one of you, who is suffering from these Colon related diseases. Colon Therapy at Nimba, aims at removing the unwanted poisonous substances, fatty acids and disease causing parasites in your colon with our impressive and efficient Colon HydroTherapy.
  • One thing that differentiates Nimba Nature Care Village with its competitors is that Nimba resorts to the power of Nature and its products for curing these diseases.
  • Also, professional guides at Nimba are known for their ability to juxtapose advanced scientific technologies with old school practices and ancient wisdom. Thus, Colon Detox or Colon Hydrotherapy at Nimba which is also known as Colon cleansing creates a positive impact on the nervous system and boosting mood and reducing fatigue.