Seven Simple Monsoon Health Tips

Seven Simple Monsoon Health Tips

Seven Simple Monsoon Health Tips

By: - July 10, 2020

The monsoon season in India has been around for quite some time now, and many of us have already fallen sick this year, primarily due to COVID-19. This season is perfect for bacteria and other insects to thrive and spread. Therefore, it has become all the more necessary for us to take precautions in rainy season. Let’s have a look at seven simple monsoon health tips that will guide you on how to take care of yourself during this season.

Avoid Ordering Food From Outside

Not having street food is the most important tip. We understand that street food is tempting, but you should also keep in mind the number of bacteria and germs it carries. Since many cities have now become free from lockdown, it is still advisable to still stay indoors and not consume outside food. Nothing is healthier than home-cooked food.

Try the Good Old Remedies

Consuming food that is rich in Vitamin C, gargling with saline water, and drinking kaadha are some of the best precautions in the rainy season to fight against viral infections and to heal faster. For treating skin infections, boil neem leaves in water, mix to make concrete, and combine this with your bathing water.

Switch to Healthier Diet

Sattvik diet helps keep the body healthy. The diet includes seasonal fruits, ripe vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and non-meat-based proteins. This not only helps in improving the immune system but also reduces stressful thoughts.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most common health tips for the rainy season is to stay hydrated. It is essential to keep your body hydrated from the inside. Drink plenty of water to get rid of toxins. Cut down on dehydrating beverages like soda, coke, and coffee, and start having herbal teas like ginger and chamomile to reduce inflammation from the body.

Yoga and Meditation

Doing yoga and meditation during monsoon season is one of the best ways to avoid any allergies and infections to attack your lungs. Kapalbhati Pranayama is a powerful Yoga that brings your entire system into perfect balance. Both these practices will impact your body and mind positively, thereby improving your immunity.

Keep a Safe Distance From Sick People

Coronavirus has already taught us social distancing. You need to continue following it as one of the monsoon health tips as well. Since a lot of people get sick or have a common cold, keeping a distance from such people is one of the smartest precautions in rainy season.

Ayurvedic Therapies and Drinks To Boost Immunity

Going for ayurvedic therapies during the monsoon season in India will help you to eliminate toxins from the body and enhance the power of your five senses. Also, drinking homemade ginger, pepper, and turmeric teas along with honey and cinnamon will reduce your chances of falling sick. These are some of the best precautions in the rainy season that are beneficial.

It is recommended for everyone to follow these monsoon health tips to avoid any sickness or viral infection from entering the body. During these uncertain times, especially with the pandemic going around, the best way for boosting immunity and protecting yourself is by visiting a Naturopathy and wellness center. Nimba is considered to be one of the best Naturopathy and wellness centers in India that focuses on strengthening immunity with the use of organic nutrition to enable the body to heal itself.

Monsoon Care For Diabetics!

natural therapy for diabetes

Monsoon Care For Diabetics!

By: - July 12, 2019

Monsoon brings relief from the sweltering heat and sunny summers. It puts a speed bump in fitness goals and increases the chances of falling ill too. This season is a tough time for people with diabetes, as they have to find alternate ways to exercise and stay safe from infections. There are natural ways to control diabetes in monsoons, like through naturopathy treatments for diabetes.

Naturopathy Treatments For Diabetes

This treatment is proven and prescribed by the experience and qualified naturopathy healers at Nimba. It includes naturopathy diet for the patient, which is well prepared by the healers at the centre. The team at Nimba will make sure that the patient has followed the prescribed diet chart and treatment on time.
Naturopathy treatments for diabetes also include regular exercises and meditation. Our lifestyle and sugar in the food can be the reasons for diabetes. This changes can be corrected very well through naturopathy treatment for diabetes at Nimba as it serves best of naturopathy treatment under professional guidance. Few patients, who went through the naturopathy treatment at Nimba have experienced a change in their body, as the body has started producing insulin naturally and they stopped taking the insulin injections after naturopathy treatment for diabetes at Nimba.

Diabetes Prevention

There is no cure, prevention and control for diabetes. But there is a wise route to adopt for diabetes prevention, which is eating a balanced diet with low fat and high on fire and carbohydrates. Eating three main meals and two or three smaller ones help the body’s metabolism. Along with this don’t forget to exercise.

Natural Ways To Control Diabetes

One of the natural ways to control diabetes is eating right, like consuming more fluids such as vegetable juice, coconut water, ginger tea, etc. The patients with diabetes are at a high risk of developing eye diseases in this season because it increases blood sugar which can lead to diabetic retinopathy. So avoid bathing in the rain and wear sunglasses when you go out. Dry your clothes in the sun to make sure your clothes no longer contain any bacteria that might affect you. Apart from these natural ways to control diabetes, a diabetes patient should always eat on time to keep the insulin levels in control, especially during this uncertain weather like a monsoon.

Monsoons can be fun for diabetes patients, but only if they take extra care and eat and exercise at the right time. We at Nimba are always there to help you and guide you. For information contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91 81550 12274.