Is Colon Therapy Safe?


Is Colon Therapy Safe?

By: Nimba - September 24, 2021

Colon cleanse is an act to flush out waste from the large intestine. The process of natural cleansing, also known as colon irrigation, dates back to ancient Greece. One of the main theories behind colon therapy is an ancient belief in autointoxication. It is believed that undigested meat and other foods can cause mucus build-up in the colon, which if entered into blood circulation can cause poisoning.

Recently, colon therapy has become more popular. It is capable of making the digestive system more effective.

Colon therapy mainly differs from two types of cleansing methods. 

Colon cleansing with powdered or liquid supplements, ingested through the mouth. The list of supplements may include enzymes, enemas, herbs, magnesium, and laxatives. Either way, these supplements can be taken through rectum as well. The supplement helps our internal systems to expel contents out of the body. 

Colon cleansing with colon irrigation is the one with modern machines invented 100 years ago. This method of colon therapy involves more fluid injection.  While lying on a table, therapist inserts a tube into the rectum. Several gallons of water is pushed through the tube to flush the colon. Once the water is inside the colon, the therapist may massage around the abdomen. This helps the water to expel like bowel movement, which in result also expels out waste. If required the process goes on repeat. Practitioners may use a variety of water pressure and temperature including enzymes, herbs, coffee, or probiotics containing beneficial bacteria. 

If not performed under expert supervision, it may impose side effects such as dehydration, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, mineral imbalance or in some cases bacterial imbalance. Not every single person gets affected yet it’s always good to present doubts and talk it out with your therapist. It’s advisable to choose a treatment center that is certified by the government and also holds experience for the particular therapy. It’s really effective and safe if practiced under expertise. Experience the detoxification with utmost care and abundant knowledge at Nimba Nature Cure. 

The colon therapy at Nimba addresses the issues with the body and approaches you with a holistic cleaning experience. Along with cleansing the digestive system, it shall boost up your pH balance as well as help in reducing fatigue. It helps in improving the immune system, mental outlook as well as reduces the rates of colon cancer. As a system cleanser, it is also beneficial for weight loss. The process of detoxification is capable of boosting metabolism and making you feel light. 

There’s no medicine as strong as the healing properties of nature. Experience naturopathy that makes wonders at Nimba Nature Cure.

The Ultimate Guide For Winter Wellness With Ayurveda


The Ultimate Guide For Winter Wellness With Ayurveda

By: - November 15, 2019

The lethargic season is here! With the winter season near, pull up your socks and get ready to protect and heal your body. This year help yourself with ayurvedic therapies, and make peace with wintertime. It is important to live in harmony with these natural cycles and adjust with the changing environments. Like any other season, the winter season too demands a certain diet, self-care practices and some exercises. This is a good time to visit a naturopathy centre to heal and pamper your body and soul. Let us now look at some winter wellness techniques and talk about Colon therapy and Panchakarma treatment.

Winter wellness calls for a winter diet:

During the winter season our body requires more well cooked food and slightly oily and spiced up food to stay warm and healthy.  A nutritive diet filled with root vegetables like spinach, carrots, onions, are generally preferred, along with hot spices such as black pepper, garlic, ginger and others. It is the best time to involve yourself in ayurvedic treatments, as they have a heavy focus on a healthy diet.

Massage your body

Ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic therapies involve the usage of ayurvedic oils on a daily basis to heal the system. Ayurvedic oil massage nourishes the body, relieves fatigue, helps in getting a peaceful sleep, provides stamina to the body, promotes longevity and helps in the overall well-being of a person.

Holistic beauty 

An itchy, irritated and red skin is common in the winter season and hence it is important to retain your skin’s natural moisture. Ayurvedic therapies are no less than a treasure to provide your skin with the nutrition it requires. Being a part of winter wellness, ayurvedic beauty packs for your skin, hair and lips are produced by combining different herbs. These herbs help replenish your skin and bring back the lost moisture.

What is Panchakarma?

Discover and awaken your healing energies and senses with Ayurveda Panchakarma. This is a 5 step procedure for a body-mind rejuvenation experience. Panchakarma compromises of herbal oil massages, steam baths, cleansing enemas, healing diets, and other similar practices.

What is Colon therapy?

Colon therapy is a procedure which uses enema with either oil or herbal decoction to expel the waste material from the large intestine. This is an ayurvedic treatment which lubricates and nourishes the large intestine and cleans the colon and helps in reviving its functioning. 

Nimba Nature Cure is a Naturopathy centre situated in the outskirts of Ahmedabad and caters to the physical, psychological and spiritual health of a person. Hurry and grab your winter wellness bundle and benefit from the mesmerizing healing power of nature.