Raga Therapy: The Healing Power Of Music

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Raga Therapy: The Healing Power Of Music

By: - April 14, 2020

Music. The word gives us some feelings; sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy, sometimes peaceful, sometimes just a feeling, indescribable. Well, that’s not all that music does, it heals. Raga therapy, a practice that follows a series of selected notes, known as Ragas, which evoke the emotions required to heal and calm the body and mind. 

This therapy heavily contributes to the psychological, sociological and academic improvement. It is capable of healing health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and other lifestyle disorders. Raga therapy is a safe alternative for medical interventions. It leads to relaxation and calms the mind from any disturbing thoughts.

Raga therapy consists of a whole range of emotions that can be captured and communicated via melodies and certain rhythms. Not only the person taking Raga Therapy is benefitted, but also the person providing it. It gives a soothing effect to the giver and the receiver. 

Raga therapy is a customized therapy that varies from person to person, according to their needs and requirements, however, there are some common benefits of the therapy.


  1. A support system: People who are grieving are mostly anxious and stressed, and hence are unable to keep themselves calm. Raga Therapy is a rescue option for them to divert their thoughts towards positivity with the help of the calmness of Ragas. 
  2. Reduces stress and tension: Known for being a borrower of sounds from nature, Raga therapy includes the melodies of nature such as the humming of birds, the sound of wind, or the sound of water droplets. These sounds do an amazing job of relaxing the mind and taking the person away from stress or anxiety. 
  3. Assists memory and imagination: When toxicity and negativity are removed from the mind, one gets an open space to think, imagine and retain the positive thoughts. Hence, it also helps improve the memory. 


Well known for its Raga therapy, Nimba has been helping people heal people with the melodies of Raga. With a wide range of themes, Nimba offers specific music for common problems such as hypertension, anger, stomach disorders, and more. Because these problems are common, the gravity of these problems are often ignored, and one fails to understand the degree to which they affect them.

However, apart from Raga therapy, Nimba offers naturopathic treatments for different kinds of ailments, be it respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculo skeleton or endocrine problems. Nimba Nature Cure is one of the largest wellness and naturopathy centres in India which can benefit you from distinctive synergisms between modern science, traditional practices and ancient wisdom. 

With the help of ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga & meditation, physiotherapy , and special therapies , Nimba restores the optimum health of the body.