[Clinical Case Study V] Treatment of Obesity with Naturopathy at Nimba Nature Cure

The Naturopathic approach to Obesity treatment:

[Clinical Case Study V] Treatment of Obesity with Naturopathy at Nimba Nature Cure

By: - April 8, 2018

What is Obesity?

When excessive body fat keeps on accumulating in the body, and to the level that it creates a negative impact on the body, the condition is called Obesity. Technically, Obesity is the state of having body weight 20% more than the ideal limits as outlined in the BMI [Body Mass Index].

If a person’s BMI is between 25 to 29.9, the person is considered overweight, and if a person’s BMI is above 30, the person can be considered obese.

Calculate your BMI here and comeback here.

Common causes of Obesity:

Obesity is actually a symptom which can occur due to a number of underlying causes. And it is necessary to provide treatment for the root cause otherwise the condition might resurface or worst, turn into something more serious.

There are a number of factors which may lead to unusual weight gain and fat accumulation in the body, such as environmental conditions, lifestyle, and genetic composition of a person.

  • Hereditary/ Ethnicity/ Genetic Conditions
  • Processed and Junk Food Consumption
  • Insulin Therapy in Diabetic Patients
  • Ongoing/ Past Surgeries and Treatments
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Growing up years and Childhood Habits

These are the most common reasons leading to Obesity. And regardless the reason behind it, more than 600 million adults and 100 million children are suffering from Obesity throughout the world.

Naturopathy treatment for Obesity at Nimba

Case Report:

A 52 years old engineer from London recently approached Nimba Nature Cure for holistic treatment of Obesity. The guest complained of constantly increasing weight since past 5 years. He had been experiencing Obesity related health problems such as bloating and occasional sluggish bowel movement. The guest was not suffering from other common ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Hyperthyroidism.

The guest had the BMI of 33.8 which classifies him as Class I Obese and his weight was 104.6 kg when he checked in Nimba Nature Cure, wondering how to lose weight naturally.

He was looking for natural cure for Obesity!

Our experts measured his anthropometry for further evaluation and comparison, which is noted hereunder.

  • Chest: 45.5 In
  • Abdomen: 45.6 In
  • Waist: 45.0 In
  • Mid-thigh: 23 In
  • Mid-upper arm: 14 In


Obesity occurs as the fat gets slowly stored in the body for days. So, it is not so easy to remove them faster except for surgical procedure. And even after the surgical procedure, there are significant risks of other health problems. At Nimba Nature Cure, the experts scrutinized his health profile and created a treatment plan comprising of the combination of Naturopathy treatment for Obesity.

Naturopathy treatment for Obesity not only focuses on reducing weight, it also takes in to account a long-term changes in lifestyle and diet habits to maintain the healthiest possible state.

The Naturopathic approach to Obesity treatment:

The guest was advised to undergo Naturopathy treatment for Obesity which included many different therapies. The guest experienced Panchakarma therapies like Shirodhara, Sarvanga Lepam, Udhvarthanam, Deep Tissue Massage, Cellulite Reduction Massage, and Reflexology, for providing skin, muscles, and tissues with the best exercise to lose weight.

The guest was also advised to undergo special detoxification therapies such as Mud Therapy & Sunbath, Herbal- Hydrotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Herbal Wrap to remove toxins from the body and help further in the weight loss process.

Special Hydro Therapies including Under Water Massage, Circular Jet Bath, Far infrared Detox Sauna, and Ozone Therapy were also given to the guest for burning off excess fat in the body.

Most importantly, the guest was guided through a proper diet and herbal remedies for effective weight loss. The treatments included Ayurvedic remedies, Nutrition & Diet therapies like Ketogenic Diet, Infused Detox Drink, and Herbal Nutritional Juice Therapy.

Creating a healthy diet plan is essential in every weight loss program, and by learning the ideal diet habits, the person can maintain the weight very easily.


Treating the entire body as a whole is the main principle of Naturopathy for Obesity. With a comprehensive plan for weight loss using Naturopathy for Obesity, the guest was able to shed 8.5 kg weight within 10 days. Stored fat in subcutaneous adipose tissues and visceral adipose tissues were reduced significantly because of the treatments.

After the full treatment of 19 days, the guest had lost 13.2 kg weight and observed significant changes in the anthropometry.

  • Chest: 41.3 In [Reduction of 4.2 In]
  • Abdomen: 41.0 In [Reduction of 5.6 In]
  • Waist: 40.0 In [Reduction of 5 In]
  • Mid-thigh: 22 In [Reduction of 1 In]
  • Mid-upperarm: 12 In [Reduction of 2 In]

Why Nimba Nature Cure for alternative treatment of Obesity?

There are other scary and painful ways to weight loss available in the world. But opting for Naturopathy for Obesity is an easy and long term solution. Nimba Nature Cure offers a huge range of alternative therapies given under the guidance of experts. Also, Nimba offers a comfortable accommodation, great amenities, and a beautiful healing experience.


The unhealthy behavior is usually the root cause of Obesity and Naturopathy treatment for Obesity helps in correcting such patterns. By incorporating the following changes, the guest could successfully lose more than 13 kg weight within 19 days at Nimba Nature Cure.

  • Changing diet habits
  • Increasing physical activity through exercise and yoga
  • Becoming educated about the body and how to nourish it appropriately
  • Setting realistic weight management goals
  • Undergoing Alternative Therapies to increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which accelerates fat metabolism

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