Manage the heat, inside and outside your body

Heat is not bad, excessive heat is bad!

Just like the nature, our body is also made up of the five basic elements known as the ‘Panch Mahabhoota’ viz. Earth, Water, Air, Ether, and Fire. We are made of fire and it is necessary for sustaining the life itself. The best thing you can do is creating a favourable environment within the body and allowing the body to heal the imbalance amongst the systems.

Well, we can not change the weather of the world!

Climate conditions and weather are above the control of human being. Whether it is scorching sun spewing heatwaves in summer or coastal humid weather all year round, the best we can do is to stay protected and empower the body to deal with such exterior conditions.

Naturopathy gives you a chance to control the heat within your body!

With naturopathy and other alternative medicines allow you to manage the ideal balance of all the systems. Excessive heat may result in loss of hair, pimples, skin pigmentation, fatigue, body odour, and so many other health problems. And as naturopathy believes in treating the person as a whole, it helps you to maintain the healthy levels of energy metabolism.

So, this summer, don’t worry about the heat. Come to Nimba!

Nimba Naturecure offers a huge range of remedial and preventive therapies. Our team of experts scrutinize your body type and suggests the best way forward for you. And amid the serene organic farms and pure air, you will surely start enjoying the heat.

Because heat is natural, just like you!

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