Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part IV

Journey of Wellness Bloggers-Part IV

Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part IV

By: - March 14, 2017

Raaga Therapy, hot Stone Massage, Ozone Therapy, Hydro Therapy, these words sound so much complicated and interesting that you might want to try them out at least once. This seems true looking at the rush of people, especially the youth, believing in alternative medicine. People realize now that apart from the regular stress of the week-days, the relaxation we do on the weekend too puts additional stress on the body. The party, junk food and adventure only add to the chaos in the body’s system. The true relaxation of the body is to let the nature bring back the freshness on its own. Only we need to spend some quality time with the Nature. Organized by Ayurveda Sutra, the Wellness Bloggers Meet at Nimba Nature Cure Village is a novel approach to let the world know about the actual experience of Naturopathy and its benefits. Leading Bloggers experienced the magic of Naturopathy at One of the premier Naturopathy Centers of India – Nimba Nature Cure Village.

Famous Blogger and Vlogger Judy Morris.

Judy Morris writes about Ambiance & Accommodation, Food, Activities and Therapies at Nimba in her latest blog on her page

Judy simplifies the idea of Naturopathy as ‘living a nature-friendly lifestyle’. She says “Naturopathy isn’t a rocket science but simply a form of an alternative medicine which can be incorporated very simply in our daily lives for a healthy body, mind & soul.” She explained vast green surroundings, fully residential holistic wellness plans and comfortable accommodation at Nimba, as the international standard facilities. Apart from the amenities and therapies, Judy described the food intake and composition of food as per the individual body and health at Nimba. She also denotes the daily activities and timeline that is followed at Nimba. Judy promotes the detox therapies saying “For detox too, NIMBA is a great place cause in daily life we do not realize our dependency on unhealthy eating & drinking habits.”

Well-known Blogger and Adventurer Harsh Vardhan.

Harsh Vardhan stresses upon detoxing of the body and also thinking patterns for a better self, in his blog post on

Harsh Vardhan puts Naturopathy as the science of developing life skills and healthy habits, rather than just therapies. He summarizes the benefits of Naturopathy saying “You’ll enjoy a nurturing cycle of success in dealing with life; a resulting increase in your confidence and self-esteem; further success in sober living; even greater self-esteem; and so on.” Harsh Vardhan explains various therapies like Massage Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Raaga Therapy, Hot Stone Massage and Ozone Therapy with details of its utility in cure for various ailments. Explaining the need for the therapy he says “The purpose of therapy is to help you rediscover your better self, to build a stronger you.” Identifying Nimba as the best naturopathy Therapy Center, he adds that Naturopathy therapies help people to cope with life in effective, positive ways.

Ardent Traveller and Vlogger Stuti Shrimali.

Stuti shares her experience and some of the visuals from Nimba Nature Cure Village through a video, watch the video here…

Stuti Shrimali dubs her experience at Nimba as Beautiful. About the environment at Nimba she says “I totally loved living and experiencing the flora and fauna of the place.” In the video titled ‘Up & Close with Nature at NIMBA NATURE CURE’ Stuti shows the lush greenery at the Naturopathy Center along with the variety of life there. Like the cute calf, a snail moving on the pavement, birds chirping in the organic farm and the beautiful fountain at Nimba. “NIMBA is not just limited to yoga and therapies but the campus is a beautiful experience itself.” She says about the ideology of Nimba.

Travel & Lifestyle enthusiast and Blogger Nidhi Joshi.

Nidhi Joshi considers Nimba as the one redefining the face of wellness tourism in India, in her latest video. Watch the video here…

Nidhi establishes Nimba Nature Cure village as the heaven saying “Located on the outskirts of the city, NIMBA is a haven for those seeking happiness and calm in the lap of Nature with trained therapists and qualified doctors.” In the video she shows the visuals of majestic entry gate, the Buddha statue, serene landscapes, flowers on the walkways and the interior of Raga Therapy Room. For the Buddha statue she says “Buddha guides you to peace and serenity.” And for the unique raga therapy she says “Raga Therapy – Feel the magic of music.” Nidhi advocates the need to enjoy the beauty of the nature and live relaxed like a child, to de-stress the life.