Journey of Wellness Bloggers at Nimba – Part V

What is the importance of a wellness vacation? Just as our body needs a sound sleep to get refreshed after a hectic, stressful day, we need some time out to cleanse the body’s systems and rejuvenate ourselves. This is why Wellness retreats in India and abroad have become a source of relief for many people. At Nimba Nature Cure Village, the treatments are administered considering their psycho-somatic nature. These drugless therapies are capable of restoring the equilibrium in the body. Ayurveda Sutra is a magazine which publishes clinical research, academic documentation and practical knowledge about Naturopathy and Ayurveda, supported and supervised by a deep spiritual understanding of nature. Ayurveda Sutra organized a series of Wellness Bloggers Meet at Nimba so that the people can get awareness about the great healing powers of Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Eminent Lifestyle Blogger Rosme Chaube

Ms. Rosme Chaube outlines the most important aspects of Wellness Retreats and their importance, in her blog on www.rosmeinwonderland.com

Rosme explains the psycho-somatic nature of the illness and the need to address its psychological causes rather than just treating somatic symptoms. Rosme says “To ensure complete and deep healing of the body and mind, an easy way is to visit a wellness center or retreat.” Explaining various factors which are to be considered while choosing a wellness retreat, she outlines Abundant Greenery & Serene Surroundings, Good Diet, Therapy, and Meditation. She notes that good ambience decreases irritability, distraction and helps one focus better. She also explains the importance of diet saying “Diet impacts our thinking and physiological functions.” The non-invasive therapies and healing through meditation, as Rosme describes, are the one of the best but unfortunately the least used healing techniques. About Nimba, Rosme says “With well-trained therapists, convivial atmosphere, bringing the modern and the ancient in one package – Nimba checks all boxes for a wellness center.”

Famous Blogger and Vlogger Ruchika Batra

Ruchika Batra, in her latest video, describes her experience of different therapies and the infrastructure at Nimba Nature Cure Village. Watch the video here…

Ruchika labels her visit to Nimba as ‘Wellness Day Out.’ Ruchika takes us on the tour of the natural and sophisticated infrastructure at Nimba – the largest naturopathy center of Gujarat. About Nimba, Ruchika says “It is looking so promising, so beautiful, so healing.” Ruchika explains the daily routine at Nimba which starts from early morning and proceeds further to a yoga session, reflexology session, satkriya and other therapies as prescribed by the Doctor. Ruchika shares her observations on the Hydro-reflexology, which requires walking on stones immersed in hot and cold water alternately. Ruchika also explains Raaga Therapy and the effectiveness of Shirodhara in soothing the nervous system and treating insomnia. She puts the Aquatic Yoga as her Most favorite part at Nimba; she says ‘it was super fun, super exciting, very experimental and interactive, totally loved it.” About Nimba, Ruchika believes that after their visit, people would surely take back home some habits for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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