Relax And Treat Yourself With The Best

By NimbaExperts // 13 May, 2020 //
Nimba- A select retreat and finest wellness centre We believe your health is a priority and so we focus on serving you the best. To ensure your wellbeing, we at Nimba follow major steps. Meditation, Medicinal therapies, Yoga are some of them. We ensure your physical, spiritual and psychological well being.   Yoga- A gift […]

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Quick Tips To Stay Fresh And Cool This Summer

By NimbaExperts // 09 May, 2020 //
Ayurveda is not a complex science. In Ayurveda simple measures can lead to an easier and healthier life. With today’s eating habits and lifestyle, we often end up causing an imbalance in body temperature. This may lead to many unwanted health issues. Here are 10 ways in which we can balance out our body heat […]

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10 Reasons Why Detox Is Important

By NimbaExperts // 09 May, 2020 //
We hear a lot about detoxification these days. But did you know it was a therapy developed in the early 1920s! Detox therapy naturally removes body toxins. So, why do we need a Detox? Our busy lifestyle pattern leads us to poor food choices. We also end up taking a lot of stress. Also, We […]

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Arthritis Pain

9 Simple Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain

By NimbaExperts // 07 May, 2020 //
Let’s start by understanding what Arthritis is. Arthritis is inflammation in the joints. This results in pain and stiffness in joints. It also decreases joint movement because of pain and stiffness. Mostly, Arthritis pain comes along with age and causes wear and tear in the joint’s bones. There are over 100 types of arthritis that […]

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music therapy india

Raga Therapy: The Healing Power Of Music

By NimbaExperts // 14 April, 2020 //
Music. The word gives us some feelings; sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy, sometimes peaceful, sometimes just a feeling, indescribable. Well, that’s not all that music does, it heals. Raga therapy, a practice that follows a series of selected notes, known as Ragas, which evoke the emotions required to heal and calm the body and […]

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post lockdown plan

Reschedule Your Post Lockdown Plans

By NimbaExperts // 10 April, 2020 //
How many of you already made your post lockdown plan? We all are super excited to hit the streets once the lockdown is over. Probably we are making plans to roam the entire city and hog on all the junk we missed while we were quarantined. Well, it’s fair only as we are super exhausted […]

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Natural ways to boost your immunity and to fight coronavirus

By NimbaExperts // 07 April, 2020 //
To break the chain of the pandemic novel coronavirus, you are supposed to stay at home and take precautions. Staying at home means that you will be having plenty of time to implement new habits in your lifestyle to contribute towards your wellness. The time span of 21 days can be considered ideal to make […]

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Lock in Your Good Health and Wellness During These Days of Lockdown.

By NimbaExperts // 02 April, 2020 //
The novel coronavirus is spreading across the world and the best you can do is to stay at home and take preventive measures. However, the idea of staying at home can be a good turnover in your healthcare routine. You will be having a lot of time in your hand to look after your well-being. […]

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Attain A Healthier Lifestyle At A Wellness Retreat

By NimbaExperts // 23 March, 2020 //
The atmosphere is filled with impurities that affect the food you eat and the air you breathe. Your

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Emotional Detoxification

Emotional Detoxification Can Help You Ease Off The Mental Tension!

By NimbaExperts // 13 March, 2020 //
We try to manage a lot of things all at once. Multi-tasking is not a skill anymore, it has become a necessity in our busy lives. But often we are not able to handle so many things. That is what fills us with negativity and hopelessness. The negativity inside us reflects the emotional baggage that […]

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