5 Amazing Benefits of Mud Therapy (You Must Know)

Benefits Mud Therapy- Nimba Naturopathy

5 Amazing Benefits of Mud Therapy (You Must Know)

By: - August 20, 2018

Mud therapy Our earth is made of so many minerals and compounds that are truly beneficial to our health. And it is not a recent discovery! All the cultures have their traditional and religious beliefs built around the application of clay from a certain region and hot water springs. Because they are rich in minerals!

Starting from the famous mud festivals of Korea to the mud bath in the Dead Sea, from Balneo Therapy to mud therapy treatment at a wellness retreat in India, the mud therapy benefits are now pretty well-known throughout the world. If you wish to experience the truly amazing healing power of therapy, you can visit Nimba Nature cure – one of the best Naturopathy centers in India.

As per the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, our body is made of 5 basic elements of the Panch Mahabhoota namely, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. So, Earth or the clay holds that power to get inside the system and correct all the imbalances. In other words, therapy treatment at the best Naturopathy centre in India is your best chance to heal through the power of nature.

Mud Therapy Benefits:


Mud therapy treatment exerts so many good effects on different organs and body parts. It helps in treating chronic pain, constipation, inflammation, headaches, stress, and skin diseases, and it also helps a lot as detoxification therapy.

1. Skin Problems

Obviously, the biggest benefit mud therapy treatment exerts is on the skin. It creates a cooling effect on the skin and the blood and thereby helps in controlling the effects of Pitta. It removes the dead skin cells and makes the skin softer. Also, mud therapy is one of the best ways of detoxification because mud extracts out the harmful toxins stored up in the skin, through its pores.

2. Eye Problems

Mud therapy enhances the vision and makes the eye stress-free. Also, the application of mud on the eyes helps in countering so many eye problems such as eye infection, conjunctivitis, hemorrhage, glucoma, allergic reactions, and stye. Especially for the new generation which spends a lot of time in front of the screens, regular mud therapy can help in maintaining good health for eye.

3. Digestion Problems

Mud therapy helps in relaxing the digestive system and strengthening all the associated organs. Applying mud packs on the abdomen helps in so many digestion problems such as gas, acidity, constipation, and stomach ache. Also, the therapy helps in absorbing the intestinal heat boosting metabolism.

4. Stress and Headache

Applying mud therapy on the head is a really relaxing experience. It reduces stress, depression, anxiety and helps in getting a good night sleep. It is also sometimes prescribed by Naturopathy experts to deal with disorders of the nervous system such as Neuralgia, Sciatica, Epilepsy, Post-traumatic Paralysis, etc.

5. Joint and Muscle Problems

In conditions such as Arthritis, the intense pain and swelling around the affected area can be easily countered by therapy. Naturopathy experts also prescribe therapy for problems like Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Periarthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, etc. It helps a lot in getting relief from stiffness of the joints and restricted movements.


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The soil beneath our feet is so much powerful that it can heal some of the most irritating health problems. At Nimba Nature Cure, the winner of Today’s Traveller Award 2018 for the best Naturopathy center in India, you can experience the goodness of therapy. Come to Nimba, the only wellness retreat in India offering holistic healing amid the serenity of nature, lush green organic farms, and peace of mind.