7 Tips to Lose Weight for summer


7 Tips to Lose Weight for summer

By: - April 19, 2019

Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind. Change your weight. It is ironical, that in the 21st century, half the country is struggling to lose weight and the other half is starving. If you are reading this, you probably belong to the first half. You might have clicked over this article thinking how to lose weight this summer?

When you step onto the scale, everything counts. With everything, I mean is, the slice of cake you couldn’t resist (I don’t only mean cakes, but all the desserts. It’s a metaphor guy). It also counts all the hibernation you did during the winter season (Again a metaphor guys).

But now since its summer, it’s high time to get yourself off the couch and start working out. Remember, setting goals is not enough. Goals don’t work until you do. While setting goals, remember not to set the bar too high or too low, it should be relevant, achievable, and actionable.

Summers and losing weight go hand in hand. Let us now discuss in brief what summer weight loss is?

Summer Weight Loss

In summers, Because of the hot and humid weather conditions, one feels like drinking lots and lots of water, this tendency helps you to lose weight. Additionally, cravings for oily and greasy food are less as compared to winter because the human body craves for cold food and beverages. This makes this season a boon for all the people wanting to get into those pants and have a swimsuit physique. If you want a quick result, Nimba one of the largest naturopathy centres in Ahmedabad offers a great range of Packages that will retain your health alongside reducing your weight.

After knowing what is summer weight loss and why is it relatively easier to lose weight in summer, you all must be in a dilemma about how to lose weight and how your summer weight loss plan will look.

Summer Weight Loss Plan

Diet plans and meals are very relative in nature. At the same time, they are very subjective to your body type too. There is no fixed diet plan which can be implemented to each one’s body type. You might be ectomorphic, endomorphic, or mesomorphic. That all counts. At the same time, your diet, that is whether you are a vegetarian, or a non-vegetarian also matters for the fact. But everyone should know some facts. These facts given as tips will slowly but surely help you with losing those extra pounds you’ve added.

7 Tips to lose weight this summer

Here is a set of home care tops from an expert at Nimba. You will surely benefit from them.

1. Keep Calm and Drink Lots of water

This is the most basic thing you can change about yourself and in your summer weight loss regime. Being not only extremely important, this is a very easy measure. Drinking lots of water not only keeps you hydrated and also energized. Waking up to 500ml of water helps you get your day started with your foot forward. Keeping yourself hydrated all the times means regularly flushing out toxins and burning fat even while you are sleeping. This is a must.

2. Say No to Sweetened Drinks

During summer, you feel like having a craving for sweet and cold drinks. Unfortunately, you will have to ditch them this summer. To achieve something, you most compromise on a few things. This is one of them. Drinking them will only add to those extra calories difficult to shed out of your body. Better to stay away from them and cut them out of your summer weight loss plan.

3. Get Moving

Keeping yourself physically active is very important. They will help you burn those calories. Learn new moves every week. By new moves I mean, something like skipping, or swimming, or a sport. Join a gymnasium. Start going for walks. Start going to marathons. The list is endless. You need to figure out you cup of tea.

4. Fuel your body

If your body is the engine, then, food is your fuel. Let me put it more correctly. Healthy protein rich food is your fuel. Have a diet which is rich in proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. Take time and prepare your meals and remember to have 8 of such meals instead of 3. This means eating 2 to 3 hours of your waking up. This increases metabolisms. At the same time, protein-rich food takes time to digest and so you don’t feel hungry so often. This is a very important measure.

5. The Power Of PROTEIN

We all know how important protein is for your diet. As discussed above it keeps you filled up. Try and include a rich source of protein in each meal of yours. This will keep you filled up all the time.

6. Veggie Power

Eating a lot of vegetables will not only help you lose weight but also keep you away from chronic diseases. Vegetables are a good source of potassium, fibre, and folate. Eating vegetables will help you lower your cholesterol and the hardening of arteries. Not only this, it also has a lot of other advantages. Hence, eating lots of vegetables will help you lose weight.

7. Natural Sugar for Sweet Cravings

Don’t some of us have a sweet tooth? Is there we can do about it while losing weight? Yes. You can. Switch over to natural sugar. By natural sugar, one means to add on to the consumption of fresh fruits.  They will not add on to those extra calories but at the same time give you a boost of vitamins and nutrients.


Remember, the only way you see results is if you stay consistent. Be patient and at the same time keep working on yourself. Only you can change your life and no one else. All the best with your summer weight loss plan.