Coping With The Transition From Work From Home To Work From Office


Coping With The Transition From Work From Home To Work From Office

By: - July 16, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 forced us to rethink the way we work. Work from home had brought many changes in our lives: change in the environment, daily routines, deadlines, stress levels, and all this boils down to our overall change in lifestyle. Initially, people were a little hesitant about the move, but with time they became very comfortable with it. Infact, working from home helped people in a lot of ways.

Focus on good health

Due to the lockdown and their strict norms, people were bound to stay indoors. Therefore, they started utilizing their free time by practicing yoga and meditation, eating healthy food, playing with their children, reading books, cooking new dishes, and many other activities. All this helped them to stay healthy and fit. They were able to give time to their growth and fitness and focus on wholesome wellness.

Spend time with families

People who used to stay alone in other cities or countries got the opportunity to come back home.  It also opened doors for people who went through depression and hard times in their work and personal lives. They were happy to be back since they could spend some quality time with their loved ones. Uniting again with family and other significant people that matter in our lives makes people feel happy. We could openly share and discuss all our problems, emotions, difficulties with them, and become stress-free.

Try home remedies

Coronavirus made us realize what it means to have a strong immune system. The fear of getting infected with the virus forced us to try and consume home remedies that strengthen our immunity. People started gargling with saline water, drinking kaadha, consuming food rich in Vitamin C, following sattvik diet to stay healthy and protected.

Now that we are back to our offices for work, we should not forget the good habits inherited during the lockdown. The virus has not yet disappeared entirely, but it is all the more increasing day by day. It will be beneficial if we continue taking daily precautions to ensure wholesome wellness, like doing regular yoga and meditation, consuming healthy food, trying home remedies, and improving our mental health.

We need to realize the seriousness of this pandemic and prepare ourselves to fight against it. For that, accepting the new normal along with taking utmost care of ourselves whenever we step outside our homes is now going to be the way of living. The new transition journey has taught us the importance of self-care, physically as well as mentally. We are now aware of specific physical health tips, but an ideal solution for improving mental health is through visiting a Naturopathy and wellness resort.

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10 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While You Get Back To Work

Nimba nature care

10 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While You Get Back To Work

By: - June 5, 2020

It’s been over 3 months since the virus infiltrated our country and nothing has been the same ever since. The virus changed the whole country upside down. From work from home to cooking and trying different dishes, a lot of things have changed. But as we are moving out of this lockdown there are a few things that we need to consider while going back to work by breaking your work-from-home routine.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While You Get Back To Work

1. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly:

When reaching the workplace, the first thing to be done is to wash your hands with a disinfecting soap/ hand wash for at least 20 seconds, or a sanitizer when water is not readily available.

2. Clean your surface with a disinfectant regularly:

We must clean our office surfaces like table, chair, and desks objects like telephone, pen stand etc. regularly as contamination on the surface touched by employees and customers is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads.

3. Maintain at least 2 meters of distance with your colleagues and employees:

As this virus spreads from person to person it becomes extremely important to maintain physical distance at your workplace while going back to work which would curb the spread of this disease.

4. Have better respiratory hygiene at the workplace:

Ensure that everyone in the workplace wears a mask while communicating with other colleagues. Apart from that, also ensure that the workplace has a good ventilation system so you do not feel suffocated. Sunlight and fresh air will help in boosting our immunity system.

5. Try natural remedies to boost your immune system:

Turmeric (Haldi), Basil (Tulsi), and Mint (Pudina) topped with some lemon juice can be an excellent immunity booster as they help fight this virus. Increasing the intake of vitamin C in your diet also helps in boosting your immunity.

6. Opt for a shift system to avoid mass gathering:

Unless it is absolutely necessary, divide your employees into shifts so that we can avoid gathering, which will decrease the chances of contamination of the virus.

7. Advise your employee to take leave in case of any illness:

If your employee is not feeling well, ask him/her to take rest and work from home, as there might be a risk of contamination for other employees in the workplace. Show empathy towards them as we are fighting the virus and not the victim of the virus. (as we are fighting infection and not the infectious).

8. Upgrade your First Aid Kit:

A pack of disposable masks and a bottle of sanitizer should be included in your regular first aid kit as this might be essential for evading the virus.

9. Daily Meditation and Yoga:

Studies have shown that the people who do yoga and meditation regularly have seen some miraculous changes in their bodies, it not only boosts your immunity system but it also improves mental health.

10. Make the necessary information accessible to every employee:

Try making posters and informative for all the necessary information so that employees can be aware of the situation and can take necessary action during these times.

By following these 10 simple steps you can not only protect yourself from this deadly virus but will also ensure corporate wellness in your organization as these steps cover both physical and mental corporate wellness. So are you ready to get back to the new normal?