Organic Farms

“Serenity of green fields, filled with health.”

The world is going organic, so is Nimba!

To meet the demands of ever-growing population, farming techniques accommodated more and more use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, as the storage techniques improved; fruits, vegetables and grains are now stored to months before they come to the market. Most of the agriculture farming produce we come across is usually laden with heavy metals, pesticides and toxic elements.

In a response to this situation, the organic farming in Gujarat is getting popular because it gives emphasis on organic fertilizers like compost and manure fertilizers. Organic farming also puts stress on biological pest control techniques and strictly abolished use of synthetic chemicals in farms. Nimba Nature Cure Village is spread-across the acres of land, most of which is used to cultivate our own fruits and vegetables, through organic farming in India. It is an integrated farming system which strives for sustainability, by maintaining soil’s health and reaping most nutritious farm produce.The advantages of organic farming are best for your family, the community, and the earth’s future.

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