Meditation Cave

“Peaceful mind, free of any stress and chaos.”

At Nimba, meditation is all about connecting with your soul!

Meditation is very much woven into Indian culture and traditions. It is a very successful technique of staying stress-free and energetic throughout the life. It is not just sitting idle, it is about communicating with your inner self, and experiencing the supreme bliss of existence. There are different types of meditation which employs breathing techniques, psychological control, and even music.

Concentration meditation: Meditation is done by a very simple technique of closing the eye and concentrating on the breath coming in and going out of the body. Through adequate training, one can do meditation for hours and reap the benefits of meditation. The established monks from Indian and Buddhist traditions focus on a single mantra or chanting, tratak technique, musical sounds, or sound of OM for meditation.

The objective of this kind of meditation is to control the randomness of thoughts and disciplining the mind to pursue constructive and positive ideas.

Mindfulness Meditation: Contrary to the Concentration Meditation, this technique encourages observation of random thoughts that come to the mind naturally. Without pursuing or judging any particular idea, in this meditation, one can feel the freedom of thoughts and create a healthier mind which is peaceful because no thoughts are suppressed. It relieves the practitioner from unnecessary affection or anger towards any particular thought.

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