5 reasons people of Mumbai should come to Nimba for 3 DAYS in Monsoon

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5 reasons people of Mumbai should come to Nimba for 3 DAYS in Monsoon

By: - June 20, 2018

Mumbai has received the very first rains of the season. And with that, the ‘stress levels’ of Mumbaikars are rising sharply. The onset of monsoon is usually very charming but it also brings in so many problems for the people of Maximum City.


  • First of all… the change of seasons results in the common flu cases everywhere! To be protected from this, you must boost your immunity and deal with the season change effectively. Come to Nimba for making your immunity even stronger.
  • Also, with excessive rains and flooding, the waterborne diseases like Cholera and Typhoid; and the mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue and Malaria starts spreading. You should visit Nimba to boost your overall health and fight with these diseases.
  • By the end of the rainy season, you must have faced delays in travelling, jammed streets, trains cancelled! Environmental, personal as well as professional stress taken its toll on you; you can visit Nimba to feel relax and relieved from the stress.
  • In general, the life of Mumbai is very fast paced and riddled with pollution. Living every day in this city, slowly we accumulate so many toxins and stress which lowers the quality of life. At Nimba Naturecure, you can feel rejuvenated by harnessing the power of the nature.
  • The city life is hectic and mundane with the gigantic concrete jungle and scores of vehicles and humans all around. If you are seeking a calm timeout in the lap of lush green organic farms, Nimba Nature cure is the best place to visit.


Mumbai is and will remain the city that never sleeps. So, if you wish to get some peace of mind once in a while, come to Nimba. Experience the power of the nature rushing within you!