Nimba Nature Cure Supports Ministry Of AYUSH

Nimba nature care
The Ministry of Ayush provides the knowledge we believe in, and it is the knowledge we want to spread. Since the inception of Nimba, we have emphasised on the healing capabilities of the mighty nature. And since we know the significance of ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga & meditation, and all the other natural therapies, we support the Ministry of AYUSH and their dedication towards bringing back what we had long forgotten. Either it is the power of the ancient Indian ayurvedic system of medicine, or naturopathy that focuses on the power of our body to heal itself through natural treatments. Besides, yoga and meditation are known worldwide for their incomparable benefits and these qualities qualify them for the support from the Ministry of AYUSH and from us. As specified by the Ministry of Ayush, preventive healthcare measures like Yoga and Meditation, and consumption of immunity boosting foods are a great way to get your immunity back. The goodness of naturopathy and ayurveda have played a big role in shelidling us from diseases since ages and now we find ourselves taking shelter under these ancient natural treatments. These measures are some of the most beneficial ways to prevent a deadly disease like Covid-19.   Ayurveda The Ministry of AYUSH suggests some great ayurvedic measures that promote immunity, like drinking herbal tea, kadha, golden milk (turmeric added in the milk) and taking chyawanprash (1tsp) in the morning. But this is just an addition to your diet. There are numerous ways in ayurveda that can be really helpful in making your body strong enough to prevent infections and viruses, and you will get all it has to offer you at Nimba.   Naturopathy The department of naturopathy also comes under the Ministry of AYUSH and it is one of the most ancient natural treatments. As it is completely natural, it promises minimum to no side effects. It has proved to be very effective in gaining immunity through the consumption of the immune system boosting fruits, vegetables and herbs.   Yoga And Meditation Yoga and meditation are one of the most powerful ways to uplift the quality of life in the most natural ways. Stress can immensely compromise our immune system, and both yoga and meditation help relax your mind and calm your nervous system. It is really important for our body to have enough immunity to fight the bacterias and that is where yoga comes in. It strengthens our body's functions and systems and improves our health and immunity. So the question you need to ask yourself regarding your health is, if you ever thought of working towards wholesome wellness. Because immunity depends on the wellbeing of both mental and physical health, and being able to fight the disease depends on how strong your immunity is. Nimba has always addressed complete and wholesome wellness and it is not a hidden fact that our body heals when we are in close proximity to nature. Therefore, we offer perfect surroundings and therapies that not just help boost your immunity but also provide wholesome wellness.