Naturopathy Treatment For Arthritis

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Why do you need to have a Natural Arthritis Treatment? For this let us first understand what Arthritis means and what are its causes and effects on the body.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is not a well-understood term by most of the people. Arthritis is generally referred to as joint pain or joint disease, in an informal way. But there is more to it. Arthritis is not just about joint pain or joint disease. There are over 100 different types of Arthritis, spread across all ages, sexes and races. Arthritis is very common in women and occurs frequently as one gets older.

What Causes Arthritis?

  1. Genetic issue: You may develop arthritic disorders if your parents and sibling have arthritis, because some of the arthritic diseases run through generations in a family. Your genes may expose you to environmental factors that trigger arthritis.
  2. Age factor: with age the tissues of one’s body starts to wear and tear, resulting in the risks of many types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, inflammation and metabolic arthritis.
  3. Gender: as already mentioned, arthritis is more likely to occur in women, than men. While, the types may differ in men, who are likely to develop metabolic arthritis than women.
  4. Past Injuries: People, who have had joint injuries, are more likely to get affected by arthritis. It may be an injury of childhood, while playing a sport perhaps, which gradually develops into arthritis.
  5. Obesity: increase in the weight of the body puts pressure on the tissues and muscles around the joints, particularly on knees, hips and spine, resulting in increasing the risk of developing arthritis.

Every day is a struggle for people who suffer from Arthritis!

  1. Swelling: due to the intense pressure on the muscles, they start to swell around the joints, which make movement uneasy.
  2. Pain: Sudden and intense pain becomes a fatigue, as the joints hurt, when rubbed against each other.
  3. Morning stiffness: Joints tend to get stiff in the morning, as muscles contract around the joints.
  4. Noise from joints: A sudden noise comes up when the joints are moved because of the absence of tissues between the two bones.

Nimba – Your Go-To naturopathy centre for healing Arthritis!

Naturopathy Treatment for Arthritis India, Nimba, believes that restoring the energy is the sole form of cure for any kind of disease or disorder. In naturopathy, the primary focus is cleansing and restoring the energy of the body, rather than providing temporary relief from the pain. Naturopathy for Arthritis is the best choice because it cures the disease from the very base of its origin.

5 Naturopathy Treatment for Arthritis (Strongly recommended by Nimba)

Reduce Obesity

As already explained, obesity causes the wear and tear of tissues around the joints by creating pressure around the joint tissues. Moreover, accumulated fats do not just sit on your body, but they also create and release hormones and chemicals that promote inflammation. At Nimba, we provide a Naturopathic Treatment for Osteoarthritis imparting a two way relief which involves regenerating the cartilages and lubricants through ayurvedic diet and preventing further damage through yogasanas and massage.

Change fooding habits

Eating the right food is must when you get struck by arthritis, because food gives energy to the body. If you are a junk food lover, you are definitely one of the arthritic patients, now or would be in near future. You must eat food that is high in sulphur, as it reduces joint inflammation and helps you rebuild tissues. You must also eat food that is rich in antioxidants and fiber, which are beneficial for the digestive system and reduces inflammation as well.

Try Yoga

At Nimba, we provide Naturopathy for Arthritis by aquatic yoga and other asans, which controls the swelling and pain of rheumatoid arthritis, where the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the protective tissues and bones. We also use herbal medicines for controlling the immune system. Therapeutic Yoga with hot and cold infrared lamp therapy relieves inflammation and pain.

Herbal treatment

Using ginger and turmeric for the treatment reduces inflammation effect on the body. Comfrey, a medical herb, makes a great addition to the treatment of any type of treatment for arthritis. Naturopathy for Arthritis and Nimba focuses on supplying essential nutrients through food and herbal regime along with Ayurveda treatment.

Proteolytic Enzymes

There are many enzymes that are produced by our digestive system to metabolize food. Proteolytic Enzyme is one such enzyme that aids in digestion, which gets reduced with age. Consuming this enzyme externally would help in the digestion of food and helps them get metabolized. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, and can be obtained from things like tropical fruits, which include papaya (containing papain) and pineapples (containing bromelain). It also helps to improve overall gut health and immunity. People all round the globe are majorly suffering from Arthritis and the naturopathic treatments at Nimba has been exclusively curated with thorough research of the causes and sufferings. The only focus of this wellness centre is to be able to provide a healthy living for all the arthritis victims.