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Nimba nature care empowers you to harness the power of healing concealed within
our body and our unique innate protection mechanism

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At Nimba we have adopted holistic approach to treating various ailments by detoxifying body to promote health and wellbeing

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The healed speaks

"I was truly taken by surprise & my experience at Nimba has been exceptional. I believe Naturopathy is the need of the hour as people are done with allopathic treatments and their side effects."

   Vivek Oberoi – Actor, Bollywood, India

I appreciate their food plan which is not fasting focussed instead focuses on the right mix.

   Raveena Taurani – Nutritionist

I have had a good detox & inch loss which is always welcoming . Nice wellness retreat with holistic approach and goodness of Naturopathy , Ayurveda , Yoga , Hydrotherapy , Raga therapy and many international therapies

   Reyhna Malhotra – Model & Actress

Lifestyle correction upholding the theraupitc values in consonance with the prevailing times is what Nimba Stands for.

   Rajkumar Santoshi – Director – Bollywood

I think it’s the best decision that I ever made to visit Nimba. I am feeling healthier than before. Everyone should plan to come every 4-5 month and feel relaxed.

   Anurag Kashyap – Director – Bollywood

Nimba rejuvenation package has set me in top gear to be in action.

   Niranjan Iyer – Writer – Bollywood

Wellness was long thought but Nimba has finally triggered me incorporate wellness in my organizational HR Initiatives.

   Motilal Oswal – MD, Motilal Oswal Financial services

I recommend my entire fraternity to ‘Experience Nimba.’

   Niranajan Hiranandani – MD – Hiranandani Group

Place where ancient practices meet modern science.

   Ketan Desai – President World Medical Association

I have travelled the world and I was sceptical. But, I upgraded my 2 nights to 15 nights. That speaks it all.

   Umang Huteesing – Creative Consultant & Philanthropic

Great place, great food, great experience of treatment professional staff. Leaving with great feeling of wellness.

   Prince Manvinder Singh Gohil

Great retreat for mind, body and soul. Truly experienced the Wellness Vacation.

   Manjula Pooja Shroff – Edupreneur – Kalorex

Invest in your mind and body through such programs so that the fresh you can make better things in the interest of the state.

   Purshotam Rupala – Minister of State

Blissful experience, hospitality and close to nature, a wellness retreat to restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit through modern medical advancements & ancient therapies.

   Dr Ajay Murdia – Chairman Indira IVF

Healthy satvik food with amazing taste…therapeutic diet. I have been searching a true wellness retreat and I am sure I will keep coming back.

   Pramod Kapoor – Founder Roli Book’s

I love Nimba, its like wellness motivation every time I visit , now two trips in a year for sure with family….a Wellcations where you recharge, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and soul.

   Pratik Desai – CEO L&T Kuwait

Lose your weight and experience inner peace through special treatment by fantastic doctors and fantastic therapists.

   Oliver Grease, Germany

In absolute awe of Nimba detoxification Package. Proud to have such an international class wellness outfit in ‘aapndu amdavad.’

   Abhishek Jain – Director – Gollywood

Feel like heaven at Nimba! Helpful staff as well as best hospitality and care from all the doctors and therapists.

   Sudesha Nagpal, Ireland

With the rejuvenation break at Nimba I am thinking and feeling super fresh and energetic in my ideas.

   Arvind Vegda – Singer

Doctors and Therapist are fantastic and friendly, an excellent experience.

   Deepak Asher – Director Inox

Take a break at Nimba through excellent services provided by dynamic doctors and therapists, loving and caring staff!

   Curry Glassel, USA

I am happily here at Nimba before it becomes by force.

   JD Majethia – Indian Actor, Director & Producer (Gujarati & Hindi)

At Nimba, I experienced a total internal body cleanse which is the ultimate health cleanse!

   Yash Vasant – Executive Director – BNI

Such a revitalizing experience that will energize me for a lifetime. Inspired.

   Purvi Doshi – Fashion Designer

It was the perfect natural environment to bring the harmony between the body, mind, and soul and I would not miss a chance to visit again.

   Twinkle Trivedi, United Kingdom

Being host who is full of words is falling short to express the super Nimba Experience.

   Hemali Sejpal – Celebrity Host