Are Home Remedies Enough To Protect Ourselves From Diseases And Illness?

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The pandemic has made us realize the importance of
boosting immunity to survive during these difficult times

We know that the immune system differs from person to person. For this reason, people have started using home remedies, which is just a temporary solution. The permanent solution to not only strengthen ourselves physically but mentally and emotionally.

One must consider Yoga and meditation, naturopathy and ayurvedic treatment for wholesome wellness. Naturopathy aims to heal the root causes of an illness and not just stop symptoms from entering and existing in the human body. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. Both naturopathy and Ayurveda are equally beneficial for boosting immunity. Here are some of the primary benefits that one can achieve with the consistent use of Naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatments.


Improves Quality of Daily Life

Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle which brings wholesome wellness to one's daily life. It focuses on providing an active lifestyle that includes- regular exercise, effective sleep pattern,strong immunity with use of home remedies,yoga and meditation.


Treats the Whole Persson

Naturopathic doctors treat a person as an integrated whole. They assess patients based on their nutritional status, lifestyle, family history, physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors.


Cleans the Body

Naturopathy and Ayurveda helps cleanse the body. Panchakarma is an Ayurveda practice for eliminating toxins that enter the human body. It can be  done through oil massages and other methods.


Safe and Effective Treatment

Naturopathic treatments are highly individualized. The patients are involved in their treatment programs not only to cure the disease but also to improve their overall wellness so that they can prevent future health problems.  

Disease Prevention

Naturopathy focuses on finding the root cause of a disease and providing treatment along with an element of natural healing to the body. Naturopathy not only believes in preventing diseases but also aims to improve the patient’s life.


Healthy Diet

Naturopathy uses natural medicines. A healthy diet is the best medicine to treat any patient. Food rich in Vitamin-B complex and Vitamin-C helps the body to fight against stress. Naturopathic diets are divided into three parts:

  • Eliminative diet includes lemon juice, citric fruits, vegetable soups, etc.
  • Soothing diet includes fruits, salads, vegetable chutneys, etc.
  • Constructive diet includes wholesome flour, unpolished rice, sprouts, etc.

Holistic Approach

Naturopathy’s practices are strictly based on the holistic approach, i.e., the totality of all the factors responsible for a particular disease. It treats the body as a whole instead of giving treatment to each organ separately.

It is high time we understand the significance of taking the utmost care of our health. Practicing home remedies to fight against major illnesses is not a permanent solution. Instead, we should regularly do meditation and yoga. The best and permanent solution is to go for naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatments, twice every year. Nimba Nature Cure & Holistic Health Centre has one of the best meditation retreats in India, which is known for providing wholesome wellness to ensure good health. In Nimba, one can get the opportunity of availing both the services- Naturopathy as well as Ayurvedic treatments.