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"The logo embraces the concept of healing through nature using body’s own life forces and inner protecting mechanism."

Nimba Nature Cure Village

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The Sanskrit name 'NIMBA' comes from the term ‘Nimbati Syasthyamdadati’ which means ‘to give good health.’ Neem is also called 'Arista' in Sanskrit - a word that means ‘perfect, complete and imperishable.’

'NIMBA', is a unique facility that helps to restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit through modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and contemporary & international therapies which enhance and augment the original.

Nature is amalgamation of Five elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether called as Pancha Mahabhutas with the secret healing power for treating any disease. Our treatments/therapies based on this five elements intended to bring balance in your body and improve your general health. It’s easy to lose yourself in the tranquil atmosphere, this destination redefine lifestyle with its integrated holistic approach and Naturopathy treatments with contemporary & international therapies. An echo of nature, the rooms at the resort are spacious, serene and elegant and equipped with the modern amenities so as to allow complete relaxation to the guest.

It helps you develop healthy habits, and make those small, incremental changes in your lifestyle under professional guidance to soothe away physical pain, mental agony & stress that plague our lives in the modern world. A short stay here will enable you to connect with your innermost self; it will give you the space to meditate and question the quiddities of life itself.

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