9 Important Detox Weight Loss Tips

9 Important Detox Weight Loss Tips

9 Important Detox Weight Loss Tips

By: - March 4, 2019

Weight loss is an important subject on which scientists have been working lately. It is absolutely transparent that the food habits of people and their style of livelihood has changed a lot since the advancement of technology. Weight-related issues arise due to the intake of the amount of calories. If a normal person consumes more calories than burning them out, the person tends to gain weight and the opposite id applicable for the loss in weight.

Today we will focus on the problems related to the gain in weight and the reasons due to which they occur. We will also discuss what “Detox” means, and the Naturopathy treatment for detox weight loss along with the best detox weight loss tips.


Let us first understand what the word Detox actually means. Detox is a treatment given to people in order to remove toxic substances from the body. But most of the people determine detox as deprivation or worse. Most of them think that if they suffer, they might feel better at the end of it. But is it worth the suffering? No, it is not, and which is why we highly recommend naturopathy treatment for detox weight loss, since it is only based on the right food with the right herbs and nutrients’.

Weight Gain:

People gain weight due to various reasons:

  1. They gain weight genetically, i.e. they have a genetic connection to obesity.
  2. They gain weight through engineered junk food that leaves toxic waste behind due to indigestion.
  3. Also due to the addition of food, i.e. too much fooding habit, gives rise to indigestion, if not neutralized properly.
  4. Many people get trapped by marketers of unhealthy food that can affect their health and make them obese.
  5. Too much intake of insulin in the body, which is a very important hormone to regulate energy storage, causes the energy to get stored in the fat cells instead of being available for use.
  6. Medical issues such as thyroid are the reasons why some people gain weight.

Effects of Obesity:

  1. A face looks rounder: it is not a good thing at all. Too much fat is getting accumulated around the face that is not good at all.
  2. Waist circumference increases too much: it is obvious that if the weight is accumulating, it is surely due to indigestion, which allows fats to accumulate around the stomach area and increases the circumference of the waist as well.
  3. You tend to exhaust easily: everyday activities take your breath away. Activities like climbing stairs, walking fast or even doing grocery shopping, tire you, which earlier did not bother.
  4. You have tender spots everywhere: not meaning in a good, romantic way, your body tissues beneath your skin feel tender due to inflammation. This makes you feel pain in random places in the body.
  5. Your joints hurt: extra pressure gets added on the joints when you gain extra weight. Tissues around the joints wear down thereby making movement uncomfortable and painful.
  6. Gives rise to cardiac diseases: accumulation of fat leads to the increase in cholesterol, which is very harmful to the heart. It increases the chances of heart attack or strokes.

Best Detox Weight Loss Tips

1. Drink sufficient amount of water: Drinking water is one of the best ways to reduce weight. Water removes toxic substances from the body. It also increases metabolism that helps you to burn fats. It is recommended by doctors even, a person who is obese should drink water, especially before meals, that helps them to digest the food they eat and prevents the accumulation of fats in the body. The naturopathy treatment for detox weight loss highly advises the maximum amount of water intake.

2. Exercise: one of the best ways for detox weight loss is to exercise regularly. Exercise re-energizes your immune system and makes it strong, thereby increasing digestion capacity. Along with drinking water, exercising daily helps you burn fats and extra calories in the form of sweat. Moreover, exercising makes you active by recharging your muscles, so that you can pursue your daily activities with more energy.

3. Avoid added sugar: too much of sugar content is present in almost all forms of food nowadays. The modern diet is strongly associated with the consumption of added sugar content and increases the risk of obesity. Read labels before consuming so call health care foods, as they may be loaded with sugar, which will not only be useless for your weight loss but also can make you diabetic, to be the worse.

4. Eat healthily: Food is necessary for the body to be strong. Avoiding food makes you acidic, which adds toxins to your body. Eating healthy food will give you energy and will help you reduce weight.
You can consider the Diet therapy of the Nimba nature care, a naturopathy treatment for detox weight loss. Special diet therapy is planned as per the nature and body type of a particular person, to maintain the ideal body weight.

5. Lift Weights: it is found in studies that lifting weights provides resistance to your body and increases metabolism and even prevents you from losing precious muscle mass.

6. Natural Treatment: you can also consider NIMBA’s Colon Hydrotherapy or usually called Colon cleansing, which removes unnecessary parasites, poisonous substances and fatty acids from the body. It is effective in maintaining the pH balance and boosting the digestive system and also creates a positive impact on the nervous system.

7. Portion Control: Studies have shown that maintaining a count of your calorie intake, helps you lose weight. Even, preferring to eat in small plates helps you to consume less calories. You can maintain a food diary and keep the count of your daily calorie intake.

8. Eat more protein: Protein is the most important nutrient that helps in weight loss. Eating a high-protein diet increases metabolism and helps in reducing fats by taking their space instead.

9. Ion Foot Bath: Nimba’s Ion Detox is a foot bath technique, where your feet are soaked in a special ionic solution which draws the accumulated foreign matters like heavy metals and parasites out of the body, through your feet. Most importantly, it removes toxins from the liver, kidneys, skin, and blood.


With these tips, you can definitely be able to lose weight and reduce your obesity and can live your life with re-energized health because “being healthy is the way to increase your life”. Nimba Nature care is one of the world’s best naturopathy centre which has been transforming the lives of the millions to help people to live their lives in a prominent and much better way by increasing life expectancy.