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Get the best health and wellness package for yourself, or your family, or even for your corporate colleagues at amazing prices, only at Nimba! Here at Nimba, we believe in providing our guests with a naturopathy approach to health and wellness. Be it a de-stress & wellness retreat experience, or rejuvenation & relaxation package, or detoxification & weight management package; Nimba is committed to give you the best experience and best of naturopathy and ayurvedic treatments always. Our healers also help our guests with their regular diet and lifestyle guidelines which shows our care for our guests even after leaving our premises.

Wellness Packages

Living Space Single Occupancy (Per Night) Double Occupancy (Per Night)

Amukha INR 6,500 INR 11,000
Sumukha INR 7,000 INR 12,000
Pramukha INR 7,500 INR 13,000

Tariff is inclusive of accommodation, meals, consultations and therapy & treatment charges per night (Tariff is fixed and subject to change without prior notice).


Please Note:

The minimum duration of stay is seven nights as Nimba is result-oriented and committed to helping individuals in achieving specific health and healing objectives.


Packages Duration
Boosting Immunity 7 Nights
Detoxification 7 Nights
Rejuvenation 10 Nights
Treatment for lifestyle related ailments 15 Nights
The following will be charged extra
Colon Hydro Therapy INR 2500/- per person
Reiki therapy INR 1750/- per person
Cupping Therapy INR 1000/- per person
Personal Yoga Session INR 1000/- per person
Personal Raga Therapy INR 1000/- per person
Airport Transfers INR 4000/- both ways
Path Lab tests On Actuals

Annual Health Packages

Living Space Per Night Annual(50 Nights)

Sumukha INR 5,500 INR 2,75,000
Pramukha INR 6,000 INR 3,00,000

Reservation Rules & Regulations

General Rules

Reservations /Cancellations


General Rules & Disciplines

Our disciplinary rules are planned for a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

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