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Get the best health and wellness package for yourself, or your family, or even for your corporate colleagues at amazing prices, only at Nimba! Be it a de-stress & wellness experience package, or rejuvenation & relaxation package, or detoxification & weight management package; Nimba is committed to give you the best experience, always.

Wellness Packages

Nimba Wellness Tariff / Day (In INR)
Packages / Programs Days ROOM TYPE Single Occu. Double Occu.
De-stress & Wellness Experience :
Program is aimed at relieving the stress
accumulated over the years, and
increasing the body’s level of Ojas by
achieving proper hormonal balance and
reinforcing mental potency to better
cope with stress in the future.
3-7 Semi Deluxe 7,000 11,500
Deluxe 7,500 12,500
Super Deluxe 8,000 13,500

Rejuventation & Relaxation :
The program is designed to balance the
mind & body by deep Relaxation &
Rejuvenation techniques to flow the
energy at its best. A timely
rejuvenation program eliminates fatigue,
infuses energy & restores youthful
8-14 Semi Deluxe 6,500 10,500
Deluxe 7,000 11,500
Super Deluxe 7,500 12,500

Detoxification & Weight Management :
Programs is designed to cleanse your
body toxins, activate improved
digestion, organ and systemic function
in order to assist in restoring your body
to balanced operation & guides you
towards achieving your optimal weight
and maintaining your balance within
and without.
15-21+ Semi Deluxe 6,000 10,000
Deluxe 6,500 11,000
Super Deluxe 7,000 12,000
NIMBA PATRON (1 Year Membership Plan) Days Room Type Tariff / Day (In INR) Tariff / Annum (In INR)

Annual Preventive Care Plan :
This program is designed for enhancing
the overall well-being of any normal
healthy person. You can share the
wellness and care your loved ones
by opting this plan.
50 Deluxe 5,000 2,50,000
Super Deluxe 5,500 2,75,000
Other Charges (in INR)
Transportation Cost 2000
Colon therapy 2500
(Includes Food And Accommodation)

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